Mostly Metal 2021

PLAYLIST 2021219

Christmas Special!

King DiamondNo Presents for ChristmasFatal Portrait
SavatageChristmas Eve, SarajevoDead Winter Dead
Shadow GalleryChristmas Day, Act IITyranny
MajesticaA Christmas StoryA Christmas Carol
TheocracyBethlehemMirror of Souls
TheocracyThe Gift of MusicAs the World Bleeds
ELPI Believe in Father ChristmasWorks Vol 2
Wuthering HeightsToo Great Thy GiftWithin
EdenbridgeThe Greatest Gift of AllThe Great Momentum
Dream TheaterThe Gift of MusicThe Astonishing
Sonata ArcticaUnder Your TreeUnia
Lacuna CoilNaughty Christmas
LordiMerry Blah Blah Blah
ThorDonner and Blitzen
RusskajaLast Christmas
SabatonChristmas Truce
Jethro TullAnother Christmas SongRock Island
SireniaDecember Snow
EvergreyDecember 26th
Luca TurilliThe Ancient Forest of Elves
Dio, Iommi, Sarzo, WrightGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

PLAYLIST 2021212

Iron MaidenWriting on the WallSenjutsu
EpicaThe Skeleton KeyOmega Live
Signum DraconisFirestormThe Divine Comedy – Inferno
Omnium GatherumPrimeOrigin
AmorphisThe MoonHalo
ExodusSlipping Into MadnessPersona Non Grata
CarcassUnder the Scalpel BladeTorn Arteries
Swallow the SunAll Hallows GrieveMoonflowers
Antti MartikainenDivine AllianceCarmina Gloria
Thirty FatesThe Edge of DestinyCircus Black
EuropeThe Final CountdownThe Final Countdown
Blue Oyster CultMorning FinalAgents of Fortune
Helion PrimeThe Final TheoryQuestion Everything
PyramazeThe Final HourEpitaph
Grave DiggerMy Final FightFields of Blood
AngraFinal LightOMNI
SkycladHistory Lessens (The Final Examination)Oui Avant Garde a Chance
NevermoreFinal ProductThis Godless Endeavor
YesFinal EyesBig Generator
Dream TheaterFinally FreeScenes From A Memory

PLAYLIST 2021205

EmetropiaSeasonal WarfareProcession of the Kings
EwiniarSuspiriaBurning the Night
TemperanceBlack is My HeartDiamanti
Sinful WaysBury the HatchetDarkest Days
All Hail the YetiHeadless ValleyWithin the Hollow Earth
Future StaticWavesWaves
Lead AstrayIndigoDramatis Personae
QuickstrikeRebel RadioNone of a Kind
SartoriBattle in Distant LandsDragon’s Fire
LuciferOrionLucifer IV
WolftoothThe VoyageBlood and Iron
Beast in BlackTo the Last Drop of BloodDark Connection
Seven SpiresOceans of TimeGods of Debauchery
EdguyArrows FlyTheater of Salvation
Judas PriestRevelationsNostradamus
Nocturnal RitesWelcome to the EndPhoenix
VoyagerFire of the TimesThe Meaning of I
RedemptionFall On YouThe Origin of Ruin
Novembers DoomWhat Could Have BeenAphotic

PLAYLIST 20211128

Battle BeastEye of the StormCircus of Doom
SabatonChristmas Truce
Even FlowRay of Light
HollowNation of ManTower
AephenamerStriderA Dream of Wilderness
HypocrisyChildren of the GreyWorship
Omnium GatherumUnityOrigin
Dream TheaterA View From the Top of the WorldA View From the Top of the World
Iron MaidenDeath of the CeltsSenjutsu
AvantasiaRunaway TrainThe Wicked Symphony
SavatageChanceHandful of Rain
Black SabbathWheels of Confusion / The StraightenerVolume 4
RushCygnus X-I Book IIHemispheres

PLAYLIST 20211121

including Top 5 Favorite Songs by While Heaven Wept

ObscuraOrbital Elements IIA Valediction
Ozzy OsbourneS.A.T.O.Diary of a Madman (40th Anniv)
PsycodeYou Lead MePsycode
ExodusClickbaitPersona Non Grata
Sinful WaysBury the HatchetDarkest Days EP
AmothIt Ain’t Over YetHour of the Wolf
Swallow the SunThe VoidMoonflowers
HeadlessStep Back From MeSquare One
ConquestBlack SkiesThe World Has Gone to Hell
Breed of AgressionI Am the EnemyThis Is My War
While Heaven WeptLiving Sepulchre / VesselVast Oceans Lachrymose
While Heaven WeptVoice in the WindOf Empires Forlorn
While Heaven WeptThe Memory of Bleeding / Souls in Permafrost / Searching the StarsSuspended at Aphelion
While Heaven WeptOf Empires ForlornOf Empires Forlorn
While Heaven WeptFinalityFear of Infinity
First FragmentDe Chair et De HaineGloire Eternelle

PLAYLIST 20211107

SaxonCarpe Diem
HeadlessMisdirectionSquare One
Show-YaTokyo, I Scream
AephenamerRoots and LeavesA Dream of Wilderness
Toxic RuinDivine AcclamationNightmare Eclipse
PathologyDirge for the Infected
First FragmentGloire EternelleGloire Eternelle
ConquestBlack SkiesThe World Has Gone to Hell
The Sonic OverlordsSands of TimeLast Days of Babylon
Living WreckageOne Foot in the Grave
NWIWRAPEpisode 111

PLAYLIST 20211031

King DiamondHalloweedFatal Portrait
HelloweenHalloweenKeeper of the Seven Keys
Ad InfinitumThis Is HalloweenChapter 1: Monarchy
Ad InfinitumHauntedChapter II: Legacy
TestamentThe HauntingThe Legacy
Symphony XThe HauntingThe Damnation Game
Novembers DoomThe Pale Haunt DepartureThe Pale Haunt Departure
BewitcherElectric PhantomsCursed Be Thy Kingdom
Dark MoorPhantom QueenAutumnal
NightwishPhantom of the OperaCentury Child
MetallicaPhantom LordKill ’em All
Grave DiggerZombie DanceThe Living Dead
Ozzy OsbourneZombie StompNo More Tears
TroubleFearManic Frustration
Royal HuntGame of FearPaper Blood
Primal FearBlood, Sweat, and FearApocalypse
RageNo FearSpeak of the Dead
Astral DoorsFear in Their EyesEvil is Forever
Judas PriestSpectreFirepower
Iron MaidenFear of the DarkFear of the Dark

PLAYLIST 20211024

Beast in BlackHighway to MarsDark Connection
Ad InfinitumInto the NightChapter II – Legacy
UDOThunder RoadGame Over
OperusDance With FireScores of Nightmares
ThulcandraNocturnal HeresyA Dying Wish
First FragmentPantheumGloria Eternelle
NuseGaslitEvilution – Vol I
LuciferWild HearsesLucifer IV
MotorheadOverkillEverything Louder Forever
RusskajaRusski Style
Ravenous EHSon of StormsHubris
Seven SpiresShadow on an Endless SeaGods of Debauchery
Time RequiemVisions of a New DawnTime Requiem
Rhapsody of FireRising From Tragic FlamesDark Wings of Steel
Pain of SalvationTo the EndEntropia
Seventh WonderDream MachinesTiara
Royal HuntBurning the SunEye Witness
DynaztyLights Out in CandylandBring the Thunder
Sonata ArcticaBlack SheepSilence
StrideFace the DayImagine

PLAYLIST 20211017

Featuring My Top 5 Favorite Songs by Shape of Despair

TemperanceBreaking the Rules of Heavy MetalDiamanti
DemUnillusionsLost Vanguard(single)
Bulletproof MessengerThe DivideA Place for My Head
Every Time I DieAWOLRadical
Nova SpeiSorciereSequentis
Cradle of FilthCrawling King ChaosExistence is Futile
Waking the CadaverCorpse DecompositionAuthority Through Intimidation
LivlosSieze the NightAnd Then There Were None
HollowThe TowerThe Tower
March in Arms1914Pulse of the Daring
1914Pillars of FireWhere Fear and Weapons Meet
Shape of DespairIn LongingMonotony Fields
Shape of DespairFragile EmptinessIllusions Play
Shape of DespairWoundheirShades of …
Shape of DespairShadowed DreamsAlone in the Mist
Shape of DespairDescending Inner NightMonotony Fields
YesThe Ice BridgeThe Quest

PLAYLIST 20211010

Ereb AltorThe Twilight ShipEldens Boning
Judas PriestThe Hellion / Electric EyeLive
Iron MaidenDays of Future PassedSenjutsu
Bound in FearPolarityPenance
The AgonistDays Before the World WeptDays Before the World Wept
VilvhjartabrannmaarktMasstaden Under Vatten
Saturnian MistBlood MagickShamantic
Ad InfinitumAfterlifeChapter II: Legacy
NuseFearmongersEvilution: Vol 1
AthemonThe Glass Hindered UsAthemon
March in ArmsThunderboltPulse of the Daring
MetalwingsSecond ChanceA Whole New Land
GiotopiaDeceiving EmbraceTrinity of Evil
Antti MartikainenTerra SanctaCarmina Gloria
TerraDown the RoadHypercube
MysterizerLast Stand HillThe Holy War 1095
Eternal SilenceThe Way of TimeTimegate Anathema
Battle BeastThe Band of the HawkSteel
Fierce AtmospheresThe Words That EnslaveThe Speed of Dreams
Dream TheaterThe AlienView From the Top of the World

PLAYLIST 20211003

MastodonTeardrinkerHushed and Grim
TriviumFeast of FireIn the Court of the Dragon
The World OverShallowArtificial
Elisa DayInner War
VariusLament of DissonanceConcordance
Prey for NothingAngels of AtheismKivshan
ArchspireDrone Corpse Aviator
The Breathing ProcessShroudLabyrynthian
Even FlowRay of Light
UDOMetal Never DiesGame Over
Beast in BlackOne Night in Tokyo
Signum DraconisThe BorderlandThe Divine Comedy: Inferno
NWIWRAPEpisode 110

PLAYLIST 20210926

Edu FalaschiLand AhoyVera Cruz
KKs PriestRaise Your FistsSermon of the Sinner
CarcassEleanor Rigor MortisTorn Arteries
Omnium GatherumReckoning
CerebellionFeel It AwakeSomething You Can Say
MinistryGood Trouble
REO SpeedwagonGood TroubleGood Trouble
BastardRotten Blood
The Design AbstractBorn of MachinesMetemtechnosis
StrengthUnto OthersHell is for Children
Kissin DynamiteWhat Goes UpNot the End of the Road
Laurenne LohimoWalk Through FireThe Reckoning
NWIWRAP Episode 109

PLAYLIST 20210919

Featuring Musical Tribute to Austin Fury

AexyliumBattle of TettenhallThe Fifth Season
RageThe Age of ReasonResurrection Day
Ozzy OsbourneZombie StompNo More Tears
SnakebladeRed MageThe Curse
Without EndHeartbeatBurdens EP
VulvodyniaA Cosmis BetrayalPraenuntius Infinity
Signs of the SwarmTotemAbsolvere
Alien WeaponryAhi KaTangeroa
MonolordThe WearyYour Time to Shine
A Pale Horse Named DeathBelieve in Something You Are LostInfernum in Terra
Animals as LeadersMonomythMonomyth
DoroI Rule the RuinsWarlock
Rhapsody of FireRain of FuryThe Eighth Mountain
DragonforceFury of the StormSonic Firestorm
ArthemisHere Comes the FuryBack From the Heat
CloudscapeDawn of FuryCloudscape
Jag PanzerStarlight’s FuryCasting the Stones
Fleshgod ApocalypseFuryVeleno
InnerSiegeHeroFury of Ages
Dream TheaterThe Spirit Carries OnScenes From A Memory

PLAYLIST 20210912

Featuring My Top 10 Favorite Songs by Stratovarius

Beast in BlackMidnight Rendezvous
AexyliumThe Spirit of the NorthThe Fifth Season
Fierce AtmospheresFrom AshesThe Speed of Dreams
Omnium GatherumParagon
The Zenith PassageAlgorithmic Salvation
Spirit WorldComancheriaPagan Rhythyms
Vela PulsarA Refuge ImpassableMemoirs of Unbecoming
Rage in My EyesDare to DefySpiral (EP)
RavenousAstral ElixirHubris
Iron MaidenThe Time MachineSenjutsu
Circle II CircleVictim of the NightReign of Darkness
Circle II CircleLiesCircle II Circle
Circle II CircleEchoesDelusions of Grandeur
Circle II CircleWho Am I to Be?Burden of Truth
Circle II CircleBlood of an AngelConsequence of Power
Circle II CircleDiamond BladeSeasons Will Fall
Circle II CircleCynical RideThe Middle of Nowhere
Circle II CircleForeverDelusions of Grandeur
Circle II CircleTake Back YesterdayConsequence of Power
Circle II CircleHeal YouBurden of Truth

PLAYLIST 20210905

Featuring My Top 10 Favorite Songs by Circle II Circle

Beast in BlackMidnight Rendezvous
AexyliumThe Spirit of the NorthThe Fifth Season
Fierce AtmospheresFrom AshesThe Speed of Dreams
Omnium GatherumParagon
The Zenith PassageAlgorithmic Salvation
Spirit WorldComancheriaPagan Rhythyms
Vela PulsarA Refuge ImpassableMemoirs of Unbecoming
Rage in My EyesDare to DefySpiral (EP)
RavenousAstral ElixirHubris
Iron MaidenThe Time MachineSenjutsu
Circle II CircleVictim of the NightReign of Darkness
Circle II CircleLiesCircle II Circle
Circle II CircleEchoesDelusions of Grandeur
Circle II CircleWho Am I to Be?Burden of Truth
Circle II CircleBlood of an AngelConsequence of Power
Circle II CircleDiamond BladeSeasons Will Fall
Circle II CircleCynical RideThe Middle of Nowhere
Circle II CircleForeverDelusions of Grandeur
Circle II CircleTake Back YesterdayConsequence of Power
Circle II CircleHeal YouBurden of Truth

PLAYLIST 20210829

Featuring My Top 10 Favorite Songs by Andromeda

Seven SpiresThe Unforgotten NameGods of Debauchery
Ad InfinitumUnstoppableChapter II – Legacy
BokassaSo Long, IdiotsMolotov Rocktail
Be’LakorHidden WindowCoherence
CarnifexSeven SoulsGraveside Confessions
Every Hour KillsEuclideanVacua
Arsenic AddictionMaleficiumXIX
Summoner’s CircleOf Black HorizonsChaos Vector
Eternal SilenceAncient SpiritTimegate Anathema
Black SabbathTechnical EcstasyTechnical Ecstasy (RM)
AndromedaThis Fragile SurfaceII = I
AndromedaThe Hidden RiddleChimera
AndromedaWorst EnemyThe Immunity Zone
AndromedaIn the EndChimera
AndromedaIn the Deepest of WatersExtension of the Wish
AndromedaChameleon CarnivalExtension of the Wish
AndromedaInner CircleChimera
AndromedaMorphing Into NothingII = I

PLAYLIST 20210822

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Epica)

MysterizerThe Holy War 1095The Holy War 1095
WarkingsDeus Lo VoltRevolution
Iron MaidenStrategoSenjutsu
Anette OlzonFantastic FanaticParasite
OceanhoarseFrom Hell to OblivionDead Reckoning
Lamb of GodFoot to the ThroatSacrament (15th Anniv)
Ex DeoBoudicca (Queen of the Iceni)The 13 Years of Nero
EpicaThe Second StoneThe Quantum Enigma
EpicaKingdom of Heaven (A New Age Dawns Pt 5)Design Your Universe
EpicaCry for the Moon (The Embrace That Smothers Pt 4)The Phantom Agony
EpicaConsign to Oblivion (A New Age Dawns Pt 3)Consign to Oblivion
EpicaDeliriumRequiem for the Indifferent
EpicaEdge of the BladeThe Holographic Principle
EpicaSeal of SolomonOmega
EpicaNever EnoughThe Divine Conspiracy
EpicaKingdom of Heaven Pt 3 (The Antidiluvian Universe)Omega
EpicaVictims of ContingencyThe Quantum Enigma

PLAYLIST 20210815

Dream TheaterThe AlienView from the Top of the World
BTBAMRevolution in LimboColors II
I the NihilistWanderlustWanderlust
CerebellionUmtil I Can BreatheSomething You Can Say (EP)
Full of HellIndustrial Messiah ComplexGarden of Burning Apparitions
Glen AlvelaisDistancePeace in Chaos
Unto OthersDowntownStrength
Kissin DynamiteNot the End of the WorldNot the End of the World
Spirit AdriftWake UpWake Up
Rollin CoffinRunaway
MordredThe Dark ParadeThe Dark Parade
MordredState of MindFool’s Game
MordredI Am CharlieThe Dark Parade
Personality CrisisCreatures for A While
Eternal SilenceAncient SpiritTimegate Anathema
Within TemptationShed My Skin

PLAYLIST 20210808

(incl. Top 5 Mid Length Songs, 6-8 minutes, by Iron Maiden)

Judas PriestRapid FireBritish Steel
EvergreyWatching the SkiesIn Search of Truth
SavatageGutter BalletGutter Ballet
DynaztyA Divine ComedyRenatus
Sonata ArcticaThis Ain’t Your Fairy TaleReckoning Night
Wuthering HeightsSee Tomorrow ShineTo Travel Forevermore
EuropeSign of the TimesOut of This World
AhabThe IsleThe Boats of the Glen Carrig
Shape of DepairMonotony FieldsMonotony Fields
Iron MaidenPhantom of the OperaIron Maiden
Iron MaidenInfinite DreamsSeventh Son of a Seventh Son
Iron MaidenThe JourneymanDance of Death
Iron MaidenTo Tame A LandPiece of Mind
Iron MaidenHallowed be Thy NameThe Number of the Beast
Seventh WonderWaiting in the WingsWaiting in the Wings
Dream TheaterMetropolis, Part 1Images and Words

PLAYLIST 20210801

Axel Rudi PellThere’s Only One Way to RockDiamonds Unlocked II
PainGimme Shelter
Triton DevsThe SunStay Alive
Laurenne LohimoTime to Kill the NightThe Reckoning
VaderBlood of KinguDe Profundis (RM)
CroMagnumBorn FreeBorn Free
The Five HundredOur DemiseA World on Fire
In the WhaleSmoke Break
Coheed and CambriaShoulders
Pistols at DawnVoicesNocturnal Youth
Lee AaronRussian DollRadio On!
PowerwolfSermon of SwordsCall of the Wild
Timo Tolkki’s AvalonThe Fire and the SinnerThe Enigma Birth
NWIWRAP Episode 108

PLAYLIST 20210725

(incl one hour of instrumental metal)

MordredThe Dark ParadeThe Dark Parade
Dee SniderTime to ChooseLeave A Scar
Anette OlzonSick of YouParasite
Reverend JackKeepin Rock AliveA Mile From Home
GodslaveFrom DrivenPositive Aggressive
IngestedThis Disgusting RevalationThe Surreption II
Thrash la ReineAu Chant de l’AlouetteNotre Dame l’Enfer
Param-NesiaAspect of CreationAspect of Creation (EP)
Attack of the RisingOpus XGame Changer
TragedyStayin AliveDisco Balls to the Wall
QuicksandMissile CommandQuicksand
HelloweenDown in the DumpsHelloween
AndromedaChameleon CarnivalExtension of the Wish
Shadow GalleryChasedTyranny
Black SabbathSupertzarSabotage
Circus MaximusBiosfearThe 1st Chapter`
NightwishLast of the WildsDark Passion Play
Pain of SalvationDryad of the WoodsRemedy Lane
Symphony XThe Death of Balance / LacrymosaV
A.C.T.Dance of Mr GumbleLast Epic
Royal HuntThe 5th ElementEye Witness
Dream TheaterEnigma MachineDream Theater
Blue Oyster CultBuck’s BoogieOYFOOYK
Iron MaidenTransylvaniaIron Maiden

PLAYLIST 20210718

Iron MaidenWriting on the WallSenjutsu
PowerwolfCall of the WildCall of the Wild
Immortal GuardianRead Between the LinesPsychosomatic
Lee AaronVampinRadio On!
Reverend JackGreedA Mile from Home
Scattered StormKingslayerOblivion
Bulletproof MessengerRound 2(s)
BulbUnleash the Pwnies ReduxModerately Fast … Adequately Furious
Yngwie MalmsteenParabellum(s)
ShumaunInvincibleMemories and Intuition
Laurenne / LohimoThe ReckoningThe Reckoning
NWIWRAPEpisode 107

PLAYLIST 20210711

(incl Interview with Joe Lawson and Rafael Hernandez of ScreamKing)

StyxReveriesCrash of the Crown
Laurenne / LouhimoBitch FireThe Reckoning
Within TemptationShed My Skin
WizardthroneThe Coalescence of Nine Stars in the System Once Known As Markarian 231Hypercube Necrodimensions
CognitiveTo Feed the WormsMalevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction
EradicatorDriven by IllusionInfluence Denied
DeformatoryMasticated by an Infinite Shadow
Edge of ParadiseMy Method Your Madness
Famous UndergroundThe Dark One of TwoIn My Reflection
Timo Tolkki’s AvalonMaster of HellThe Enigma Birth
HelloweenBest TimeHelloween
Helion PrimePhoto 51Question Everything
ScreamKingThee Indomiitable SpiritThee Indomiitable Spirit
ScreamKingReign of HellfireThee Indomiitable Spirit
ScreamKingCaligulaThee Indomiitable Spirit
ScreamKingTrail of DeathThee Indomiitable Spirit
ScreamKingKunoichiThee Indomiitable Spirit
ForbiddenThrough Eyes of GlassForbidden Evil
Bruce DickinsonTyranny of SoulsTyranny of Souls
KK’s PriestHellfire ThunderboltSermons of the Sinner
OverkillBring Me the NightIronborn

PLAYLIST 20210704

(incl Top 5 Favorite LONG Songs by Iron Maiden – 8 minutes or longer)

Seven SpiresGods of DebaucheryGods of Debauchery
Helion PrimeProfQuestion Everything
DemiAuraAntikytheraThe Ascendant
Anette OlzonParadiseParasite
Lord of the LostThe Gospel of JudasJudas
HexencladThe Raven Returns to the KnollHeathenheart
MutherloadThe VisitorU
Nanowar of SteelIl Signore degli Anelli dello StaItalian Folk Metal
MordredMalignancyThe Dark Parade
The Night Flight OrchestraBurn for MeAeromantic II
Sven GaliYou Won’t Break Me3
Iron MaidenEmpire of the CloudsBook of Souls
Iron MaidenAlexander the GreatSomewhere in Time
Iron MaidenDance of DeathDance of Death
Iron MaidenSeventh Son of a Seventh SonSeventh Son of a Seventh Son
Iron MaidenRime of the Ancient MarinerPowerslave

PLAYLIST 20210620

(incl Father’s Day playlist)

PowerwolfDancing With the DeadCall of the Wild
Flotsam and JetsamReaggressionBlood in the Water
HelloweenBest TimeHelloween
ScreamKingReign of HellfireThee Indominable Spirit
Alien WeaponryTangaroaTangaroa
VolaStone Leader Falling DownWitness
StormHere I Am
PainParty in My Head
Hammer KingBaptized by the HammerHammer King
Timo Tollki’s AvalonWithout FearThe Enigma Birth
ThunderstoneLike Father, Like Son
Astral DoorsOf the Son and the Father
Gamma RayFather and Son
Black SabbathSins of the Father
King’s XFathers
DreamtaleTime of Fatherhood
Sonata ArcticaWhat Did You Do In the War, Dad?
AmorphisTo Father’s Cabin
StyxFather OSA
QueenFather to Son

PLAYLIST 20210613

(incl Interview with Jeremy Ray of InnerSiege)

HelloweenFear of the FallenHelloween
Demon IncarnateThe Liar’s TongueLeaves of Zaquum
Subway to SallyIXEicsheilge Nacht – Back to Lindenpark
AlustriumThis Hollow AcheA Monument to Slience
Fear FactoryRecodeAggression Continuum
Flotsam and JetsamBlood in the WaterBlood in the Water
Silver Lake by Esa HolopainenPromising SunSilver Lake by Esa Holopainen
Wolves in the Throne RoomMountain MagickPrimodial Arcana
MaudiirThe SlumberLa Part du Diable
Black SabbathMegalomaniaSabotage (RM)
InterviewJeremy Ray / InnerSiege
InnerSiegeEchoes Into EternityFury of Ages
InnerSiegePower.Metal.GloryFury of Ages
AcceptNot My ProblemToo Mean to Die
Judas PriestRising From RuinsFirepower

PLAYLIST 20210606

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Masterplan)

Hammer KingAtlantisHammer King
WizardthroneForbidden Equations Deep Within the Epimethean WastelandHypercube Necrodimensions
Triton DevsSummer DayStay Alive
Nothing SacredCold BlackNo Gods
Light the TorchLet Me Fall ApartYou Will Be the Death of Me
DistantRitual III: Vermilion RiversAeons of Oblivion
CryptaStarvationEchoes of the Soul
Go Ahead and DieTruckload of Bodies
VoltageHeadOne More ReasonUnbroken
Timo Tolkki’s AvalonThe Fire and the SinnerThe Enigma Birth
Neal Morse BandThe CallThe Grand Experiment
MasterplanLonely Winds of WarTime to Be King
MasterplanReturn From AvalonNovum Initium
MasterplanSpirit Never DieMasterplan
MasterplanFar From the End of the WorldTime to Be King
MasterplanBlack in the BurnAeronautics
MasterplanKeeps Me BurningMKII
MasterplanSail OnMasterplan
MasterplanCrimson RiderAeronautics
MasterplanFalling SparrowAeronautics

PLAYLIST 20210530

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Signum Regis)

Van CantoRaise Your HornsTo the Power of Eight
Burning WitchesThe Witch of the NorthThe Witch of the North
Flotsam and JetsamBrace for ImpactBlood in the Water
The Night Flight OrchestraWhite JeansAeromantic II
SorizonThanatos RisingThanatos Rising
Mental CrueltyUltima HypocritaA Hill to Die Upon
StormrulerReign of the Winged DukeUnder the Burning Eclipse
ArtachInto the Frozen WoodsSworn to Avenge
Param-NesiaHomeAspect of Creation
SunbombNo TomorrowsEvil and Divine
Signum RegisThe Ten PlaguesExodus
Signum RegisAll Over the WorldSignum Regis
Signum RegisGiven Up for LostFlag of Hope (EP)
Signum RegisThe Voice in the WildernessChapter IV: The Reckoning
Signum RegisUnfold the MysteryDecenniumn Primum
Signum RegisA MemoryThe Seal of a New World
Signum RegisThe Secret of the SeaChapter IV: The Reckoning
Signum RegisCome and Take ItThrough the Storm (EP)
Signum RegisThe Future KingDecenniumn Primum
Signum RegisLiving WellThrough the Storm (EP)

PLAYLIST 20210523

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Poverty’s No Crime, and Interview with Matt from Bewitcher)

Poverty’s No CrimeOpen Your EyesSave My Soul4:51
Poverty’s No CrimeEvery Kind of LifeThe Chemical Chaos6:15
Poverty’s No CrimeMy Favorite DelusionSymbiosis6:20
Poverty’s No CrimeSpiral of FearSpiral of Fear6:43
Poverty’s No CrimeGrey to GreenA Secret to Hide8:46
Poverty’s No CrimeThe Longest DaySpiral of Fear6:49
Poverty’s No CrimeWalk Into NowhereThe Chemical Chaos6:33
Poverty’s No CrimePoint of ViewOne in a Million4:00
Poverty’s No CrimeFlesh and BoneA Secret to Hide7:08
Poverty’s No CrimeRain of GodsThe Autumn Years6:20
INTERVIEWMatt from Bewitcher
BewitcherElectric PhantomsCursed Be Thy Kingdom
BewitcherSatanic Magick AttackCursed Be Thy Kingdom
HelloweenFear of the FallenHelloween5:38
PowerwolfBeast of GevaudanCall of the Wild3:31
AlestormDrinkLive in Tilburg3:28
GWARI’ll Be Your MonsterThe Disc With No Name3:14
Mental CrueltyUltima HypocritaA Hill to Die Upon4:31
StormrulerReign of the Winged DukeUnder the Burning Eclipse4:23
ArtachInto the Frozen WoodsSworn to Avenge4:49
Param-NesiaHomeAspect of Creation5:47

PLAYLIST 20210509

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Bruce Dickinson)

Timo Tolkki’s AvalonMaster of HellThe Enigma Birth
Poverty’s No CrimeFlesh and BoneA Secret to Hide
Orden OganIn the Dawn of the AIFinal Days
Empty ThroneThat Day Has ComeGlossolalia
PantheonLeft My MarkAge of Wolves
Hildr ValkyrieWe Are HeathensRevealing the Heathen Sun
SunbombBetter EndEvil and Divine
Scar of the SunInertiaInertia
Bruce DickinsonShoot All the ClownsBalls to Picasso
Bruce DickinsonTattooed MillionaireTattooed Millionaire
Bruce DickinsonKill Devil HillTyranny of Souls
Bruce DickinsonFreakAccident of Birth
Bruce DickinsonBook of ThelThe Chemical Wedding
Bruce DickinsonJerusalemThe Chemical Wedding
Bruce DickinsonInnerspaceSkunkworks
Bruce DickinsonNavigate the Seas of the SunTyranny of Souls
Bruce DickinsonRoad to Hell.Accident of Birth
Bruce DickinsonTears of the DragonBalls to Picasso

PLAYLIST 20210425

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Queen)

Signum RegisGiven Up For LostFlag of Hope
Orden OganLet the Fire ReignFinal Days
InnerSiegeFireWindFury of Ages
Sweet OblivionStrong PressureRelentless
EvileGoreHell Unleashed
TetrarchYou Never ListenUnstable
Empty ThroneAnd All Shall Know His NameGlossolalia
Marty FriedmanEchoTokyo Jukebox 3
Sonata ArcticaThe HarvestUnia
SerenityTo Stone She TurnedFallen Sanctuary
Symphony XWithout YouUnderworld
QueenFat Bottomed GirlsJazz
QueenHammer to FallThe Works
QueenThe March of the Black QueenQueen II
QueenKeep Yourself AliveQueen
QueenBreakthruThe Miracle
QueenRide the Wild WindInnuendo
QueenYou’re My Best FriendA Night At the Opera
QueenRadio GagaThe Works
QueenI Want It AllThe Miracle
QueenDon’t Stop Me NowJazz

PLAYLIST 20210418

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Thunderstone)

A.C.T.Checked OutHeatwave (EP)
Poverty’s No CrimeHollow PhrasesA Secret to Hide
Alta ReignNever Say NeverMother’s Day
Bodom After MidnightWhere Dead Angels LiePaint the Sky With Blood
GraveRipperAtom’s DivideRadiated Remains
To the GraveHolocaustraliaEpilogue
MotorheadOver the TopLouder Than Loud Live in Berlin 2012
Light the TorchWilting in the LightYou Will Be the Death of Me
Sons of ApolloGoodbye DivinityMMXX
KingcrowThe MothEidos
ThunderstoneForevermoreEvolution 4.0
ThunderstoneDirt MetalDirt Metal
ThunderstoneBarren LandApocalypse Again
ThunderstoneTool of the DevilTools of Destruction
ThunderstoneEyes of a StrangerThunderstone
ThunderstoneLand of InnocenceTools of Destruction
ThunderstoneThe PathApocalypse Again
ThunderstoneWithout WingsTools of Destruction
ThunderstoneEvil WithinThe Burning

PLAYLIST 20210411

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by The Moody Blues)

ThunderstoneThe SourceEvolution 4.0
AndromedaInner CircleChimera
Pain of SalvationHomeOne Hour By the Concrete Lake
August Burns RedIcarusGuardian Sessions (EP)
BewitcherValley of the RavensCursed Be Thy Kingdom
While She SleepsSleeps SocietySleeps Society
To the GraveThe Ghost of YouEpilogue
The Vintage CaravanWhispersMonuments
Memento MoriThe Caravan of SoulsRhymes of Lunacy
Solitude AeturnusDestiny Falls to RuinInto the Depths of Sorrow
Black SabbathHole in the SkySabotage
The Moody BluesSend Me No WineOn the Threshold of a Dream
The Moody BluesYour Wildest DreamsThe Other Side of Life
The Moody BluesI Know You’re Out There SomewhereSur La Mer
The Moody BluesThe AfternoonDays of Future Passed
The Moody BluesNew HorizonsSeventh Sojourn
The Moody BluesQuestionA Question of Balance
The Moody BluesI’m Just A SingerSeventh Sojourn
The Moody BluesThe NightDays of Future Passed
The Moody BluesThe VoiceLong Distance Voyager
The Moody BluesThe Story in Your EyesEvery Good Boy Deserves Favor

PLAYLIST 20210404

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Judas Priest)

Seventh WonderKing of WhitewaterThe Great Escape
EdguyMatrixRocket Ride
Alta ReignWitnessMother’s Day
Carnal SavageryDead Rotten MeatFiendish
Texas TalibanTu Rey MuertoRuns on Hate
MatriarcsHollowYear of the Rat
KarbholzNiemals FallenKontra
Orden OganAbsolution for Our Final DaysFinal Days
The QuillThe ZoneEarthrise
MoonspellThe Hermit SaintsHermitage
AcceptNot My ProblemToo Mean to Die
Judas PriestDelivering the GoodsHell Bent for Leather
Judas PriestIsland of DominationSad Wings of Destiny
Judas PriestRapid FireBritish Steel
Judas PriestDesert PlainsPoint of Entry
Judas PriestBlood Red SkiesRam It Down
Judas PriestTouch of EvilPainkiller
Judas PriestPersecutionNostradamus
Judas PriestSinnerSin After Sin
Judas PriestRiding on the WindScreaming for Vengeance
Judas PriestThe SentinelDefenders of the Faith

PLAYLIST 20210328

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Devin Townsend – Band, Project, solo)

Alta ReignImmortalMother’s Day
MSGSail the DarknessImmortal
Sacred OathInto the DrinkReturn of the Dragon
Johan Kihlberg’s ImperaWhen Souls CollideSpirit of Alchemy
Marty FriedmanKaze Ga FuiteiruTokyo Jukebox 3
Silver Lake by Esa HolopainenStormSilver Lake by Esa Holopainen
EvergreyA Dandelion CipherEscape of the Phoenix
EpicaSeal of SolomonOmega
EuropeSuperstitiousOut of This World
Devin Townsend ProjectStormbendingTranscendance
Devin TownsendBad DevilInfinity
Devin Townsend BandTriumphSynchestra
Devin Townsend ProjectOffer Your LightTranscendance
Devin Townsend BandSlow Me DownAccelerated Evolution
Devin Townsend ProjectBefore We DieZ2 / Sky Blue
Devin Townsend ProjectKingdomEpicloud
Devin Townsend ProjectFalloutZ2 / Sky Blue
Devin TownsendLifeOcean Machine
Devin Townsend ProjectHyperdrive!Addicted

PLAYLIST 20210321

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Dark Moor)

Images of EdenFight the Good FightAngel Born
Smith KotzenRunningSmith Kotzen
Judas PriestRapid FireBritish Steel
RainbowSince You’ve Been GoneDown to Earth
GreenleafLove UndoneEchoes From A Mass
The QuillDwarf PlanetEarthrise
Black SabbathWicked WorldBlack Sabbath
Count RavenHigh on InfinityHigh on Infinity
MemoriamFailure to ComplyTo the End
Worm ShepherdWretchedness Upon the GatesIn the Wake Ov Soul
SanguisugaboggMenstrual EnvyTortured Whole
Mother of GravesDeliveranceIn Somber Dreams
Dark MoorThe Bane of Daninsky, The WerewolfDark Moor
Dark MoorHoudini’s Great EscapadeBeyond the Sea
Dark MoorCrossing Through Your HeartOrigins
Dark MoorMaid of OrleansThe Hall of Olden Dreams
Dark MoorAh! Wretched MeAncestral Romance
Dark MoorWheel of FortuneTarot
Dark MoorA Music in My SoulAncestral Romance
Dark MoorBeyond the StarsProject X
Dark MoorSilver KeyBeyond the Sea
Dark MoorThe Road AgainArs Musica

PLAYLIST 20210314

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Queensryche)

Within TemptationThe Purge
SaxonPaperback WriterInspirations
TrollfestHappy HeroesHappy Heroes
Orden OganInterstellarFinal Days
DragonyDarkness WithinViribis Unitis
HoundHead Under WaterI Know My Enemies
Rob ZombieThe Eternal Struggles of the Howling ManThe Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Consipracy
The QuillKeep on MovingEarthrise
ConanHawk as WeaponLive at Freak Valley
WitherfallThe Other Side of FearCurse of Autu,m
Sacred OathReturn of the DragonReturn of the Dragon
DioWe Rock (Live)Holy Diver: Live
QueensrycheEn ForceThe Warning
QueensrycheOne More TimePromised Land
QueensrycheSurgical StrikeRage for Order
QueensrycheWalk in the ShadowsRage for Order
QueensrycheMain the MachineThe Verdict
QueensrycheBest I CanEmpire
QueensrycheRoads to MadnessThe Warning
QueensrycheSilent LucidityEmpire
QueensrycheI Don’t Believe in LoveOperation: Mindcrime
QueensrycheEyes of a StrangerOperation: Mindcrime

PLAYLIST 20210307

Orden OganHeart of the AndroidFinal Days
QueensrycheDark ReverieThe Verdict
Dream TheaterViper KingDistance Over Time
Sonata ArcticaCloud FactoryPariah’s Child
EyehategodFake What’s YoursA History of Nomadic
Mariana’s RestSouth of VostokFata Morgana
TestamentFall of SipledomeThe Gathering
EnforcedCurtain FireKill Grid
PyramazeWorld ForegoneEpitaph
AvantasiaSavior in the ClockworkThe Mystery of Time
Night RangerThis Boy Needs to Rock7 Wishes
Ozzy OsbournePerry MasonOzzmosis
King’s XThinking and WonderingEar Candy
StratovariusHunting High and LowInfinite
Devin Townsend ProjectTransdermal CelebrationTranscendance
KamelotLove You to DeathGhost Opera
ElvenkingRouse Your DreamThe Winter Wake
Judas PriestRevelationsNostradamus
EvergreyThe BeholderEscape of the Phoenix
Seventh WonderBy the Light of the Funeral PyresTiara
Wang ChungTall Trees in a Blue SkyThe Warmer Side of Cool

PLAYLIST 20210228

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Anathema)

Immortal GuardianLockdownPsychosomatic
Marty FriedmanThe Perfect WorldTokyo Lockdown 3
Sacred OathCthulu WakesReturn of the Dragon
Smith / KotzenTaking My Chances
SkoldGoodbyeDies Irae
ArchitectsMeteorFor Those That Wish to Exist
WolfheartSkull SoldiersSkull Soldiers
PhilmSteamrollerTime Burner
AnathemaAnyone, AnywhereJudgement
AnathemaThin AirWe’re Here Because We’re Here
AnathemaPanicA Fine Day to Exit
AnathemaThe Lost Song, Pt 1 / 2Distant Satellites
AnathemaFragile DreamsAlternative 4
AnathemaA Dying WishThe Silent Enigma
AnathemaArielDistant Satellites
AnathemaEmptyAlternative 4
AnathemaUntouchable Pt 1 / 2Weather Systems

PLAYLIST 20210221

(incl Top 5 Favorite Songs by Mournful Congregation)

Mournful CongregationWhite Cold Wrath Burnt Frozen BloodThe June Frost
Mournful CongregationMother-Water, the Great Sea WeptThe Monad of Creation
Mournful CongregationOpal of the Stream Beneath the HillsTears From a Greiving Heart
KorpseGenocidal BloodbathInsufferable Violence
Mournful CongregationThe Book of KingsThe Book of Kings
Mournful CongregationScripture of Exaltation and PunishmentThe Incubus of Karma

PLAYLIST 20210214

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Little River Band … Hey, it’s MOSTLY Metal)

Black SabbathSupernautVol 4 (Remastered)
Judas PriestChildren of the SunFirepower
Led ZeppelinRamble OnII
Ricky WarwickWhen Life Was Hard and FastWhen Life Was Hard and Fast
NevermoreDead Heart, In a Dead WorldDead Heart, In a Dead World
At VanceHeart of SteelHeart of Steel
DioStraight Through the HeartHoly Diver
SkycladCancer of the HeartVintage Whine
Silent ForceHeart AttackWorlds Apart
Blue MurderBlack Hearted WomanBlue Murder
DynaztyHeartless MadnessThe Dark Delight
Little River BandIt’s Cold Out TonightMonsoon
Little River BandSanity’s SideSleeper Catcher
Little River BandThin IceNo Reigns
Little River BandTake It Easy On MeTime Exposure
Little River BandHelp Is On the WayDiamantina Cocktail
Little River BandIt’s A Long Way ThereLittle River Band
Little River BandThe RumorFirst Under the Wire
Little River BandI Dream AloneGet Lucky
Little River BandThe Night OwlsTime Exposure
Little River BandCool ChangeFirst Under the Wire

PLAYLIST 20210207

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Van Halen)

EvergreyWhere August MournEscape of the Phoenix
MoonspellCommon PrayersHermitage
EpicaFreedom – The Wolves WithinOmega
God Is An AstronautFadeGhost Tapes #10
Mother of GravesThe UrnIn Somber Dreams
Humanity’s Last BreathGluttonValde
DarkwaterAlive Pt IIHuman
MyrathMerciless TimesTales of the Sands
QueensrycheEn ForceThe Warning
Iron MaidenPurgatoryKillers
REO Speedwagon157 Riverside Avenue (live)You Get What You Play For
Van HalenOutta SpaceA Different Kind of Truth
Van HalenThe Full BugDiver Down
Van HalenDreams5150
Van HalenHot for Teacher1984
Van HalenTake Your Whiskey HomeWomen and Children First
Van HalenRight NowFor Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
Van Halen51505150
Van HalenSomebody Get Me A DoctorVan Halen II
Van HalenMean StreetFair Warning
Van HalenI’m the OneVan Halen

PLAYLIST 20210131

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Ronnie James Dio)

MSGDon’t Die On Me NowImmortal
SireniaWe Come to RuinsRiddles, Ruins, and Revelations
Immortal GuardianRead Between the LinesPsychosomatic
Bloody HammersNot of This EarthSongs of Unspeakable Terror
TherionEye of AlgolLeviathan
ThresholdStars and SatellitesLegend of the Shires
SaxonStrong Arm of the LawStrong Arm of the Law
KissYou Wanted the BestPsycho Circus
Iron MaidenGhost of the NavigatorBrave New World
StratovariusEagleheartElements Pt 1
Blue Oyster CultBuck’s BoogieOYFOOYK
DioHere’s To YouStrange Highways
DioWalk On WaterLock Up the Wolves
DioFaces in the WindowDream Evil
DioOne More for the RoadMaster of the Moon
DioSunset SupermanDream Evil
DioEvil EyesThe Last in Line
DioDon’t Talk to StrangersHoly Diver
DioJust Another DaySacred Heart
DioRainbow in the DarkHoly Diver
DioThe Last in LineThe Last in Line

PLAYLIST 20210124

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Billy Joel)

Within TemptationThe Purge
DragonyLegends Never DieViribis Unitis
Fates WarningThe Destination OnwardLong Day Good Night
RezetPopulate.Delete.RepeatTruth in Between
MalamorteGod Needs EvilGod Needs Evil
Them Damn KingsYesterday
AcceptZombie ApocalypseToo Mean to Die
ThunderstoneWithout WingsTools of Destruction
Nocturnal RitesWelcome to the EndPhoenix
RushNatural SciencePermanent Waves
Dream TheaterStream of ConsciousnessTrain of Thought
Billy JoelThe River of DreamsRiver of Dreams
Billy JoelHalf A Mile Away52nd Street
Billy JoelFalling of the RainCold Spring Harbor
Billy JoelThe Downeaster ‘Alexa’Storm Front
Billy JoelThe Ballad of Billy the KidPiano Man
Billy JoelScenes From an Italian RestaurantThe Stranger
Billy JoelMiami 2017 (I’ve Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway)Turnstiles
Billy JoelPiano ManPiano Man
Billy JoelThe EntertainerStreetlife Serenade
Billy JoelSummer, Highland FallsTurnstiles

PLAYLIST 20210117

(incl Top 10 Favorite Songs by Circus Maximus)

SaxonSpeed King
The Dead DaisiesHoly Ground (Shake the Memory)Holy Ground
Ronnie James DioLord of the Last Day (Live)Evil or Divine: Live in NYC
Black SabbathMob Rules (Live)Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules Deluxe
TherionNoctural LightLeviathan
EktomorfAnd the Dead Will WalkReborn
NervosaUntil the Very EndPerpetual Chaos
Circus MaximusUltimate SacrificeIsolate
Circus MaximusRememberHavoc
Circus MaximusThe ProphecyThe 1st Chapter
Circus MaximusLoved OnesHavoc
Circus MaximusBurn After ReadingNine
Circus MaximusArrival of LoveIsolate
Circus MaximusLast GoodbyeNine
Circus MaximusGlory of the EmpireThe 1st Chapter
Circus MaximusAbyssIsolate
Circus MaximusAliveThe 1st Chapter

PLAYLIST 20210110

DragonyMagicViribis Unitis
EpicaFreedom – The Wolves WithinOmega
AcceptTo Mean to DieToo Mean to Die
SireniaAddiction No 1Riddles, Ruins, and Revelations
Frozen SoulEncased in IceCrypt of Ice
AsphyxKnight Templar StandNecroceros
EinherjerStarsNorth Star
Humanity’s Last BreathGluttonValde
Chmcl Str8jcktTexasChmcl Str8jckt
Bloody HammersThe Brain That Wouldn’t DieSongs of Unspeakable Terror
SupertrampAnother Man’s WomanCrisis? What Crisis?
SupertrampAn Awful Thing to WasteFree as a Bird
SupertrampChild of VisionBreakfast in America
SupertrampIt’s AlrightFree as a Bird
SupertrampSchoolCrime of the Century
SupertrampGive A Little BitEven in the Quietest Moments
SupertrampGoodbye StrangerBreakfast in America
SupertrampCannonballBrother Where You Bound
SupertrampTake the Long Way HomeBreakfast in America
SupertrampSister MoonshineCrisis? What Crisis?

PLAYLIST 20210103

SerenityQueen of Avalon
Diabulus in MusicaOne Step Higher
Ad InfinitumI Am the Storm
WarkingsBattle of Marathon
Primal FearMy Name is Fear
Archon AngelRise
Beyond the BlackParalyzed
DelainMasters of Destiny
Fates WarningGlass Houses
HakenMessiah Complex II A Glutton for Punishment
AyreonDumb Piece of Rock
Pain of SalvationKeen to a Fault
Sons of ApolloAsphyxiation
TemperanceScent of Dye
Dark SarahMork
Unleash the ArchersLegacy
Seven SpiresSuccumb