Mostly Metal 2020

Playlist 2020-03-22

AD InfinitumSee You in HellChapter 1: Monarchy
Grave DiggerAll for the KingdomFields of Blood
Villagers of Ionannina CityFather SunAge of Aquarius
HyperboriaPlanet DestructorVolume II
FeuerschwanzMetfestDas Elfte Gabot
Mike Lepond’s Silent AssassinsDracul SonWhore of Babylon
SojournerThe DelugePremonitions
The UnityWe Don’t Need Them HerePride
Demons and WizardsWolves in WinterIII
WaltariSkylineGlobal Rock
CandlemassSnakes of GoliathThe Pendulum (EP)
Nightwish HarvestHuman Nature
Power TheoryPath of GloryForce of Will
KatatoniaBehind the BloodCity Glaciers
Burning WitchesThe Final FightDance With the Devil
HallasLabyrinth of Distant EchoesConundrum
Archon AngelHit the WallFallen
EdenbridgeMystic RiverThe Bonding
MindmazeDark City (Dreaming this Life)Mask of Lies
Marko HeitalaDeath March for FreedomPyre of the Black Heart

Playlist 2020-03-08

Mostly Metal Gets the Coronavirus!
Sascha Paeth’s Masters of CeremonySick Signs of Wings
Judas PriestFeverScreaming for Vengeance
DioFever DreamsMagicka
TwilightningFever PitchPlague House
QueensrycheSpreading the DiseaseOperation Mindcrime
EvergreyThe DiseaseThe Glorious Collision
Signum RegisThe 10 PlaguesExodus
LanfearSeeds of the PlagueX to the Power of Ten
MercenaryYear of the PlagueThe Hours That Remain
Novembers DoomPlague BirdHamartia
DreamscapeInfected GroundEnd of Silence
Circle II CircleIsolationSeasons Will Fall
Balance of PowerKiller or the CurePerfect Balance
MegadethPoison Was the CureRust in Peace
NWIWRAP Episode 99

Playlist 2020-02-23

Ronnie James DioOne More for the RoadMaster of the Moon (Remaster)
Seven SpiresNo Words ExchangedEmerald Seas
Aether RealmGoodbyeRedneck Vikings From Hell
ThorDefend or DieRising
KatatoniaLacquerCity Glaciers
Black SwanShake the WorldShake the World
Ozzy OsbourneStraight to HellOrdinary Man
HallasCarry OnConundrum
Beneath the MassacreRise of the FearmongerFearmonger
Today Is the DayBurn in HellNo Good to Anyone
Mournful CongregationWhispering SpiritscapesThe Incubus of Karma
NWIWRAPEpisiode 98PRW: Love and War

Playlist 2020-02-16

Archon AngelReturn of the StormFallen
Black SwanLong Road to NowhereShake the World
Demons and WizardsWolves in WinterIII
Ronnie James DioMan on the Silver Mountain (Live)Remasters Pt 1
Space of VariationsSlowmoXXXXX
The Amity AfflictionSoak Me in BleachEveryone Loves You … Once You Leave Them
RunescarredMinor ProgressionsThe Distant Infinite
CandlemassPorcelain SkullThe Pendulum (EP)
Diabulus in MusicaBlind MuseEuphonic Entropy
NightwishNoiseHuman Nature
Sascha Paeth’s Masters of CeremonyWeight of the WorldSigns of Wings
Seven SpiresThe Trouble With Eternal LifeEmerald Seas
NWIWRAPEpisode 97

Playlist 2020-02-09

Foreigner Top 10
Marko HietalaDeath March for FreedomPyre of the Black Heart
Diabolus in MusicaOtoiEuphonic Entropy
Audrey HorneRedemption BluesWaiting for the Night (Live)
DelainBurning BridgesApocalypse and Chill
Great American GhostPrison of HatePower Through Terror
Suicide SilenceFeel AliveBecome the Hunter
Lamb of GodCheckmate.
NightwishWish I Had An AngelOnce
Signum RegisPrisoner’s ElegyThe Seal of a New World
ForeignerWaiting for a Girl Like You (10)4
ForeignerHead Games (9)Head Games
ForeignerSpellbinder (8)Double Vision
ForeignerFeels Like the First Time (7)Foreigner
ForeignerLove on the Telephone (6)Head Games
ForeignerTooth and Nail (5)Agent Provacateur
ForeignerThat Was Yesterday (4)Agent Provacateur
ForeignerBlue Morning, Blue Day (3)Double Vision
ForeignerThe Damage Is Done (2) Foreigner
ForeignerRev On the Red Line (1)Head Games

Playlist 2020-02-02

Blue Oyster Cult Top 10
DelainWe Had EverythingApocalypse and Chill
AD InfinitumMarching on VersaillesChapter 1: Monarchy
Demons & WizardsMidas DiseaseIII
Diabolus in MusicaThe Misfit’s SwingEuphonic Entropy
Beneath the MassacreAutonomous MindFearmonger
SepulturaMeans to an EndQuadra
CandlemassThe PendulumThe Pendulum (EP)
TestamentNight of the WitchTitans of Creation
Sons of ApolloKing of DelusionMMXX
Symphony XLegendUnderworld
SerenityKeeper of the KnightsThe Last Knight
Blue Oyster Cult(10) Stairway to the StarsBlue Oyster Cult
Blue Oyster Cult(9) Golden Age of LeatherSpectres
Blue Oyster Cult(8) Shooting SharkThe Revolution by Night
Blue Oyster Cult(7) Harvester of EyesSecret Treaties
Blue Oyster Cult(6) The Great Sun JesterMirrors
Blue Oyster Cult(5) DamagedHeaven Forbid
Blue Oyster Cult(4) Then Came the Last Days of MayOn Your Feet…
Blue Oyster Cult(3) Perfect WaterClub Ninja
Blue Oyster Cult(2) Veteran of the Psychic WarsFire of Unknown Origin
Blue Oyster Cult(1) AstronomySome Enchanted Evening

Playlist 2020-01-26

Triumph Top 10
SerenityThe Last Knight / InvictusThe Last Knight
Archon AngelRiseFallen
Sons of ApolloResurrection DayMMXX
SepulturaLast TimeQuadra
RunescarredInviting RiversIndependent
WarbringerFirepower Kills ..
Heaven Shall BurnProtectorOf Truth and Sacrifice
Black SwanShake the WorldShake the World
Paul Di’AnnoMurders in the Rue MorgueHell Over Waltrop – Live in Germany
Surgical StrikeConspiracyPart of a Sick World
Burning WitchesSea of LiesDance with the Devil
TriumphSay Goodbye (10)Allied Forces
TriumphFight the Good Fight (9) Allied Forces
TriumphBlinding Light Show / Moonchild (8) Triumph
TriumphNever Surrender (7)Never Surrender
TriumphLay It On the Line (6) Just a Game
TriumphHeaded for Nowhere (5)Surveillance
TriumphAll the Way (4)Never Surrender
TriumphMagic Power (3)Allied Forces
TriumphSomebody’s Out There (2)The Sport of Kings
TriumphHold On (1)Just a Game

Playlist 2020-01-19

TemperanceMy Demons Can’t SleepViridian
Sons of ApolloKings of DelusionMMXX
Archon AngelFallenFallen
RageLet Them Rest in PeaceWings of Rage
Running WildCrossing the BladesCrossing the Blades (EP)
MagnumThe Archway of TearsThe Serpent Rings
Nanowar of SteelValhalellujah
Biff ByfordPedal to the MetalSchool of Hard Knocks
Molly HatchettDreamsI’ll Never See Battleground
Black SwanBig DisasterShake the World
SerenitySet the World on FireThe Last Knight
Seven SpiresSuccombEmerald Seas
HeathenDying SeasonThe Evolution of Chaos (Reissue)
British LionLightningLightning
Amberian DawnLooking for YouLooking for You
CrematoryThe DownfallUnbroken
Visions of AtlantisA Life of Our OwnWanderers
Dream TheaterA Nightmare to RememberBlack Clouds & Silver Linings

Playlist 2020-01-12

“In Honor of Neil”
RushThe Camera EyeMoving Pictures
RushBest I CanFly By Night
RushLakeside ParkCaress of Steel
RushSomething for Nothing2112
RushCloser to the HeartA Farewell to Kings
RushThe TreesHemispheres
RushThe Spirit of RadioPermanent Waves
RushYYZMoving Pictures
RushThe Analog KidSignals
RushBetween the WheelsGrace Under Pressure
RushTerritoriesPower Windows
RushTime Stand StillHold Your Fire
RushRed TidePresto
RushWhere’s My Thing Pt 4 Gangster of BoatsRoll the Bones
RushCut to the ChaseCounterparts
RushDrivenTest for Echo
NWIWRAPEpisode 95.
RushNatural SciencePermanent Waves
RushRed BarchettaMoving Pictures

Playlist 2020-01-05

“2020 Vision”
Pain of SalvationNew Year’s EveOne Hour by the Concrete Lake
RedemptionNew Year’s DayLong Night’s Journey Into Day
SagaSpin It Again2020
Vanden PlasJanuary SunChrist 0
Time RequiemVisions of a New DawnTime Requiem
Kamelot Parting VisionsSiege Perilous
EvergreyVisionsRecreation Day
Ion VeinStatic VisionBeyond Tomorrow
Tad MoroseCircuit VisionA Mended Rhyme
RageVisionsEnd of All Days
King’s XVisionsOut of the Silent Planet
PrototypeWith VisionContinuum
ArwenBy My Own SightIllusions
StratovariusSecond SightEnigma: Intermission II
Mike & the MechanicsSeeing is BelievingThe Living Years
ArenaDouble VisionThe Visitor
ForeignerDouble VisionDouble Vision
GenesisVisions of AngelsTrespass
SupertrampChild of VisionBreakfast in America
Tangerine DreamOptical RaceOptical Race