Mostly Metal 2023

PLAYLIST, 20230104

Dio//Dream Evil//Dream Evil
Savatage//Gutter Ballet//Gutter Ballet
Iron Maiden//The Number of the Beast//The Number of the Beast
Dream Theater//Fatal Tragedy//Scenes From A Memory
Myrath//Merciless Times//Tales of the Sands
Severed Angel//Run and Hide//(s)
Absolon//Breathe Again//A Portrait of Sadness
Isole//The Songs of the Whales//Anesidora
Termination Force//Netherworld//Netherworld (EP)
Scars of Atrophy//Smoke Screen//Nations Divide
Arched Fire//Trigger//(s)
Reanimator//Wretched Affliction//Commotion
They Grieve//If Light Should Appear//To Which I Bore Witness
Upon Your Grave//Supremacy//Gold & Decay (EP)
Carnified//Our Own Blood//Carnage for the Gods
Invertia//A Fragment of Father Time//Through the Black Bubble
Steelwings//Stand Up and Fight//Still Rising
Hartlight//Into the Realm of the Elves//From Midland and Beyond (EP)
Induction//I Am Alive//Born From Fire
MindAhead//The Last Tide//6119 – Part 1