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Mostly Metal: Heavy Metal Radio (Mostly)

Sunday 8-10pm on WVLP 103.1FM Valparaiso, IN

(replay Wed 10pm-mid)

The precursor to this show ran on WVLP and WVUR in Valparaiso for a long time, those playlists are archived here. Embedded in this show pretty much weekly (as long as there’s enough to talk about!) is a brief excursion into the Northwest Indiana Wrestling Action Program.

Playlist 2018-09-30

Artist Song CD
Dynazty The Light Inside the Tunnel Firesign
Kingcrow Drenched The Persistence
Grave Digger Blade of the Immortal The Living Dead
Terrorizer Invasion Caustic Attack
Skamold Sverdid Sorgir
Raven Black Break the Box n/a
Dark Moor First Lance of Spain Ars Musica
Dark Moor Abduction Project X
Dark Moor Cancion del Pirata Ancestral Romance
Dark Moor The Sphinx Autumnal
(Ken’s Dark Corner) Episode 5
Symphony X Awakenings The Odyssey
At Vance Only Human Only Human
Nightwish Dark Chest of Wonders Once
Rhapsody Power of the Dragonflame Power of the Dragonflame
Avantasia The Glory of Rome The Metal Opera Pt 1
Kamelot Vespertine The Shadow Theory
Serenity To Stone She Turned Fallen Sanctuary
Stratovarius Shine in the Dark Eternal
Theocracy Ghost Ship Ghost Ship

Playlist 2018-09-23

Artist Song CD
Seventh Wonder The Everones Tiara’s Song
Astral Doors The Day the Clown Cried Metalville: 10 Years of Rock
Dream Child In a World So Cold Until Death Do We Meet Again
The Clay People Colossus Demon Hero
Beyond the Black Beneath a Blackened Sky Heart of the Hurricane
Architects UK Hereafter n/a
Leader of Down Cascade Into Chaos Cascade Into Chaos
Brent Barker Horizon n/a
Arsis Tricking the Gods
Skyharbor Out of Time Sunshine Dust
(Ken’s Dark Corner) Episode 4
Jag Panzer The Mission (1943) Casting the Stones
Forbidden Through Eyes of Glass Forbidden Evil
Angra Insania OMNI
Sonata Arctica Replica Ecliptica
NWIWRAP Episode 59

Playlist 2018-09-16

Artist Song CD
The Unity Last Betrayal The Rise
Wolfheart The Saw Constellation of Black Light
Grave Digger Shadow of the Warrior The Living Dead
Voivod Obsolete Beings The Wake
Aborted Squalor Opera Terror Vision
Beyond the Black Fairytale of Doom Heart of the Hurricane
Dream Child Midnight Song Until Death Do We Meet Again
Arthemis End of the World Golden Dawn
Sanctuary Seasons of Destruction Into the Mirror Black
Shadow Gallery Deeper Than Life Carved in Stone
(Ken’s Dark Corner) (Episode 3)
Dream Theater Solitary Shell Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Nightingale Shadowman Alive Again: The Breathing Shadow IV
Twilight Force Forest of Destiny Tales of Ancient Prophecies
Lux Terminus Electrocommunion The Courage to Be
Destinia Cross the Line Metal Souls
Dynazty Free Man’s Anthem Titanic Mass
NWIWRAP Episode 58

Playlist 2018-09-09

Artist Song CD
The Unity The Storm The Unity
DC4 Queen of Angels Atomic Highway
Cauldron Never Be Found New Gods
Pig Destroyer Terminal Itch Head Cage
Deicide Excommunicated Overtures of Blasphemy
Dream Child You Can’t Take Me Down Until Death Do We Meet Again
THEM Witchfinder Manor of the Se7en Gables
Grave Digger Fear the Living Dead The Living Dead
Conan Volt Thrower Existential Void Guardian
Windhand Diablerie Windhand
(Ken’s Dark Corner) (Episode 2)
Balance of Power Day Breaker Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion
Queensryche Screaming in Digital Rage for Order
Candlemass Ancient Dreams Ancient Dreams
Black Sabbath Voodoo Mob Rules
Helloween Wake Up the Mountain The Time of the Oath
Iced Earth Stormrider Days of Purgatory
Symphony X Sea of Lies Divine Wings of Tragedy
Kings X Life Going By Ear Candy
Yes Time and a Word Time and a Word
Testament Nightmare (Coming Back to You) Practice What You Preach

Playlist 2018-09-02

Artist Song CD
Beyond the Black Hysteria Heart of the Hurricane
Primal Fear Hounds of Justice Apocalypse
Cauldron Letting Go New Gods
Korpiklaani Henkselipoika Kulkija
Pig Destroyer Mt. Skull Head Cage
Iron Maiden Cross Eyed Mary The Trooper 7-inch
Chris Caffery The Jester’s Court The Jester’s Court
Dee Snider Tomorrow’s No Concern For the Love of Metal
Metal Allegiance Mother of Sin Vol II: Power Drunk Majesty
Neal Morse Band The Call The Grand Experiment
(Ken’s Dark Corner) (Episode 1)
Voyager What A Wonderful Day Ghost Mile
Vuur The Martyr and the Saint – Beirut Cities – In This Moment We Are Free
Labyrinth This World Labyrinth
Gloryhammer Amulet of Justice Tales from the Kingdom of Fife
Doro All for Metal Forever Warriors, Forever United
Angra Perfect Symmetry Secret Garden
Redemption Long Night’s Journey Into Day Long Night’s Journey Into Day
Nocturnal Rites Repent My Sins Phoenix
Nightwish (Tarja) Ghost Love Score Once
Michael Romeo Fucking Robots War of the Worlds, Pt 1

Playlist 2018-08-26

Artist Song CD
Beyond the Black Million Light Years Heart of the Hurricane
Primal Fear The Ritual Apocalypse
UDO Rising High Steelfactory
Royal Hunt Shadowman X
Dream Theater Metropolis Pt 1 Images & Words
Rhapsody Sacred Power of Raging Winds Symphony of Enchanted Lands Pt 2
Mob Rules Shores Ahead Beast Reborn
Cast the Stone Jesusatan Empyrean Atrophy
Skyharbor Dissent Sunshine Dust
Edenbridge Deadend Fire Aphelion
Destinia Metal Souls Metal Souls
Kansas The Devil Game Song for America
NWIWRAP Episode 57

Playlist 2018-08-19

Artist Song CD
Judas Priest The Sentinel Defenders of the Faith
Leather Juggernaut II
Rising Five No Death Reborn No Death Reborn
Black Mirrors Moonstone Look Into the Black Mirror
Signum Regis The Secret of the Sea Chapter IV: The Reckoning
Grave Digger Fear the Living Dead The Living Dead
Michael Romeo Fear the Unknown War of the Worlds Pt 1
Devin Townsend Life Ocean Machine / Biomech
Scar Symmetry Calculate the Apocalypse Pitch Black Progress
Kalmah Waiting in the Wings Palo
Seventh Wonder Waiting in the Wings Waiting in the Wings
Amorphis The Golden Elk Queen of Time
Redemption Impermanent Long Night’s Journey Into Day
Serious Black Someone Else’s Life As Daylight Breaks
Dynazty The Human Paradox Titanic Mass
Avantasia Devil in the Belfry The Scarecrow
Dee Snider I Am the Hurricane For the Love of Metal
Rush Between the Wheels Grace Under Pressure
Angra Speed Fireworks
NWIWRAP Episode 56

Playlist 2018-08-12

Artist Song CD
Redemption The Last of Me Long Night’s Journey Into Day
Destinia The End of Love Metal Souls
Black Sabbath Tomorrow’s Dream Black Sabbath IV
Sonata Arctica Wolf & Raven Silence
Images of Eden Let Me Die Young Soulshine
Doro All for Metal Forever Warriors, Forever United
Moonspell Alma Mater Lisboa Under the Spell
Van Canto Melody Trust in Rust
Dream Theater The Mirror Awake
Helloween I Want Out Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt 1
Supertramp School Crime of the Century
Megadeth Holy Wars / The Punishment Due Rust in Peace
Slayer Expendable Youth South of Heaven
Bruce Dickinson Tears of the Dragon Balls to Picasso
Rainbow Man on the Silver Mountain Ritche Blackmore’s Rainbow
NWIWRAP Episode 55

Playlist 2018-08-05

Artist Song CD
Redemption Someone Else’s Problem Long Night’s Journey Into Day
Evergrey Fear Torn
Enuff Z Nuff Metalheart Diamond Boy
Destinia Metal Souls Metal Souls
Van Canto Hells Bells Trust in Rust
Murkocet Rule the Night Epidemic
Masterplan Sail On Masterplan
Bruce Dickinson Freak Accident of Birth
Pain of Salvation People Passing By Entropia
Gamma Ray Time to Break Free Land of the Free
Redemption Indulge in Color Long Night’s Journey Into Day
Powerwolf Nighttime Rebel The Sacrament of Sin
Voyager Monument Element V
Destinia Be A Hero Metal Souls
Chris Caffery 1989 The Jester’s Court
Circus Maximus Game of Life Nine
Toto Taint Your World Falling in Between
Obscura Ethereal Skies Diluvium
Professor Emeritus Rats in the Walls Take Me to the Gallows
Nightwish Wishmaster Wishmaster

Playlist 2018-07-29

Artist Song CD
Michael Romeo Fear the Unknown War of the Worlds Pt 1
Halcyon Way Slaves to Silicon Bloody But Unbowed
Dee Snider Tomorrow’s No Concern For the Love of Metal
Myrath Endure the Silence Legacy
Lords of the Lost Haythor Thornstar
Hammer Down Hard Total Annihilation Total Annihilation
Edguy Rocket Ride Rocket Ride
Edguy All the Clowns Mandrake
Symphony X Dressed to Kill The Damnation Game
Dynazty Monkey Wants, Monkey Needs Bring the Thunder
NWIWRAP Episode 54

Playlist 2018-07-22

Artist Song CD
Divinity Compromised Terminal The Fall of Aestoria
MindMaze Through the Open Door Back From the Edge
Michael Romeo Black War of the Worlds Pt 1
Chris Caffery The Jester’s Court The Jester’s Court
Dee Snider Become the Storm For the Love of Metal
Tarot Ashes to the Stars Crows Fly Black
In Flames Embody the Invisible Colony
Immortal Northern Chaos Gods Northern Chaos Gods
Epica If Inside these Walls Was a House Epica vs Attack on Titan Songs
Dream Theater Home Scenes From a Memory
Primal Fear Hounds of Justice Apocalypse
Grave Digger Fear of the Living Dead Fear of the Living Dead
Elvenking Disappearing Sands Wyrd
Devin Townsend Regulator Ocean Machine Live
Wuthering Heights The Mad Sailor Salt
After Forever Equally Destructive After Forever
Obscura Emergent Evolution Diluvium
Halcyon Way Blame Bloody But Unbowed
Stormwind Touch the Flames Rising Symphony
Seventh Wonder Devil’s Inc Waiting in the Wings

Playlist 2018-07-15

Artist Song CD
Threshold The Box For the Journey
Fates Warning Firefly Darkness in a Different Light
Opeth Moonlapse Vertigo Still Life
Nocturnal Rites Call Out to the World The 8th Sin
Ayreon Magnetism The Theory of Everything
Mindmaze The Machine Stops Back From the Edge
Shaman In the Night Reason
King’s X Summerland Gretchen Goes to Nebraska
Royal Hunt Lies Fear
Nightingale Higher Than the Sky The Breathing Shadow
Supreme Majesty Two Against Many Danger
The Ferrymen Fool You All The Ferrymen
Nightwish Wish I Had An Angel Once
NWIWRAP Episode 53

Playlist 2018-07-08

Artist Song CD
Iced Earth Star Spangled Banner The Glorious Burden
Iced Earth Declaration Day The Glorious Burden
Iced Earth When the Eagle Cries The Glorious Burden
Iced Earth 1776 Something Wicked This Way Comes
Arthemis This is Revolution Heroes
Queensryche Anarchy X / Revolution Calling Operation: Mindcrime
Voyager I Am the Revolution I Am the Revolution
Power Quest Revolution Fighters Sixth Dimension
Triumph American Girls Just a Game
Gamma Ray Land of the Free Land of the Free
Blue Oyster Cult Fireworks Spectres
Angra Fireworks Fireworks
Kansas Song for America Song for America
AC/DC Meltdown Stiff Upper Lip
Styx Suite Madam Blue Equinox
AC/DC Rocker Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Neal Morse Band Freedom Song Similitude of a Dream
AC/DC Rock Your Heart Out The Razor’s Edge
Sonata Arctica Land of the Free Silence
AC/DC Brain Shake Flick of the Switch
Dynazty Free Man’s Anthem Titanic Mass
AC/DC Highway to Hell Highway to Hell
DC Cooper Freedom DC Cooper

Playlist 2018-07-01

Artist Song CD
Circus Maximus Glory of the Empire The 1st Chapter
Metallica The Frayed Ends of Sanity And Justice for All
Kingcrow The Deeper Divide Eidos
Wolf Electric Raga Wolf
Edguy Land of the Miracle Theater of Salvation
Rage War of Worlds Soundchaser
Stratovarius Unbreakable Nemesis
Theocracy The Gift of Music As the World Bleeds
Shadow Gallery Ghostship Carved in Stone
Alan Parsons Project You’re Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned Eye in the Sky
Masterplan Novum Initium Novum Initium
Orphaned Land Chains Fall to Gravity Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs
Edenbridge Forever Shine On Sunrise in Eden

Playlist 2018-06-24

Artist Song CD
Mercenary Redefine Me The Hours That Remain
Helloween The Chance Pink Bubbles Go Ape
Angra Insania Omni
Black Sabbath Black Moon Headless Cross
Sonata Arctica Wolf and Raven Silence
Evergrey In Orbit The Storm Within
Mob Rules Signs Tales From Beyond
Seventh Wonder Move on Through The Great Escape
Spock’s Beard All On A Sunday V
Judas Priest Desert Plains Point of Entry
Enertia An Old Fashioned Beating Piece of the Factory
Devin Townsend Project Sumeria Deconstruction
Devin Townsend Project Planet of the Apes Deconstruction
Iron Maiden Powerslave Powerslave
Pagan’s Mind United Alliance God’s Equation
Serenity Heavenly Mission Death and Legacy
Threshold Mission Profile Subsurface
Power Quest Starlight City Sixth Dimension

Playlist 2018-06/17

Artist Song CD
Thunderstone Like Father, Like Son Thunderstone
Astral Doors Of the Son and the Father Of the Son and the Father
Sonata Arctica What Did You Do in the War, Dad Pariah’s Child
Orphaned Land Thee by the Father I Pray El Norra Alila
Dream Theater Honor Thy Father Train of Thought
Black Sabbath Sins of the Father Dehumanizer
Gamma Ray Father and Son Sigh No More
Vanden Plas Father Colour Temple
Dreamtale Time of Fatherhood Beyond Reality
Ian Anderson At Their Father’s Knee Divinities – 12 Dances With God
Neal Morse I Am Your Father It’s Not Too Late
Styx Father OSA Styx II
King’s X Fathers Ear Candy
Amorphis To Father’s Cabin Tales from the 1000 Lakes
Suspyre Father of Hate The Silvery Image
Judas Priest Parental Guidance Turbo
Blind Guardian Punishment Divine Night at the Opera
Vision Divine The Ancestor’s Blood The Perfect Machine
Pyramaze Genetic Process Disciples of the Sun
Threshold The Latent Gene Clone
Nocturnal Rites Genetic Distortion Sequence Afterlife
Serious Black No Son of Mine As Daylight Breaks

Playlist 2018-06/10

Artist Song CD
Glory Hammer Magic Dragon Tales of the Kingdom of Fire
Sabbtail Dragon’s Flight Nightchurch
Symphony X In the Dragon’s Den Twilight in Olympus
Luca Turilli Black Dragon King of the Nordic Twilight
Mindwarp Chamber Through Crimson Shores Delusional Reality
Amorphis I of Crimson Blood Silent Waters
Demons and Wizards Crimson King Touched By the Crimson King
Cloudscape Demon Tears Crimson Skies
Bruce Dickinson King in Crimson The Chemical Wedding
Masterplan Crimson Rider Aeronautics
Grave Digger Dragon Rheingold
Toto St George and the Dragon Hydra
At Vance Dragonchaser Dragonchaser
Astral Doors Slay the Dragon Of the Son and the Father
Galloglass Dragon’s Revenge Legends from Now and Nevermore
Dragonforce Heart of a Dragon Valley of the Damned
NWIWRAP Episode 52

Playlist 2018-06/03

Artist Song CD
Allen Lande Wish for a Miracle The Battle
Platitude Trust Nine
Delain Go Away April Rain
Edguy Golden Dawn Mandrake
Professor Emeritus Rosamund Take Me to the Gallows
Candlemass Man of Shadows King of the Grey Islands
Triumph Headed to Nowhere Surveillance
Vuur The Martyr and the Saint In This Moment We Are Free – Cities
Threshold Stars and Satellites Legends of the Shires
Lanfear The Artefact The Art Effect
Amorphis The Bee Queen of Time
Amorphis Wrong Direction Queen of Time
Circle II Circle Cynical Ride The Middle of Nowhere
Nevermore Born This Godless Endeavor
Grave Digger The Terrible One Liberty or Death
Symphony X Children of a Faceless God Iconoclast
Dream Theater On the Backs of Angels A Dramatic Turn of Events
Nocturnal Rites Before We Waste Away Phoenix
Kamelot Stories Unheard The Shadow Theory

Playlist 2018-05-27

Artist Song CD
Royal Hunt The Last Soul Alive Cast in Stone
Royal Hunt Wicked Lounge Eye Witness
Megadeth Symphony of Destruction Countdown to Extinction
Megadeth Breadline Risk
Black Sabbath Children of the Grave Master of Reality
Black Sabbath Who Are You? Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Iron Maiden Flight of Icarus Piece of Mind
Iron Maiden Journeyman Dance of Death
Nightwish The End of All Hope Century Child
Nightwish Slow, Love, Slow Imaginaerum
Vuur The Fire – San Francisco In This Moment We Are Free – Cities
Rush Force Ten Hold Your Fire
Rush Roll the Bones Roll the Bones
Judas Priest Freewheel Burning Defenders of the Faith
Judas Priest Last Rose of Summer Sin After Sin
Helloween Power Time of the Oath
Helloween Crazy Cat Chameleon
NWIWRAP Episode 51
Styx AD 1928 / Rockin the Paradise Paradise Theater
Styx Plexiglass Toilet Serpent
Triumph Suitcase Blues Just A Game

Playlist 2018-05-13

Artist Song CD
Styx Mother Dear Equinox
Ark Mother Love Ark
Tad Morose Mother Shipton’s Words Modus Vivendi
Witherscape Mother of the Soul The Inheritance
Skyclad My Mother in Darkness Irrational Anthems
Pain of Salvation Mrs. Modern Mother Mary Scarsick
Ozzy Osbourne Revelation (Mother Earth) Blizzard of Ozz
Threshold Mother Earth Wounded Land
Threshold Goodbye Mother Earth Clone
Missa Mercuria Mother Earth Missa Mercuria
Luca Turilli Mother Nature The Infinite Wonders of Creation
ACT Waltz With Mother Nature Today’s Report
Epica Mother of Light Consign to Oblivion
Iron Maiden Mother of Mercy The Final Frontier
NWIWRAP Episode 49B
Tangerine Dream Mothers of Rain Optical Race

Playlist 2018-05-06

Artist Song CD
Kalmah Paystreak Palo
Devin Townsend Project Forever Sky Blue
Saga The Human Condition The Human Condtition
Astral Doors Walker the Stalker Notes from the Shadows
Astral Doors In the Name of Rock Notes from the Shadows
Sunburst End of the Game Elements of Creation
Power Quest Into the Light Neverworld
Heaven’s Cry A Higher Moral Ground Primal Power Addiction
Enchant Invisible Blink of an Eye
Marillion Man of A Thousand Faces This Strange Engine
Kiko Louriero Moment of Truth No Gravity
Serenity Hero Lionheart
Silent Force Heroes Worlds Apart
Masterplan Heroes Masterplan
Supreme Majesty Heroes of Our Land Danger
Amon Amarth The Hero Twilight of the Thunder God
Cloudscape Heroes New Era
Ozzy Osbourne Hero No Rest for the Wicked
Angra Heroes of Sand Rebirth
Megadeth Blood of Heroes Youthanasia
Luca Turilli Where Heroes Lie King of the Nordic Twilight
Rhapsody Never Forgotten Heroes Symphony of Enchanted Lands II
Poverty’s No Crime The Heroes Return The Autumn Years

Playlist 2018-04-29

Artist Song CD
Threshold Small Dark Lines Legends of the Shires
Nocturnal Rites The Ghost Inside Me Phoenix
Voyager Total Existence Failure I Am the Revolution
Sonata Arctica Kingdom for a Heart Ecliptica
Kalmah Through the Shallow Waters Palo
Dynazty Dawn of Your Creation Renatus
Galloglass Heavenseeker Heavenseeker
Twilightning Seventh Dawn Delerium Veil
Ice Age Miles to Go The Great Divide
Iron Maiden Powerslave Powerslave
NWIWRAP Episode 49

Playlist 2018-04-22

Artist Song CD
Stratovarius Lost Without a Trace Eternal
Theocracy The Master Storyteller As the World Burns
Circus Maximus Abyss Isolate
Nocturnal Rites Fools Never Die Grand Illusion
Supertzar Symptom of the Universe
Candlemass Black Dwarf Candlemass
While Heaven Wept Obsessions Now Effigies Fear of Infinity
Threshold The Man Who Saw Through Time Legend of the Shires
NWIWRAP Episode 48
After Forever Equally Destructive After Forever

Playlist 2018-04-15

Artist Song CD
Kamelot Vespertine (My Crimson Bride) The Shadow Theory
Signum Regis Unfold the Mystery Decennium Primum
Dynazty Land of Broken Dreams Sultans of Sin
Angra War Horns Omni
Nightwish Scaretale Imaginaerum
Dream Theater The Looking Glass Dream Theater
Pain of Salvation Idioglossia The Perfect Element I
Mob Rules A Tale from Beyond Pt 1 Tales from Beyond
Mob Rules A Tale from Beyond Pt 2 Tales from Beyond
Mob Rules A Tale from Beyond Pt 3 Tales from Beyond
Megadeth Holy Wars … The Punishment Due Rust in Piece
Bruce Dickenson Power of the Sun Tyranny of Souls
Queensryche Screaming in Digital Rage for Order
Savatage The Unholy Gutter Ballet
NWIWRAP Episode 47

Playlist 2018-04-01

Artist Song CD
Theocracy Easter Ghost Ship
Grave Digger The Last Supper The Last Supper
Iron Maiden Judas Be My Guide Fear of the Dark
The Flower Kings The Judas Kiss Retropolis
Vanden Plas Judas Colour Temple
Sanctuary Die for My Sins Refuge Denied
Nocturnal Rites The Sinner’s Cross Afterlife
Edguy Nailed to the Wheel Mandrake
Avantasia Sign of the Cross The Metal Opera – Part 1
At Vance Crucified Dragonchaser
Doobie Brothers Jesus is Just Alright Toulouse Street
Children of Bodom The Nail Something Wild
Enchant The Cross Break
Megadeth Looking Down the Cross Killing is My Business .. And Business is Good
Astral Doors Of the Son and the Father Of the Son and the Father
Tad Morose The Dead and His Son Undead
Black Sabbath Headless Cross Headless Cross
Arthemis Resurrection Heroes
Ark Resurrection Burn the Sun
Marillion Easter Season’s End
NWIWRAP Episode 46 Pt 1
NWIWRAP Episode 46 Pt 2
NWIWRAP Episode 46 Pt 3

Playlist 2018-03-25

Artist Song CD
Twilight Force Gates of Glory Tales of Ancient Prophecies
Epica Consign to Oblivion Consign to Oblivion
Redemption The Fullness of Time I – IV The Fullness of Time
Dream Theater The Count of Tuscany Black Clouds and Silver Linings
At Vance Only Human Only Human
Dynazty Free Man’s Anthem Titanic Mass
Withem Riven The Unforgiving Road
Royal Hunt Time Will Tell Paradox
Black Sabbath Never Say Die Never Say Die
Power Quest Starlight City Sixth Dimension
Kansas The Pinnacle Masque
Gamma Ray Rebellion in Dreamland Land of the Free

Playlist 2018-03-11

Artist Song CD
Rush Cygnus X-1: Book II Hemispheres
Nightwish Ghost Love Score Once
Opeth When My Arms, Your Hearse
Iron Maiden Empire of the Clouds The Book of Souls
Seventh Wonder The Great Escape The Great Escape
Symphony X The Accolade Divine Wings of Tragedy
Symphony X Accolade II The Odyssey
Kansas Apercu Kansas

Playlist 2018-03-04

Artist Song CD
Angra War Horns Omni
Angra Z.i.t.o. Omni
Black Sabbath The Wizard Black Sabbath
Devin Townsend Project Stormbending Transcendance
Devin Townsend Project Offer Your Light Transcendance
Iron Maiden Sanctuary Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden Running Free Iron Maiden
Power Quest Face the Raven Sixth Dimension
Power Quest No More Heroes Sixth Dimension
Dream Theater Light Fuse and Get Away When Dream and Day Unite
Ayreon Planet Y is Alive! The Source
Ayreon Journey is Forever The Source
Judas Priest Sinner! Sin After Sin
NWIWRAP Episode 44

Playlist 2018-02-25

Artist Song CD
Andromeda Chameleon Carnival Extension of the Wish
Dream Theater Stream of Consciousness Train of Thought
Kiko Loureiro Dilemma No Gravity
At Vance Beethoven’s Fifth Dragonchaser
Circus Maximus Biosfear The 1st Chapter
Liquid Tension Experiment Acid Rain LTE 2
Vision Divine Nemesis Send Me An Angel
Savatage Prelude to Madness Hall of the Mountain King
Metallica The Call of Ktulu Ride the Lightning
NWIWRAP Episode 43

Playlist 2018-02-18

Artist Song CD
Mob Rules The Dykemaster’s Tale Tales from Beyond
Orphaned Land Chains Fall to Gravity Unsung Prophets & Dead Messiahs
Dynazty Land of Broken Dreams Sultans of Sin
Dynazty Break Into the Wild Titanic Mass
Signum Regis The Future King Decennium Primum
Signum Regis Unfold the Mystery Addendum Primum
Supertramp Sister Moonshine Crisis? What Crisis?
Stratovarius The Game Never Ends Elysium
Nightwish Devil & the Deep Dark Ocean Oceanborn
Edguy Falling Down Theater of Salvation
NWIWRAP Episode 42

Playlist 2018-02-11

Artist Song CD
Black Sabbath Buried Alive Dehumanizer
Novembers Doom Buried Aphotic
Skyclad Bury Me Vintage Whine
Rage Bury All Life Trapped!
Stratovarius Feeding the Fire Eternal
GloryHammer Universe on Fire Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards
Thunderstone Fire and Ice Apocalypse Again
Evergrey The Fire Hymns for the Broken
Angra Spread Your Fire Temple of Shadows
Fates Warning One Thousand Fires Darkness in a Different Light
Luca Turilli Rider of the Astral Fire Prophet of the Last Eclipse
Blue Murder I’m On Fire Nothin But Trouble
Serious Black Setting Fire to the Earth As Daylight Breaks
Symphony X Kiss of Fire Underworld
Silent Force Running Through the Fire Walk the Earth
Rhapsody The Mighty Ride of the Firelord Dawn of Victory
Thunderstone Feed the Fire Tools of Destruction
Platitude Dance Through the Fire Secrets of Life
Pagan’s Mind Dimensions of Fire Celestial Entrance
Astral Doors Fire in Our House Astralism
Grave Digger Sacred Fire The Grave Digger
Metallica Jump in the Fire Kill ’em All

Playlist 2018-02-04

Artist Song CD
Iron Maiden Where Eagles Dare Piece of Mind
Sonata Arctica Flag in the Ground The Days of Grays
Theocracy On Eagles’ Wings Mirror of Souls
Dynazty Cross the Line Renatus
Black Sabbath Born to Lose The Eternal Idol
Voyager Cross the Line Univers
At Vance The Winner Takes it All Dragonchaser
Dragonforce Fields of Despair Sonic Firestorm
Allen Lande Another Battle The Battle
Masterplan I’m Gonna Win MK II
Styx Winner Take All The Serpent is Rising
Redemption Hold the Line This Mortal Coil

Playlist 2018-01-28

Artist Song CD
Supreme Majesty Strike Like Thunder Tales of a Tragic Kingdom
Silent Force Ride the Storm World’s Apart
Serious Black Someone Else’s Life As Daylight Breaks
Scar Symmetry Seeds of Rebellion Symmetric in Design
Seventh Wonder Hide and Seek Mercy Falls
Stratovarius Shine in the Dark Eternal
Symphony X Set the World on Fire Paradise Lost
Stride NSA Music Machine
Signum Regis The Secret of the Sea Chapter IV: The Reckoning
Saga Sideways 10000 Days
Savatage Surrender Poets and Madmen
Sonata Arctica Victoria’s Secret Winterheart’s Guild
Sanctuary Seasons of Destruction Into the Mirror Black
Spock’s Beard All on a Sunday V
Serenity Spirit in the Flesh Codex Atlanticus
Shadow Gallery Soceity of the Mind Legacy
Skyclad Still Spinning Shrapnel Silent Whales of Lunar Sea
Space Odyssey Seduction of Life Embrace the Galaxy
Spiral Architect Spinning A Sceptic’s Universe
Stormwind Soul Dance Resurrection
Suspyre The City Under Sands The Silvery Image
Styx Queen of Spades Pieces of Eight

Playlist 2018-01-21

Artist Song CD
Silent Force The King of Fools Walk the Earth
Ion Vein Fool’s Parade Ion Vein
Nocturnal Rites Fools Never Die Grand Illusion
Mob Rules Ship of Fools Among the Gods
Elvenking March of Fools The Winter Wake
Edguy King of Fools Hellfire Club
Dark Moor The Fool Tarot
Dreamtale Fool’s Gold Ocean’s Heart
Epica Fools of Damnation The Divine Conspiracy
Ozzy Osbourne Fool Like You Ultimate Sin
Thunderstone At the Feet of Fools Dirt Metal
Spastic Ink Mosquito Brain Surgery Ink Complete
Skyclad The Great Brain Robbery Folkemon
Pink Floyd Brain Damage Dark Side of the Moon

Playlist 2018-01-14

Artist Song CD
Avantasia Savior in the Clockwork A Mystery of Time
Threshold Mission Profile Subsurface
Professor Emeritus Rats in the Walls Take Me to the Gallows
3 Days from Dying Adrenaline Breathe
3 Days from Dying Silently She Cries Feed My Darkness
The Kahless Clone This is All Falling Apart Our Never-Ending Loneliness
Divinity Compromised Termination Sequence A World Torn
Symphony X When All is Lost Iconoclast
Savatage The Price You Pay Hall of the Mountain King
Redemption Noonday Devil This Mortal Coil
Dream Theater Panic Attack Octavairium
Royal Hunt Show Me How to Live Show Me How to Live
Sonata Arctica This Ain’t Your Fairytale Reckoning Night
Blue Oyster Cult Dancin in the Ruins Club Ninja
Black Sabbath Into the Void Master of Reality
Gamma Ray The Winged Horse Somewhere Out in Space
Masterplan Sail On Masterplan

Playlist 2018-01-07

Artist Song CD
Pyramaze Heir Apparent Contingent
Serenity Empire Lionheart
Nocturnal Rites Repent My Sins Phoenix
The Ferrymen Welcome to My Show The Ferrymen
Stratovarius Shine in the Dark Eternity
Royal Hunt Riches to Rags Devil’s Dozen
Neal Morse Band So Far Gone Similitude of a Dream
Gloryhammer Goblin King of the Darkstorm Galaxy Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards
Anathema Endless Ways The Optimist
Divinity Compromised The Last Refugee Terminal
Voyager What A Wonderful Day Ghost Mile
Pain of Salvation Meaningless In the Passing Light of Day
Signum Regis My Guide in the Night Through the Storm
Evergrey In Orbit The Storm Within
Theocracy Ghost Ship Ghost Ship
Thunderstone The Path Apocalypse Again
Novembers Doom Ghost Hamartia
Styx Gone Gone Gone The Mission
Serious Black I Can Do Magic Magic