Results from ARW PRO Black & Blue Wednesday, Wed Nov 23, 2016

ARW PRO held Black & Blue Wednesday at the American Legion in Lake Station, IN on Wed November 23, 2016.  This was a fundraiser for the Daniel Chavez Memorial Fund, which helps provide assistance to a selected student for college expenses.

Dakota Prodigy defeated Kevin Storm, Theo Storm, and Rancid Joey Rak, in a four-way dance that was the Lionheart Division Finals.  Prodigy was a late entrant; he did not win his qualifying round match, but Joey Boom Boom and Slick were so impressed with a previous win of his they added him to the match anyway.  After many near falls, last second saves,  and flying through the ropes among all four, Dakota Prodigy came out the winner.  Kevin Storm complained about the injustice of Prodigy not even qualifying, and he may have a point!  But Mr. White came out and told both Kevin and Theo Storm not to worry about Lionheart Division business, because he has big plans for them in the tag team division in 2017.

Diamond Steel (Ryan Howe) defeated Dashing Dick Davis.  Davis appeared sporting a magnificent new Tom Selleck-worthy moustache, and Steel appeared sporting an electric guitar.  At some point, Davis got a bloody nose, and that soiled his perfect ‘stache; he was rightly upset by that.   Clearly his distress hampered his ability to focus, and Steel got the win.

Colin Cambridge defeated Officer Rod Street and Kevin Graves to retain the ARW Indiana State Championship.   Lt. Eva Lonis tried to interfere on behalf of Rod Street, but it backfired.  Injustice!

Madd Maxx was the survivor in a 6-man tag team elimination match, pitting Maxx, Willie Richardson, and The Beast against Los Supervillianos (Superbad Santana Starks and Dante DVS, with King Bishop) and Mojo McQueen.  After about three hours of introductions, pre-match banter, and the room clearing from McQueen’s smelly green voodoo smoke, the action began.  During the match, some leftover animosity between Starks and Dante DVS spilled over, and the two of them were tagging each other in an out violently.  The Beast was eliminated first after he got tossed outside the ring.  Then Willie Richardson was next to go, leaving Maxx alone on his team.  But meanwhile, Santana Starks decided he’d had enough of Dante DVS and his tomfoolery, and he stepped away and was counted out.  (Prior to stepping out, he had tagged in Dante DVS one more time with a slap, so Starks was no longer the legal man and I’m not sure why the ref  needed to count him out, but oh well, it served the story.)  During all the distractions, Maxx got the upper hand on Dante DVS and Dante was eliminated.  That left Mojo McQueen with Maxx and eventually Maxx got the win.  I had not seen Mojo McQueen  before; I enjoyed his intensity and movement in the ring and hope to see him again!

After intermission, The Picture Show (Marcus Portrait and Johnny Showtime) retained the ARW Tag Team titles via DQ over Old School Manson and Dylan Manson.  During the match, Showtime got slammed onto a pair of steel chairs set up facing each other, hard enough for one of the chairs to get bent.  The DQ happened when the Family knocked down the ref twice in a row.  Once you can forgive, but twice? … DQ!  After the DQ, the Family dished out an old school beat down involving more chairs and a chain.

Mr 3% Jon Hudson defeated Greg Glover in a Chicago Street Fight for the ARW Championship.  Nick Cutler served as special referee.  Hats are off to these gentlemen, who totally brought it to this match.  The action went in and out of the ring and involved chairs.  It also involved some thin, floppy aluminum foil pans that were not exactly … well, the less said about those things, the better!  Some of the spots showed how thin a line there is between success and injury.  One spot had Hudson use a chair set up in the middle of the ring as a springboard for a flying elbow to Glover in the corner, twice in a row.  On the third try, Glover caught Hudson with one of his awesome spears right after Hudson leapt off / over the chair; the chair tipped sideways and landed with its thin edge facing up, and during the spear, Hudson’s head hit the edge of the chair.  Yowch!  Eventually Cutler gave up being impartial and could no longer see his friend put in jeopardy, so he gave Hudson a low blow.  Diamond Steel (Ryan Howe) came out to try to even things up; he never really got involved, his mere rock star presence served to get the match back on track long enough for Hudson to get the win.

Joey Boom Boom defeated Ivan Manson in the main event grudge match.  Trouble had been brewing between the Family and Joey Boom Boom for quite a while.  During the match, action spilled to the outside and Joey managed to shove Manson into the ring post.  When Manson finally got up and returned to the ring, he was bleeding from the forehead.  He was dazed enough that even though he got in a bit of offence, Joey Boom Boom was able to get the pinfall after delivering a stunner to Manson.  Post match, there was a show of respect both ways between Manson and Boom Boom.  Is their hostility finally put to rest for good?  Show up for the next ARW PRO show at the American Legion on January 14, 2017 to find out!

Results from SPW Smashfunk 8, Sun Nov 20, 2016

Smashmouth Pro Wrestling held Smashfunk 8 at Inman’s Bowling and Recreation Center, Valparaiso IN, at 3pm on Sunday November 20, 2016.  The show was the second of a two-day pair, the first half being FWF Smashfunk 7 the previous night in Warsaw. IN.  Props to all involved for pulling double duty and performing twice in 24 hours, and also for putting in the mileage.

Brutus Dylan defeated Fireball. This was a fairly one-sided match, although Fireball did get a bit of offense in.  From my front row chair, the highlight of the match was this:  Dylan dropped Fireball down, and he ended up in the upright seated position in the middle of the ring; Dylan ran the ropes from one side to another to build momentum for a basement clothesline to the seated Fireball.  This seems like a high impact move, and the clenched-teeth look of “Oh shit” on Fireball’s face as he braced himself to receive the hit was great.

Mr. 3% Jon Hudson defeated Kyle Kaylor.  Hudson was originally supposed to face Shane Mercer, who is out with a concussion.  Hudson got on the mic and ran down Mercer for letting a little thing like a concussion keep him out of the ring to fulfill his obligations.  Well, anyway, apparently Mercer has been replaced by the novice Kyle Kaylor (I’m guessing this was one of his first matches) who was so skinny that he would vanish when he turned sideways.  It turned out to be a really fun match; being a totally uninformed outsider, I may be wrong about this, but I thought it was really cool to see the experienced Hudson lead the young guy through it.  After one time when Hudson slammed Kaylor from overhead really hard (I was sure the kid’s clock got cleaned there), he then picked him up and did it again three times in a row.  I don’t know how Kaylor got up from it, but he almost seemed energized by being nearly murdered and brought a fun match the rest of the way!

Dakota Prodigy defeated Shady Chris Xion.  Lots of energy from both and good banter with the crowd by Xion.  Either of these guys is fun to watch, together it was one of my favorites of the night.  Everyone should go to Dakota’s Facebook page to see what his ankle looked like afterwards!  The link looks awful, but it works:

The Bambino Family defeated Kenny Courageous, Devon Fury, and Rex Hart.   I am a bad correspondent and actually do not remember who won this match now; I forgot to change my “vs” to “def” or “lost” in between the teams on my cell phone notes.  Dang it.  I guess there is history here, and the last time the Bambino family appeared at a Smashmouth Pro Wrestling event, there was something about an award to Rex Hart but Hart wasn’t able to be there, and I was confused then and I’m confused now.  It seems like I should know something about the storyline here that I’m missing.  Courageous, Fury, and Hart were a very popular team, and it seemed like some people in the crowd were there to see them.  At one point, one of the Bambinos got hit so hard he lost his Italian accent when complaining to the ref about something.  EDIT:  Thanks to Jeremy Seabolt for providing more info on the match: it was Kenny Courageous’s last active match, and Hart and Fury came out of retirement to work it with him.  That’s awesome.

After intermission, Tank defeated Jorge Bravo. Poor Jorge brought his best, but you know … it’s Tank.

In a gauntlet match for the SPW Tag Team Titles, The Legion took on a carousel of other teams.  Travis Titan and the Maltese Tiger were out first and dispatched very quickly.  Thanks for coming.  Then Gabe “The Brave” Juarez and Ray Orndorff (it’s not Smashmouth without a Ray Orndorff appearance!) gave it a good try, but Orndorff was pinned.  Next, Team Legend-Dairy (Alexander S Kirk and Matt O’Hare, with Cinnamon) was announced, but before they could hit the ring, the Midwest Monsters appeared and taunted Legion, luring them out of the ring on a chase.  To Team Legend-Dairy’s credit, they worked hard to allow the ref to count to 10, eliminating Legion.  Legend-Dairy started to graciously celebrate being new champions, until they were informed there was one more team remaining:  Marshe Rockett & Acid Jaz (Da Soul Touchaz)!  Damn, Marshe Rockett is stacked.  Rockett and Jaz spoiled Legend-Dairy’s celebration and beat them – we have new SPW Tag Team champs!

Anthony Toatele (w/ Kenzi) defeated Ames and Colin Combridge to retain SPW North American Championship in a triple threat match.  Ames was stunning in his leopard outfit, but Kenzi was not swayed by his charms, so he left without either of the title or the gal.

Abyss and Lightning Bolt Johnson defeated Dru Skillz and Officer Rod Street (w/ Sgt Eva Lonis).  Dru Skillz is the SPW World Champion.   Highlight:  LBJ getting hit on the head with a stop sign by Eva Lonis.  Also, Street, Lonis, and Skillz all bunched up around Abyss trying to handcuff him to the ropes, only to have Abyss escape with Eva handcuffed to the ropes instead.  Janice made an appearance; she did not get to pierce any flesh, but she did get stuck to the cloth wrap of a turnbuckle after Abyss missed Skillz with a swing.  After the match, the Midwest Monsters ran to the ring to attack Abyss and LBJ, showing who are the real monsters around here!  Abyss recovered and declared a Monsters Ball Tag Team Match vs. the Midwest Monsters at Smashfest on April 8, 2017:  the Midwest Monsters vs … Decay!  Decay!  Decaaaaaay!

Results from PWK Mind Games, Sat Nov 12, 2016

Pro Wrestling King held Mind Games at LaVille Junior – Senior High School, Lakeville IN, at 7pm on Saturday November 12, 2016.  The show was a fundraiser for the functional skills class at the school.  That’s cool.  I hope my purchase of a slice of pizza and hot dog helped! Apologies for any mis-spelling or flat out mangling of anyone’s name. (Thanks to Eric King’s Facebook page for helping me out with the team City Escape.)

Team Legend-Dairy (Alexander S Kirk and Matt O’Hare, w/ Cinnamon) defeated The Convikt Nick Dallas and The Product Christopher Kent.  Like RCW last weekend, the Superman and Batman bath robes were in effect for Legend-Dairy.  Last week we booed them, this week we were cheering them.  Go figure.

The Coach (from the school) comes out to speak to the crowd and start talking about Steven Drochner; apparently the two had issues the last time PWK ran a show here. Drochner comes out with his back-up, Jordan Quick and Tez.  Drochner starts to say mean things to The Coach; The Coach says he is not afraid because he’s not outnumbered, and here come Fighting Irish, Tony Thunder, and Drevin Storie (with Mr. Tiddlywinks the teddy bear manager, and Drocher is much more afraid of the bear than he should be).  A 3 on 3 match is set up for later tonight.

Theo Storm comes out to issue an open challenge to anyone in the back who wants to come out.  The lights go down, then there is Kevin Storm – who was not supposed to be on the card tonight, so Theo is surprised.  Kevin gets in the ring and the good high impact match goes along really well until it’s interrupted by Tank and Idol Heinze.  Apparently Theo intervened after Tank and Idol’s steel cage match a few weeks ago, and this was payback.  Theo is incapacitated and taken to the back.  To add insult to injury, it seems Theo perhaps was to be Ames tag team partner against Tank and Idol later tonight, but Tank and Idol call for the match to start at this point, and brave Ames comes running out to take on Tank and Idol on his own.  I should point out that Ring Announcer Ryan Anderson has had quite an easy night of it so far, since the last time he had to do anything was introduce The Coach a while back!  After Ames is tossed around by the two larger men to their satisfaction, Theo Storm returns from the back clutching his ribs and makes a tag to relieve Ames, but he can’t overcome his injury to do any damage.  Tank and Idol come away victorious.   After the win, Tank and Idol have a bit of a tug-of-war over Ames’ championship belt and who should be in line for the next shot at it.  After they leave and Ames is being helped to the back, Theo Storm channels the young boy who gave Mean Joe Greene his Coke with a “Champ … you forgot this” before handing Ames his belt.  Awwww.

The Spirit of Detroit, Cassidy and Jon’tae Kieth, on the one year anniversary of winning the PWK Tag Team Titles at this very venue, come out and issue an open challenge for those tag team titles. Their call is answered by … well, they are Manion and Beardslee, a.k.a. City Escape. Spirit of Detroit are much fun to watch and listen to as the match goes on.  The highlight was when Tae did a nice senton over the top rope to the outside onto Manion and Beardsley, and Cassidy followed by a graceful Nestea Plunge from the apron onto the other three.  Spirit of Detroit retain their tag team titles.  Spirit of Detroit use for their music a song that is must be heavily edited for family friendly environments because it cuts out at least once during just about every phrase of lyrics – it’s sort of like they enter to musical swiss cheese.  I’d love to see the uncensored lyrics!

After intermission, Brutus Dylan defeated Fireball.  Fireball was plucky and had spirit but could not overcome the size and F’N brutality of Dylan.  After the match, Dylan pounded Fireball a few times with his chain.  You know, just because.

Next, The Violent Gentleman Adam Bueller defeated Jayden Quick after a particularly nasty kick to the face of Quick while he was tangled butt-up-head-down in the corner ropes, followed by a Coup de Grace to Quick’s back.  After the match, Quick was quite perturbed and loopy as he was guided to the back by the intimidating force of PWK security.

The final match was Fighting Irish, Drevin Storie, and Tony Thunder (accompanied by The Coach and Mr. Tiddlywinks the teddy bear manager) took on Steven Drochner, Jordan Quick, and Tez.  The first thing Drochner did was insist the bear not be allowed in the ring.  Smart man.  After a lot of crazy action the ref could not keep up with, the team backing The Coach won.  I have to make an editorial comment on this match, though.  I have seen a lot of crazy matches and moves in wrestling, but they took it over the line in this match.  At one point, Drochner was outside the ring and helpless, and with the encouragement of Tony Thunder, Mr. Tiddlywinks attempted a tope suicida onto Drochner.  There is no place for that kind of violence in family friendly entertainment, someone could have been seriously hurt.  I implore all those involved to never take such risks again.



Results from RCW A Cut Above the Rest, 2016-11-05

RCW (Revolution Championship Wrestling) held A Cut Above the Rest at the Roosevelt Center in Elkhart, IN, on Saturday November 5, 2016 at 7:00pm.  Here are the results.  (I am not totally familiar with everyone’s names, so apologies for misspellings or flat out getting any wrong.)

Malcolm Monroe III defeated Gavin Quinn.  This was a good opening bout.  Quinn did a good job getting the crowd riled up, and Monroe III played the smaller underdog well.  MM III had some nice acrobatic moves off the ropes, and Quinn displayed a wicked splash from the top rope.  MM III got him with a roll up after a distraction. (Edit: Thanks to Tiffany Tilli for correcting my error on GQ’s name!)

Anthony Toatele w/ Kenzi defeated Mance Warner, Jackie Chen, and Travis Titan some guy in purple tights in a fatal four way.   I was not able to hear / understand the introduction of purple pants dude when he came out, and as he went around the crowd giving high fives, he left me hangin’ as he missed me and my outstretched hand and went to the next section, so you know, forget that guy anyway 🙂  (Well, no, not really, Officer Rod Street took a moment from his serving and protecting to let me know the mystery man was Travis Titan!) Kenzi got to give Chen’s manager a good whack after the end of the match, I think she enjoyed it.

Nick Cutler comes to the ring to announce that Jack Thriller would not be defending the RCW Title tonight as planned, so he was left without an opponent, and wondered if there was anyone in the back at his level.  After that challenge, out comes … Greg Glover!  Even though they are friends and drove there together, Glover could not let Cutler’s words go unanswered, and he asked Cutler to put up his #1 Contendership (is that a word?) in a match.  Cutler agreed, and it’s on for later in the evening.

Team Legen-waitforit-dary (Alexander S Kirk and Matt O’Hare) defeated the Blue Inferno and the Maltese Tiger.    Kirk and O’Hare are always fun to watch.  I like the Batman and Superman bath robes they wear to the ring.

Kevin Storm defeated Theo Storm and Noah Walker in a three-way for the US Title.  Theo Storm and Noah Walker came out as the fan favorites, and Kevin Storm came out to disfavor.  I think his skull mask does not help in that regard.  After some brutal action, when all three men are dazed and confused, Noah Walker strikes Kevin Storm – who then falls onto the already-prone Theo Storm and gets the pinfall by accident.  After the match, Kevin Storm attempts to mend rifts and let bygones by bygones with the other two, but Theo Storm and Noah Walker are having none of it.  They pretended to, but then Theo clobbered Kevin from behind and the extra beatings were on.  Theo and Noah proceed to turn on the crowd, too, and after all of that, Theo and Noah leave as hated and Kevin promises to defend the title for the fans from now on.  At the very end, someone I did not recognize (my fault for not being to RCW shows before) ran out to drive off Theo and Noah, but he then ignored Kevin Storm’s overture of a handshake.  When he ran out, he was carrying a very large almost-foot-long nail / spike and made stabbing motions at Theo and Noah.  I wasn’t a fan of that part of it.

After an intermission, Brutus Dylan and the owner of RCW come out to name Super Diva as the first inductee into the RCW Hall of Fame.  Super Diva spent a lot of time with the crowd, dancing his sexy dance on laps of females and males alike.  He even kissed my hand, so I had to work hard not to swoon.  He gave a gracious acceptance speech, at the end of which Brutus Dylan asked him if he had one last match left in him … Super Diva grudgingly agreed that he did, and so it’s Super Diva vs. Goldberg!  wait, no vs. Brutus Dylan at the first RCW event of 2017.

Next up, JC Bunyan defeated Shady Chris Xion.  The lumberjack left victorious after defending the crowd’s honor, the crowd having been the focus of much of Xion’s crowing.

Nick Cutler defeated Greg Glover in a spirited match to retain his #1 Contender spot for the RCW Title.  The match started fairly evenly and sportsmanlike, but it did not take too long for Glover to start resorting to underhanded and unsportmanlike tactics.  But at the end of it all, he called Cutler back into the ring for a quick hug and head rub.  The cleanly shaven Cutler had his own cheering section holding up signs at the merch tables.

The Police Department (Officer Rod Street and Deputy Dave) defeated Tank and Brutus Dylan in a no-DQ match to retain the RCW tag team titles.  The match went all over the place at first and involved wood boards, a broomstick, a couple of chairs, and a trash can before settling around the ring.  Eventually, Tank ended up handcuffed from outside the ring to a lower corner of the ring ropes, and unable to come to the aid of Brutus Dylan who was sprayed in the face with a can of mace and pinned.  After the match, Dylan and Tank challenged The Police Department to another match at When Worlds Collide III on Feb 4th 2017 (Century Center, South Bend), which will be no-DQ, no rules, no everything, total carnage.