Outside the Ropes: XSE / PWK A Night of Havoc, Friday Oct 19, 2018

XSE and PWK held “A Night of Havoc” at the Lifeplex Center in Plymouth, IN at 7:00pm Friday Oct 19.

This was one of those tough decision nights for me because ACW was also running a show, and I also love going to see the folks in ACW as much as possible. But, XSE had this date nailed down for a long time, so they had dibs on my schedule. Plus, as you might tell from the title of the event, they had a special guest … Matt Cross! I’m sure the ACW guys killed in on their show, too.


The opening match was for the PWK Heritage Championship, and featured current champion Jayden Michael Quick against challenger Jake Omen (above). I certainly don’t know all the matches JMQ has had during his career, but I’m sure facing Jake Omen was one of the toughest. The larger, more powerful Omen controlled a lot of the match, but Jayden Michael Quick retained his title after catching Omen with a second frog splash, and getting the pin.  Below left: JMQ in a predicament.  Below right: JMQ about to miss his first frog splash.


Next, Jordan Silver (who used to be Jordan Quick, and so Quick … Silver is a pretty clever name change!) took on Matt Starr. After several minutes of competition, the match was interrupted by Psycho coming out slowly to the ring, looking spooky in his dark blue asylum-style coveralls and black eye shadow, and distracting Matt Star – allowing Jordan Silver to get the pin. This follows a similar event at the last PWK show Halloween Mania V a couple of weekends ago, so there is clearly something brewing between Star and Psycho.  Psycho drew a fork out of his boot and threatened Star with it, but did not follow through. Below left, Jordan Silver is about to get planted.


Current PWK North American Champion Mitchell Taylor defended his title against Tony Thunder, representing the Rat Pack. Like at the last PWK show, maestro Eric King played an old commercial Burger King jingle, much to Taylor’s chagrin (above right). The match ended in a disqualification when Taylor’s ring pal Duchess got involved. She tried to distract the ref while slipping Taylor a chain (with proof in a picture, below right!), then coming in the ring, then getting accidentally clobbered by Taylor in the corner. Ultimately Taylor got the DQ, and retains his title.  Below left, you can’t see Taylor’s left arm, but from Tony Thunder’s expression, you know where it just hit.


KO Kendra took on Travis Trendbender (introduced only as “Travis”, so maybe he’s losing the adjective) in a match to determine the #1 contender for Moxie Mollie’s PWK Women’s Championship, with that match to take place at the next show. Travis played a lot of mind games during the match, ducking out of action a lot. KO Kendra came out on top, so she will face Moxie Mollie soon.  Travis was a sore loser; the poor guy on the floor (below right) just came out to help Travis get to the back after his match, and was repaid with a kick to the face.


After intermission, Nick Cutler took on Keith Creme – the latter became known as Krispy Kreme after he made it clear what he thought of the audience. I had not seen Creme before; he was bald and with absolutely no body hair, but Cutler had enough for both of them. Although Cutler was on the receiving end of some brutality here and there, he was clearly having a good time managing Creme for most of the match, and ended up getting the win.  Below left, Creme tries to get some protection; below right, Creme had Cutler in a submission hold, but Cutler escaped by deadlifting Creme from off the mat.


Just A Mazing defeated Russ Jones in a match that pitted the high flying A Mazing against the brick wall of Jones.  After the match, Just A Mazing told the crowd his story of coming back after a serious car accident, and thanked Jones because having a match against Jones was one of his bucket list items upon his return.


The main event was a fatal four way in a match for the Key to the Kingdom – the holder of which can get a title match at any time.  The entrants were Steven Drochner, Scotty Young, Jared Kripke, and special guest Matt Cross.  Why Matt Cross would want a Key to the PWK Kingdom was not explained.  The match ended when Matt Cross did his shoulder-springboard back off  the ropes into a stunner on Jared Kripke, but Steven Drochner quickly rolled Cross out of the ring and got the pin on Kripke himself.  And so Steven Drochner now holds the Key to the Kingdom.  After the match, Kripke and Cross had a short moment of mutual beard appreciation.

Picture 1: Cross taking care of business on the outside.  Picture 2:  Kripke taking a breather while Cross takes care of business on the inside.  Picture 3: Cross doing a tower of doom and slamming all three other contestants off the corner turnbuckle.  Kripke is the one totally upside down. Picture 4: Cross jumping onto Drochner.




Bell Ringer Greg Garrett posted results from this show on his Facebook page (linked), so give it a like!

The next XSE / PWK event is on November 24, 2018 in Knox, IN.  Follow the XSE Facebook page for more information!


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