Mostly Metal 2023

Heads up on ordering of playlists: at the start of the year, I kept adding new playlists below the previous one, but then realized that was stupid: the newest playlist should go on top. So January – March are in chronological order and will move farther and farther down the page, but as of Apr 05, 2023, the latest playlist will be at the top, then moving backwards from there.

PLAYLIST, 20230517

Of Romulus//Of Romulus//
Unearth//Dawn of the Militant//The Wretches The Ruinous
Frozen Soul//Arsenal of War//Glacial Domination
Thulcandra//Acheronian Cult//Hail the Abyss
Disilisuve Play//Life Scars//
Vintersea//Crescent Eclipse//Woven to Ashes
Juliet Ruin//Give Me the Crown//(s)
Metallica//Room of Mirrors//72 Seasons
DarkFlow//Final Act//Insane Circus
Prophecy//Twisted Reality//Twisted Reality
Pronostic//Drained by Remorse//
LA Project//Come Alive//(s)
Last Breed//Whiskey Train//(s)
Roadwolf//Midnight Lightning//Midnight Lightning
Lee Small//Silhouettes//The Last Man on Earth
Titan Blood//Titan Blood//The Call of the Wild
The Dark Side of the Moon//The Gates of Time//Metamorphosis
Ignea//Nomad’s Luck//Dreams of Land Unseen
Xandria//Reborn//The Wonders Still Awaiting
Malacoda//Our Special Place//(s)
Phaeton//Magma Chamber//Between Two Worlds
Nomadic Narwhal//Whale Fall//Fathoms

PLAYLIST, 20230510

The Dark Side of the Moon//Misty Mountain (w/ Tom Englund)//Metamorphosis
Voyager//Prince of Fire//Fearless in Love
Sovereign Council//Aberration//World on Fire
Elegant Weapons//Do or Die//Horns for a Halo
Enforcer//Coming Alive//Nostalgia
Spirit Adrift//Death Won’t Stop Me//Ghost at the Gallows
Crimson River//Armada//Here’s to the End … Again
SF Incorporated//Nightmare//First Penetration
Savage Existence//Steady Blows to the Head//Savage Existence
DevilDriver//If Blood is Life//Dealing With Demons ||
Diggeth//Lights Go Dim//Zero Hour in Doomtown
Age of Fire//Mary Celeste//Through the Tempest
Chrome Waves//The Long Rope//Earth Will Shed Its Skin
Curse of Cain//Embrace Your Darkness//Curse of Cain
Sixty Watt Shaman//This World//
Deathstars//Everything Destroys You//Everything Destroys You
Starspawn of Cthulu//The Last Raft//The Cursed Vision
DareWolf//Savage Poetry//Darewolf
Titan Blood//Call of the Wild//The Call of the Wild
Ashrain//The End of Sorrow//Requiem Reloaded

PLAYLIST, 20230503

Kamelot//Moonlight//The Black Halo
Kamelot//My Confessions//Silverthorn
Kamelot//Under Grey Skies//Haven
Eterea//The Last Dragon//Legend
Burning Witches//The Dark Tower//The Dark Tower
Kamelot//A Sailorman’s Hymn//The Fourth Legacy
Kamelot//Soul Society//The Black Halo
Unearth//Into the Abyss//The Wretched The Ruinous
Drain//Living Proof//Living Proof
Die Humane//King of Nothing//The Grotesque
Mortal Blood//Unholy Feast//Unholy Feast
Kamelot//Lost & Damned//Epica
Kamelot//Vespertine (My Crimson Bride)//The Shadow Theory
Kamelot//Love You To Death//Ghost Opera
Chris Caffery//May Day//(s)
Whitesnake//Can You Hear the Wind Blow (23rm)//Still Good to be Bad
Triumph//Headed for Nowhere//Surveillance
Molly Hatchet//Gator Country//Molly Hatchet
Blue Oyster Cult//Cities on Flame With Rock and Roll//Blue Oyster Cult
Kamelot//Center of the Universe//Epica
Yes//Sweet Dreams//Time and a Word

PLAYLIST, 20230426

Ashrain//We Fight to Win//Requiem Reloaded
Ignea//Dunes//Dreams of Lands Unseen
Angus McSiz//Eternal Warrior//Angus McSix and the Sword of Power
Titan Blood//Call of the Wild//The Call of the Wild
Seventh Wonder//Waiting in the Wings//Waiting in the Wings
Circus Maximus//Ultimate Sacrifice//Isolate
Overkill//Wicked Place//Scorched
Raven//Go for the Gold//All Hell’s Breaking Loose
In Flames//The Great Deceiver//Foregone
Scar Symmetry//Scorched Quadrant//The Singularity (Phase II – Xenotaph)
Superhorror//The Superhorrorshow//Devilish Whisper
Astral Sleep//The Legacies//We Are Already Living in the End of Times
Veriti Ritus//Jak wyglada nic>//Defixiones
Nocturnal Rites//Shadowland//Shadowland
Signum Regis//A Voice in the Wilderness//Chapter IV: The Reckoning
Dynazty//Untamer of Your Soul//Titanic Mass
Dio//Walk on Water//Lock Up the Wolves
Gunshine//Swing Away//Checkmate
Lawrence Wallace//Life Force//Life Force
John Demena//Dreams and Lies//Dreams and Lies

PLAYLIST, 20230419

Testament//Code of Hammurabi//Titans of Creation
Megadeth//We’ll Be Back//The Sick, The Dying … and the Dead!
Metallica//Too Far Gone//72 Seasons
Kansas//The Song the River Sang//The Absence of Presence
Saga//Social Orphan//Heads or Tales
Rush//Middletown Dreams//Power Windows
ACT//Ruler of the World//Rebirth
Ceremony of Darkness//Greasy//The Lesser Key
All Hallow’s Night//The Promise of the Night//Coven
Xanxia//Satya Yuga//Maha Kalpa
Coachlight//Ex Vivo//
The Under//Soaring//The Fathom
Darewolf//Savage Poetry//Darewolf
Mezzrow//What is Dead May Never Die//Summon Thy Demons
Insomnium//Godforsaken//Anno 1696
Ocular Trauma//Shattered Remedy//
Engineered Society Project//Digital Soldiers//My TV
Hand of Juno//Right Now//
Liv Kristine//Love Me High//River of Diamonds

PLAYLIST, 20230412

Redemption//Remember the Dawn//I Am the Storm
Dio//One More for the Road//Master of the Moon
Helloween//Power//The Time of the Oath
Hamara//Under the Sun//
Greybeard//Hall of the Gods//Dark Age
Neolia//Carried Away//Neolia
Elegant Weapons//Do or Die//Horns for a Halo
Ashrain//I Still Burn//Requeim Reloaded
Enslaved//Forest Dweller//Heimdal
Megadeth//Dance in the Rain//Super Collider
Ne Obliviscaris//Equus//Exul
Mariana’s Rest//Diseased//Auer
Odinfist//Masquerade//Remade in Steel
Overkill//Wicked Place//Scorched
Sovereign Council//Aberration//World on Fire
Speedfreak//Doomsday Devices//Fast Lane Living
Exploring Birdsong//Bear the Weight//Dancing in the Face of Danger
Dream Theater//Bridges in the Sky//A Dramatic Turn of Events

PLAYLIST, 20230405

Sunbeam Overdrive//Diama//Diama
Jupiter Hollow//Distant Shadow//
Kamelot//Eventide//The Awakening
Elusion//… In Love and WarThe Fundamental Paradox
Entering Polaris//Forever//
Ratbreed//Under Fire//
Beltfed Weapon//Darkened Demise//
Tailgunner//Shadows of War//Crashdive
Visions of Atlantis//Legion of the Seas//Pirates Over Wacken
Babymetal//Divine Attack – Shingeki//The Other One
Eleine//We Are Legion//We Shall Remain
Sanguine Glacialis//Welcome//
Powerwolf//No Prayer At Midnight//Interludium
Paul Gilbert//Man on the Silver Mountain//The Dio Album
Metallica//72 Seasons//
Jag Panzer//Onward We Toil//The Hallowed
Lordi//Lucyfer Prime Evil//Screem Writers Guild
Thomas Lassar//Whatever I Do//From Now On
Nanowar of Steel//The Power of Imodium//Dislike to False Metal
Flying Caravan//Get Real//I Just Wanna Break Even
Nomadic Narwhal//Fathoms//Fathoms

PLAYLIST, 20230104

Dio//Dream Evil//Dream Evil
Savatage//Gutter Ballet//Gutter Ballet
Iron Maiden//The Number of the Beast//The Number of the Beast
Dream Theater//Fatal Tragedy//Scenes From A Memory
Myrath//Merciless Times//Tales of the Sands
Severed Angel//Run and Hide//(s)
Absolon//Breathe Again//A Portrait of Sadness
Isole//The Songs of the Whales//Anesidora
Termination Force//Netherworld//Netherworld (EP)
Scars of Atrophy//Smoke Screen//Nations Divide
Arched Fire//Trigger//(s)
Reanimator//Wretched Affliction//Commotion
They Grieve//If Light Should Appear//To Which I Bore Witness
Upon Your Grave//Supremacy//Gold & Decay (EP)
Carnified//Our Own Blood//Carnage for the Gods
Invertia//A Fragment of Father Time//Through the Black Bubble
Steelwings//Stand Up and Fight//Still Rising
Hartlight//Into the Realm of the Elves//From Midland and Beyond (EP)
Induction//I Am Alive//Born From Fire
MindAhead//The Last Tide//6119 – Part 1

PLAYLIST, 20230111

Twilight Force//Dragonborn//At the Heart of Wintervale
Beyond the Black//Free Me//Beyond the Black
Severed Angel//Run and Hyde//(s)
Twisted Mind//Burning Grounds//From Slave to Prophet
Lord of the Lost//No Respect for Disrespect//Blood & Glitter
Arched Fire//Trigger//
Tension Rising//Conquest//The Last Judgement
Absolon//Breathe Again//A Portrait of Madness
Forever Broken//Reaper//Forever Broken
Grave Next Door//Bloody Nuns//Sanctified Heathen
Warp//Dirigibles//Bound by Gravity
WytchCrypt//Poseidon//Peste de la Mer
LA Project//Carry On//(s)
Authentic Dissent//Rise Again//(s)
Screamer//The Traveler//Kingmaker
Steelwings//Rocket//Still Rising
Reanimator//Burnt By the Witch//Commotion
Greybeard//Light from 1,000 Suns//Dark Age
Varmia//Oddal//Prolog (EP)
Docker’s Guild//Machine Messiah//The Mystic Technocracy S2…
Nomadic Narwhal//Challenger//Fathoms
Serenity//Legacy of Tudors//Memoria

PLAYLIST, 20230118

Evergrey//Hymns For the Broken//Hymns For the Broken
Evergrey//Nothing Is Erased//Torn
Evergrey//Heartless//The Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)
Evergrey//Words Mean Nothing//SDT
Absolon//The Men in Black Robes//A Portrait of Madness
Edguy//Under the Moon//Hellfire Club
Evergrey//Where August Mourns//Escape of the Phoenix
Evergrey//Recreation Day//Recreation Day
Incursion//The Sentinel//Blinding Force
Leatherwolf//Kill the Hunted//Kill the Hunted
Katatonia//Birds//Sky Void of Stars
Memento Mori//To Travel Within//Life, Death, and Other Morbid Tales
Evergrey//Weightless//The Atlantic
Evergrey//The Great Deceiver//Recreation Day
Disinter//Breaker of Bones//Breaker of Bones
A Pretext to Human Suffering//Void//
Deviser//Sky Burial//Evil Summons Evil
Sanguisugabogg//Necrosexual Deviant//Homicidal Ecstacy
Brian Tarquin//Kiss My Axe//Brian Tarquin & Friends & Brothers in Arms
Evergrey//The Encounter//ISOT
Evergrey//The Storm Within//The Storm Within
Ripper//Die While We’re Alive//Return to Death Row

PLAYLIST, 20230125

Mob Rules//Coast to Coast//Savage Land
Mob Rules//Outer Space//Temple of the Two Suns
Stormbreaker//Throne//Vengeance (EP)
Metallica//Screaming Suicide//
Mob Rules//Astral Hand//Radical Peace
Mob Rules//Arabia//Among the Gods
Mob Rules//On the Edge//Tales From Beyond
Mob Rules//Ghost of a ChanceBeast Reborn
The Unslain//(In) Hell I Am//Descending
Steve Vai//She Saved My Life Tonight//Gash
Mob Rules//Dykemaster’s Tale//Tales From Beyond
Mob Rules//The Last Farewell//Ethnolution AD
Mob Rules//Children’s Crusade//Beast Reborn
Carrion//Abbadon’s Pit//
Ahab//The Maelstrom//The Coral Tombs
Twilight Force//At the Heart of Wintervale//At the Heart of Wintervale
Dark Princess//My Shadow Self//Dark Princess
Mob Rules//Hydrophobia//Among the Gods
Ptolomea//Shamanic Lullaby//

PLAYLIST, 20230201

Avantasia//The Seven Angels//The Metal Opera II
Avantasia//Alone I Remember//Angel of Babylon
Xandria//Ghosts//The Wonders Still Awaiting
Arched Fire//Pestilence//
Oikoumen//Five Elements//Dystopia
Mori Metanoia//Surface Tension//Prayer
Avantasia//The Moonflower Society//A Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society
Avantasia//Savior in the Clockwork//The Mystery of Time
Avantasia//Devin in the Belfry//The Scarecrow
Anzillu//Discoria//El Nihilo
Fall of Statis//Fall of Statis//The Chronophagist
Avantasia//The Scarecrow//The Scarecrow
Avantasia//Let the Storm Descend Upon You//Ghostlights
Avantasia//Farewell//The Metal Opera Pt 1
Avantasia//Ghost in the Moon//Moonglow

PLAYLIST, 20230208

Iron Maiden//Rime of the Ancient Mariner//Powerslave
Ne Obliviscaris//Graal//Exul
In Flames//Meet Your Maker//Forgone
Greybeard//Barran//Dark Age
Odinfist//Riffmaster//Made in Steel
Lunar//Juggling Chainsaws//The Illusionist
Hog Meets Frog//apes don’t smoke cigars – just pipes//humANIMALization
Siren//Slaughterbots//A Mercenary’s Fate
Docker’s Guild//Die Today//The Mystic Technocracy – Season 2: The Age of Entropy
The Flying Caravan//Flying Caravan//I Just Wanna Break Even
Delain//The Cold//Dark Waters
Seventh Servant//Tree of Life//The Tree of Life
Sanguisuggabogg//Feening for Bloodshed//Homicidal Ecstasy
Dread Witch//Into the Crypt//Tower of the Severed Serpent
Carnival of Flesh//Angst//Anthems of Distinction
Alan Parsons Project//The Turn of a Friendly Card S2//The Turn of a Friendly Card

PLAYLIST, 20230215

PLAYLIST, 20230222

Visions of Atlantis//At the End of the World//Wanderers
Visions of Atlantis//Clocks//Pirates
Elusion//Chiascuro//The Fundamental Paradox
Twilight Force//Sunlight Knight//At the Heart of Wintervale
Osyron//Sorrow and Extinction//Momentous
Motorhead//Bullet in Your Head//Bad Magic: Seriously Bad Magic
Vault//Lucid Dream//The Perfect Truth
Diggeth//Zero Hour in Doomtown//Zero Hour in Doomtown
Visions of Atlantis//Return to Lemuria//The Deep & the Dark
Visions of Atlantis//Send Me A Light//Cast Away
eMolecule//Beyond Belief//The Architect
Katatonia//Opaline//Sky Full of Stars
Visions of Atlantis//Master the Hurricane//Master the Hurricane
Visions of Atlantis//The Silent Mutiny//The Deep & the Dark
Visions of Atlantis//A Journey to Remember//Wanderers
Visions of Atlantis//The Deep & the Dark//The Deep & the Dark
Baltavar//Angel’s Shadow//Dark Science
Idolatrous//The Harrowing Reprisal//Sorrow on Midgard
Shroud of Bereavement//A Beautiful Winter//A Beautiful Winter
Insomnium//The Witch Hunter//Anno 1696
Visions of Atlantis//Heroes of the Dawn//Wanderers
Visions of Atlantis//Legion of the Seas//Pirates
Resolution 13//Paradise Circus//

PLAYLIST, 20230301

Voyager//Promise//Fearless in Love
Beyond the Black//Free Me//Beyond the Black
Lunar//Juggling Chainsaws//The Illusionist
Babymetal//Monochrome//The Other One
Necronomicon Ex Mortis//Earth Cancer//Necronomicon Ex Mortis
Butcher Babies//Beaver Cage//
Wolfpact//When Angels Die//
Dysplacer//Kuma Kaiju//Temple Heights
Fugit//Starburst//Morphogenic Fractal Hologram
Vinnie Moore//Rise//Double Exposure
Queensryche//En Force//The Warning
Queensryche//One More Time//Promised Land
Queensryche//Surgical Strike//Rage for Order
Queensryche//Walk in the Shadows//Rage for Order
Queensryche//Man the Machine//The Verdict
Queensryche//Best I Can//Empire
Queensryche//Roads to Madness//The Warning
Queensryche//Silent Lucidity//Empire
Queensryche//I Don’t Believe in Love//Operation: Mindcrime
Queensryche//Eyes of a Stranger//Operation: Mindcrime

PLAYLIST, 20230308

Devin Townsend Project//Stormbending//Transcendance
Devin Townsend//Bad Devil//Infinity
Nanowar of Steel//Metal Boomer Battalion//Dislike to False Metal
Blood of Heroes//Blood for Blood//
Enslaved//Caravans to the Outer Worlds//Heimdal
Devin Townsend Band//Triumph//Synchestra
Scum Giant//Deadbeat//Space Vampire
Stryfe//Cursed Theater//Cursed Theater
On the Loose//Bog Whispers//Dark Emotions
Alex Nunziati//Black Space Void//Black Space Void
Devin Townsend Project//Offer Your Light//Transcendance
Devin Townsend Band//Slow Me Down//Accelerated Evolution
Devin Townsend Project//Before We Die//Z2 / Sky Blue
Devin Townsend Project//Kingdom//Epitaph
Medevil//Weight of the Crown//Mirror in the Darkness
Primal//The Cage//Humachine
hog meets frog//ZIGGY the unpigcorn//humANIMALization
Diggeth//Lights Go Dim//Zero Hour in Doomtown
Devin Townsend Project//Fallout//Z2 / Sky Blue
Devin Townsend//Life//Ocean Machine
Devin Townsend Project//Hyperdrive!//Addicted

PLAYLIST, 20230315

Sonata Arctica//Flag in the Ground//The Days of Grays
Kamelot//One More Flag in the Ground//The Awakening
Tori Lamour//The Brink//Into the Ashes
Minier//Do Not Be Deceived//Retooled
Epica//The Second Stone//The Quantum Enigma
Epica//Kingdom of Heaven (A New Age Dawns Pt 5)//Design Your Universe
Epica//Cry for the Moon (The Embrace That Smothers Pt 4)//The Phantom Agony
Suicide Silence//Capable of Violence//Remember … You Must Die
Epica//Consign to Oblivion (A New Age Dawns Pt 3)//Consign to Oblivion
Lost Circus//This Place is Mad//Lost Circus
Red Cain//Blight//(s)
Karbholz//Unter Ferner Liefen//Kapitel 11: Barrikaden
Epica//Delirium//Requiem for the Indifferent
Epica//Edge of the Blade//The Holographic Principle
Epica//Seal of Solomon//Omega
Epica//Never Enough//The Divine Conspiracy
Epica//Kingdom of Heaven Pt 3 (The Antidiluvian Universe)//Omega
Epica//Victims of Contingency//The Quantum Enigma

PLAYLIST, 20230322

Redemption//All This Time (and Not Enough)//I Am the Storm
Siren//City of Lost Souls//A Mercenary’s Fate
Category VI//Coven//Firecry
Raw Pain Down//Look Into My Soul//Raw Pain Down
Titan’s Wrath//Will of the Beast//Will of the Beast
Kings of Thrash//Wake Up Dead//The Mega Years Live …
Worldwide Panic//Everybody Wants to Rule the World//Worldwide Panic
Redemption//Turn It On Again//I Am the Storm
Temtris//Evolution of Hate//Khaos Divine
Twilight Force//Sunlight Knight//At the Heart of Wintervale
Ov Sulfur//Befouler w/ Slaughter to Prevail guy//Stained in Rot
Mariana’s Rest//White Cradle//Auer
Lost Circus//Get Over Me//Lost Circus
Redemption//Remember the Dawn//I Am the Storm
Elusion//Science – Fiction//The Fundamental Paradox
Phaeton//Magma Chamber//Between Two Worlds
Flying Caravan//Flying Caravan//I Just Wanna Break Even
Redemption//The Emotional Depiction//I Am the Storm

PLAYLIST, 20230329

Threshold//Surface to Air//Wounded Land
Wartz//A Sucker Gets Born//
Blud Red Roses//Demon Disguise//Fall to the Hate
Threshold//Complex//Dividing Lines
Threshold//The Mystery Show//For the Journey
Mortal Blood//The Savior//Unholy Feast
Doomcult//Prophecy//Failure of Life
Vintersea//At the Gloaming Void//
Bury Tomorrow//Heretic//The Seventh Sun
Threshold//Stars and Satellites//Legends of the Shires
Threshold//Choices//Critical Mass
Sun Raven//Through the Darkness//Liberation
Lawrence Wallace//Life Force//Life Force
Ad Infinitum//Architect of Paradise//Chapter III – Downfall
Threshold//Small Dark Lines//Legends of the Shires
Threshold//Light and Space//Hypothetical
Threshold//Pilot in the Sky of Dreams//Dead Reckoning