Mostly Metal 2022

PLAYLIST, 20221228

Megadeth//Celebutante//The Sick, the Dying, and the Dead!
Ozzy Osbourne//Parasite//Patient No. 9
Queensryche//Lost in Sorrow//Digital Noise Alliance
Grave Digger//Hell is My Purgatory//Symbol of Eternity
Dynazty//Instinct//Final Advent
Evergrey//Heartless//A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)
Epica//Wake the World//The Alchemy Project
Crystal Gates//Alive for the Journey//Torment & Wonder: The Ways of the Lonely Ones
Edenbridge//Somewhere Else But Here//Shangri-La
Visions of Atlantis//Clocks//Pirates
Amorphis//The Moon//Halo
Seven Kingdoms//Love Dagger//Zenith
Kissin’ Dynamite//Coming Home//Not the End of the Road
Royal Hunt//Thorn in My Heart//Dystopia Pt 2
Threshold//The Domino Effect//Dividing Lines
Seventh Wonder//The Red River//The Testament
Avantasia//I Tame the Storm//A Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society
Saxon//Remember the Fallen//Carpe Diem

PLAYLIST, 20221221

TSO//The Lost Christmas Eve / Wizards in Winter//
Deliverance//Silent Night//A Christmas that ROXX!
Grave Robber//Gradma Got Half Eaten By A Zombie//A Christmas that ROXX!
Bride//Do You Hear What I Hear//A Christmas that ROXX!
King Diamond//No Presents for Christmas//Fatal Portrait
Magnum//On Christmas Day//Dance of the Black Tattoo
Sabaton//Christmas Truce//The War to End All Wars
Shadow Gallery//Christmas Day//Tyranny
Jethro Tull//Another Christmas Song//Rock Island
ELP//I Believe in Father Christmas//Works Vol 2
Sonata Arctica//Under Your Tree//Unia
Eclipse//When the Winter Ends//Paradigm
Savatage//Dead Winter Dead//Dead Winter Dead
Rhapsody//Rage of the Winter//Legendary Tales
Galloglass//A Wintertale//Legends from Now and Nevermore
Luca Turilli//Lord of the Winter Snow//King of the Nordic Twilight
Dark Moor//Vivaldi’s Winter//Beyond the Sea
Judas Priest//Winter//Rocka Rolla
Sirenia//December Snow//Riddles, Ruins & Revelations
Starbreaker//Last December//Dysphoria
Rage//Days of December//XIII
Dream Theater//The Gift of Music//The Astonishing

PLAYLIST, 20221214

Redemption//Memory//The Origin of Ruin
Sonata Arctica//Destruction Preventer//Ecliptica
Ne Obliviscaris//Equus//Exul
Insomnium//Lilian//Anno 1696
The Last Ten Seconds of Life//Annihilation Phenomena//Disquisition of an Execution
Atlas Empire//Future Ghosts//
Laurent Rinaldi//Bathory//
Curse of Cain//Alive//
Arcana Collective//The Long Sleep//
Antipope//Eye of the Storm//Rex Mundi
GhostBeef//The Legend of John Arby//GhostBeef
Induction//Fallen Angel//Born From Fire
Rave the Reqviem//Ofelia//
Metallica//Lux Aeterna//
Megadeth//Celeburante//The Sick, The Dying, and the Dead!
Ozzy Osbourne//Parasite//Patient No. 9
Queensryche//Lost in Sorrow//In Extremis
Kamelot//Vespertine (My Crimson Bride)//The Shadow Theory
Myrath//No Holding Back//Shehili
Rush//Marathon//Power Windows
ELO//Last Train to London//Discovery

PLAYLIST, 20221207

Beyond the Black//Dancing in the Dark//Beyond the Black
Aura//Keep It Safe//Underwater
Inner Urge//I’ll Overcome//Consume and Waste
Threshold//Complex//Dividing Lines
Immortal Possession//Waltz of the Corpse//The Resurrectionist
Suasion//Murphy’s Law//The Infinite
All Wasted//Six Feet Under//
Carrion//Morbid Nailgun Necropsy//
Arcana Collective//The Long Sleep//
Scrollkeeper//Shadow Dancing//
Devin Townsend//Celestial Signal//Lightwork
Hartlight//Into the Realn of the Elves//
Brent Osborne//Surge//
Forever Broken//Reaper//Forever Broken
Symphony X//Swan Song//Underworld
Circus Maximus//Ultimate Sacrifice//Isolate
Dynazty//Run Amok//Renatus
Sonata Arctica//The Harvest//Unia
Van Halen//5150//5150
Triumph//Say Goodbye//Allied Forces

PLAYLIST, 20221130

Crystal Gates//Alive for the Journey//Torment & Wonder: The Ways of the Lonely Ones
Avantasia//I Tame the Storm//A Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society
Hartlight//Be Blessed//
Stratovarius//World on Fire//Survival
Deviser//Where Angels Fear to Tread//Evil Summons Evil
Spectral Souls//One Step Away From Extinction//Towards Extinction
Obvurt//Invisible Enemy//Triumph Beyond Adversity
A La Carte//Rancid Risotto//Soup Dejour
The Ghost of Fu Kang Walker//Lord of the Dark//Neighbor Dan
Aura//Eternal Bliss//Underwater
Born Divided//Impending Doom//Impending Doom
Solitude Within//Further Away//When Kingdoms Fall
Ivory Gates//Good Enough//Behind the Wall
Aitalla//Well Enough Alone//Live to Regret
Severed Angel//Mt Cyanide//
Threshold//Let It Burn//Dividing Lines
Edenbridge//Somewhere Else But Here//Shangri-La
Candlemass//Angel Battle//Sweet Evil Sun
Crazy Mad Ride//Deceiver//
Royal Hunt//The Purge//Dystopia Pt 2
Goatchrist//The Death of Aleister Crowley//The Sacred Teachings of Aleister Crowley

PLAYLIST, 20221123

Induction//Born From Fire//Born From Fire
Threshold//Defence Condition//Dividing Lines
Iron Maiden//Total Eclipse//(Run to the Hills b-side)
Exist in Ruin//Although I Live I Die//
Btotthogg//When the Curtain Falls//Epinicium
SpiritWorld//Relic of Damnation//Deathwestern
Type O Negative//The Profit of Doom//Dead Again
7MND//Verge of Collapse//Cataclysm
Enbor Arnasa//Eguski bila//Enbor Arnasa
The Wring//The Wolf//Spectra
Inner Urge//Stand Strong//Consume and Waste
Blackrain//Kiss the Sky//Untamed
Lord of the Lost//Die Tomorrow//Die Tomorrow (2022 Deluxe Ed)
Sheltered Sun//Moonlight Chaos//Moonlight Chaos
Mind Erasure//Mind Erasure//Connive
Insomnium//Lilian//Anno 1696
Lacuna Coil//Tight Rope XX//Comalies XX
Lee Aaron//Trouble Maker//Elevate
Leather//We Take Back Control//We Are the Chosen
Dark Princess//Falling to Fly//
Powerful Systm//The Most Beautiful Song//Endless Transformation

PLAYLIST, 20221116

Epica//The Miner//The Alchemy Project
Beyond the Black//Is there Anybody Out There?//Beyond the Black
Absolon//The Men in Black Robes//A Portrait of Madness
Obituary//The Wrong Time//
Noxium Ferus//Cut Off From God//
Depressive Witches//Distant Kingdoms//
Amorphis//The Well//
Amberian Dawn//Mamma Mia//Take A Chance
Devin Townsend//Lightworker//Lightwork
Risingfall//Rock Fantasy//Rise or Fall
Who On Earth//We Don’t Belong//Blame
Barrage//Surprise! You’re Dead//
Hellhaim//Axe to Grind//Let the Dead Not Lose Hope
Korrosive//Radioactive Scourge//Toxic Apokalypse
Howler//Sleeping With the Devil//Descendants of Evil
The Sunrise//Paradigma//
Candlemass//Wizard of the Vortex//Sweet Evil Sun
Grimskull//Grimskull//Awake Asleep
Opus Arise//Electric Jungle//The Network
Faraz Anwar//Liberation//Tale of the Lunatics
Edenbridge//Somewhere Else But Here//Shangri-La

PLAYLIST, 20221109

Apollo’s Army//End of the Road//End of the Road
Vis Mystica//Lux Et Veritas//Celestial Wisdom
Brundarkh//Lair of the Gloomweaver//Lair of the Gloomweaver
Danicide//War Zone//
Bonecarver//Ancient Atrocity//Carnage Funeral
Leather//Who Rules the World//We Are the Chosen
Rage Unfold//Mad Money//
Scriptures//We Are Creators//
The Wring//Stiletto//Spectra
Aittala//War of Attrition//Live to Regret
Incursion//Hang ’em High//Blinding Force
Epica//The Great Tribulation//The Alchemy Project
Warkings//The Rite//Morgana
Avantasia//The Moonflower Society//A Paranormal Evening …
Cydemind//Call of the Void//The Descent
Zeke Sky//Fire Witch//Intergalactic Demon King
Royal Hunt//The Purge//Dytopia Part 2
Joe Lynn Turner//Tortured Soul//Belly of the Beast
Leatherwolf//Road Rage//Kill the Hunted

PLAYLIST, 20221102

Royal Hunt//Thorn in My Heart//Dystopia Part 2
Apollo’s Army//End of the Road//
MindAhead//Burning Horizon//6119 – Part 1
Alphoenix//Eye of the Phoenix//Evil Ways
Epidermal Veil//A Darkened Wasteland//Psalms of the Flayed
Suasion//Momentum//House of Cards
Phlebotomized//Desecration of Alleged Christian History//Devoted to God
Hanz Krypt//Not Your Sacrifice//
Silence is Spoken//A Good God//
The Offering//Tiny Disapointments//Seeing the Elephant
Black Mirrors//Hateful Hate, I’ll Kill You//Tomorrow Will Be Without Us
7MND//Verge of Collapse//Cataclysm
Hoaxed//The Call//Two Shadows
96 Bitter Beings//Fire Skyline//Synergy Restored
Who on Earth//On the Brink//Blame
Onward//Onward We Sail//Of Epoch and Inferno
Leatherwolf//Kill the Hunted//Kill the Hunted
Thundermother//Watch Out//Black and Gold
Avantasia//Arabesque//A Paranormal Evening with the Moonflower Society
Nomadic Narwhal//Fathons//Fathoms
Edenbridge//The Call of Eden//Shangri-La


King Diamond//Halloween//Fatal Portrait
Iron Maiden//Fear of the Dark//Fear of the Dark
Black Sabbath//Children of the Grave//Master of Reality
Helloween//Dr. Stein//Keeper of the Seven Keys Pt II
Seven Spires//Ghost of Yesterday//Gods of Debauchery
Sabaton//Ghost in the Trenches//The Great War
Theocracy//Ghost Ship//Ghost Ship
Savatage//Ghost in the Ruins//Streets: A Rock Opera
Wednesday 13//Return to Haddonfield//Horrifier
THEM//Welcome to Fear City//Fear City
Audrey Horne//Devil’s Bell//Devil’s Bell
Grave Digger//Haunted Palace//The Grave Digger
Novembers Doom//The Pale Haunt Departure//The Pale Haunt Departure
Testament//The Haunting//The Legacy
Kamelot//The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)//The Black Halo
Devin Townsend//Bad Devil//Infinity
Dynazty//In the Arms of a Devil//Firesign
Voyager//The Devil in Me//I Am the Revolution
Judas Priest//Devil’s Child//Screaming for Vengeance
Shadow Gallery//Digital Ghost//Digital Ghosts
Avantasia//Ghost in the Moon//Moonglow

PLAYLIST, 20221026

Ad Infinitum//Upside Down//
Gallia//Return of Time//Obscura
Powerwolf//My Will Be Done//
Dynazty//Achilles Heel//Final Advent
Black Royal//Conjuration//Earthbound
Stormruler//Sacred Rites & Black Magic//Sacred Rites & Black Magic
Exhumed//Drained of Color//To the Dead
Whipsers in the Maze//Ink//Stories Untold: Chapter 1
Hell Theater//Dressed in Black//S-accabadora
Obsidious//Lake of Afterlife//Iconic
Onward//Silhouette//Of Epoch and Inferno
Joe Lynn Turner//Black Sun//Belly of the Beast
Edge of Tomorrow//Into Madness//
Inner Urge//Stand Strong//Consume and Waste
Iron Kingdom//Sheathe the Sword//The Blood of Creation
THEM//Welcome to Fear City//Fear City
Darkthrone//Caravan of Broken Ghosts//Astral Fortress
Fit for a King//End//The Hell We Create
Triskelyon//Apex Predator//Downfall
Powerful Systm//The Most Beautiful Song//Endless Transformation
Beyond the Black//Is There Anybody Out There?//Beyond the Black
Epica//The Final Lullaby//The Alchemy Project

PLAYLIST, 20221019

Induction//Go To Hell//Born From Fire
After All//Kindred Spirits//Eos
Besomora//Mass Starvation//(s)
Feleth//Majesty//Divine Blight
A Wake in Providence//We Are Eternity//Eternity
Fuerschwanz//Blinding Light//(s)
Rammstrum//My Heart Burns//(s)
Grave Digger//Hellas Hellas//Symbol of Eternity
Unzucht//Wo Die Stimmen Schweigen//
Iron Kingdom//Hunter and Prey//The Blood of Creation
Immortal Guardian//Psychosomatic//Psychosomatic
Nameless Theory//Love//Into the Void
Architects//Tear Gas//The Classic Symptoms of a Broken Spirit
Scarlet Oath//The Howling//Where Their Worm Dieth Not
Purpendicular//Human Mechanic//Human Mechanic
The New Roses//1st Time for Everything//Sweet Poison
Devin’s Train//The Devil & the Blues//Ashes & Bones
Seraina Telli//Modern Warrior//Simple Talk
Queensryche//Forest//Digital Noise Alliance

PLAYLIST, 20221012

Xandria//You Will Never Be Our God//
Dynazty//Instinct//Final Advent
Amberian Dawn//SOS//(s)
Kingsphere//Clouds Collide//Enigmatic
NeroArgento//I Won’t Disintegrate//Land of Silence
we//Exhume and Devour//Horrifier
Lorna Shore//Cursed to Die//Pain Remains
After All//Elegy for the Lost//Eos
Drenalize//Into Madness//Edge of Tomorrow
Nightingale//Steal the Moon//The Closing Chronicles
Kingcrow//Numb: Incipit, Climax & Coda//Phlegethon
Hellrazor//Out in the Cold//Hanging On by a Thread
Aitalla//Never Forget//Live to Regret
Die Ghost//Velvet Vampire//Wendigo
Lacuna Coil//Tight Rope//Comalies XX
Queensryche//Out of the Black//Digital Noise Alliance
Charlotte Wessels//A Million Lives//Tales From Six Feet Under Vol II
Antipope//Eye of the Storm//Rex Mundi
The New Roses//The Usual Suspects//
Kansai Progressive Rock Orchestra//Triumph//Kansai Progressive Rock Orchestra
Seventh Station//A Final Bow//Heal the Unhealed

PLAYLIST, 20221005

Rage//The King Has Lost His Crown//Spreading the Plague (EP)
MindAhead//What You Are//6119 – Part 1
After All//Elegy for the Lost//
Upon Your Grave//Supremacy//Gold & Decay
Arctora//Arbiter of Fate//The Storm is Over
Bonecarver//Carnage Funeral//
Electric Callboy//Tekkno Train//Tekkno
Triskelyon//Balance of Terror//Downfall
Stone Nomads//Fiery Sabbath//Fields of Doom
Onelegman//Event Horizon//Event Horizon
Hunting Giants//Mythos//Mythos
Silent Lie//Hysteria//Equilibrium
Iron Kingdom//In the Grip of Nightmares//The Blood of Creation
Incursion//Running Out//Running Out (s)
Images of Eden//Count to Zero//Weathered and Torn (EP)
Zeistencroix//Ice queen//Cruxi Fiction
Thundermother//Watch Out//Black and Gold
Dio//Man on the Silver Mountain//Dio at Donnington 1983
Royal Hunt//Voices//Fear
Iron Maiden//Seventh Son of a Seventh Son//Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Redemption//Memory//The Origins of Ruin

PLAYLIST, 20220928

Nestor//Signed in Blood//
Immortal Guardian//Read Between the Lines//Psychosomatic
Stratovarius//We Are Not Alone//Survive
Who On Earth//Black Swan//Blame
Carcariass//Dark Empire//Planet Chaos
Destrage//An Imposter//SO MUCH. too much.
Humaniac//Owl, Moloch, and Redwood Trees//Until the Light Fakes Us
The Red Mountain//Enlisted//Alpha
Megadeth//Celebutante//The Sick, the Dying … and the Dead!
Incursion//Running Out//(s)
Living Wreckage//Sink Below//Living Wreckage
Ratbreed//Master of Deception//
Blind Illusion//Protomolecule//Wrath of the Gods
Sumerlands//Twilight Points the Way//Dreamkiller
Left of the Slash//The Time is Now//WON
The 40 Theives//The Lonely One//
Kansai Progressive Rock Orchestra//Rebels//Kansai Progressive Rock Orchestra
Cydemind//Breach//The Descent
Moonspell//Hermitage (Live)//From Down Below – 80 Meters Deep
The Lone Wolf//Grand Theft Auto//(s)
Diosa//Fire//Afterburn (EP)
Blind Guardian//Deliver Us From Evil//The God Machine
Dynazty//Power of Will//Final Advent
Ozzy Osbourne//Mr. Darkness//Patient Number 9

PLAYLIST, 20220921

Dynazty//All the Devils Are Here//Final Advent
Megadeth//The Sick, The Dying, and the Dead!//The Sick, The Dying, and the Dead!
Imaginature//Edge//Weather the Storm
Epica//The Final Lullaby//The Alchemy Project
Columbarium//Save Our Children//
Eldprov//We, the Unclean//Rift
Premortal Breath//Of Angels and Wolves//Of Angels and Wolves
Sceptic//InHuman//Nailed to Ignorance
Ceaseless Torment//Killing Command//(s)
After All//The Judas Kiss//
Venom, Inc//Come to Me//There’s Only Black
Conan//Ritual of Anonymity//Evidence of Immortality
Testament//Nightmare//Practice What You Preach
Immortal Guardian//Echoes//Unite and Conquer
Victoria K//Kore//Mother’s Garden
Dlacho//Be What You Want to Be//
Purpendicular//Human Mechanic//Human Mechanic
Xandria//You Will Never Be Our God//
Blind Guardian//Deliver Us From Evil//The God Machine
Ozzy Osbourne//Immortal//Patient Number 9
Seventh Wonder//Under a Clear Blue Sky//The Testament
Styx//Reveries//Crash of the Crown
ELP//From the Beginning//Trilogy

PLAYLIST, 20220914

Sagreveht//Witness Me//Thanatology
Attractice Chaos//Come to Me//Come to Me
Carcariass//Psychotic Starship//Planet Chaos
Chaoshorde//Chaos Raisers//(split with Razor Forge)
Diabology//Father of Serpents//Father of Serpents
Wolfheart//The King//King of the North
Mantic Ritual//Crusader//Heart Set Stone
Tyrant//Pray for the Night//
Vindicator//Life Support//Communal Decay
Trouble//Paranoia Conspiracy//The Distortion Field
Ozzy Osbourne//Paradise//Patient Number 9
King’s X//Give It Up//Three Sides of One
Even Flow//Ocean Lies//Mediterreano
Holy Fawn//Lift Your Head//Dimensional Bleed
The Devil Wears Prada//Time//Color Decay
Wizzo//Most Severe Crisis//Most Severe Crisis
Everlust//Nostalgie//The Tale of the Noble Knight
Dio//All the Fools Sailed Away//Live at Donnington (reissue)
Omophagia//Redemption in Self Destruction//Rebirth in Black
Upon Your Grave//From Beyond//Gold & Decay

PLAYLIST, 20220907

Sagreveht//Bringer of Rain//Thanatology
Grave Digger//Holy Warfare//Symbol of Eternity
Crystal Gates//Moonshine & Sorrow//Torment & Wonder: The Ways of the Lonely Ones
Sheltered Sun//Commanding the Sceptre//Commanding the Scepter
Bloodbath//Zombie Inferno//Survival of the Sickest
Parkway Drive//Glitch//Darker Still
Phase IV//Psyche//Phase IV
Slaughter to Prevail//1984//(s)
Thundermother//Watch Out//Black and Gold
Vindicator//Life Support//Communal Decay
Splintered Throne//Night of the Heathens//The Greater Good of Man
Alta Reign//Heavy Metal//(s)
Santa Cruz//Stand My Ground//The Return of the Kings
Blind Guardian//Architects of Doom//The God Machine
Megadeth//We’ll Be Back//The Sick, the Dying … and the Dead!
Ozzy Osbourne//Degradation Rules//Patient Number 9
Queensryche//Behind the Walls//Digital Noise Alliance
Nonvector//Ethereal Hypervisor//A Short Trip Home (EP)
Therion//Nocturnal Light//Leviathan
Seventh Wonder//Invincible//The Testament
Unleash the Archers//The Wind That Shapes the Land//Abyss
Serenity//To Stone She Turned//Fallen Sanctuary
Circus Maximus//Remember//Havoc

PLAYLIST, 20220831

Joe Lynn Turner//Belly of the Beast//Belly of the Beast
Einherjer//Dragons of the North//Norse and Dangerous
Defacing God//Rise of the Trinity//The Resurrection of Lilith
Fuzzrd//Out on a Limb//Near Life Experience
Fear Disease//Stalemate//Floodgates
Last Retch//Sadism and Severed Heads//Sadism and Severed Heads
Xenobiotic//The Wretched Strive//Hate Monolith
The 40 Thieves//All We Bleed//
Santa Cruz//Under the Gun//The Return of the Kings
Ivander//Thunder God//Inferno 1978
Little Villains//Messerchmidt//Battle of Britain
Blue Oyster Cult//ME 262//Secret Treaties
Problem With Dragons//Have Mercy, Show Mercy//Accelerationist
Black Royal//The 13th Moon//(s)
Novelists FR//Heretic//Deja Vu
Lockjaw//Breaking Point//(s)
Iron Maiden//Aces High//Powerslave
Masterplan//Crimson Rider//Aeronautics
Sabaton//The Red Baron//The Great War
Ozzy Osbourne//Flying High Again//Diary of a Madman
Polychuck//Story to Tell//(s)
Dystopica//For You//Deception
Kansas//Distant Vision//Somewhere to Elsewhere

PLAYLIST, 20220824

Grave Digger//Heart of the Warrior//Symbol of Eternity
Warkings//Monster (f. Morgana LeFey)//Morgana
Brymir//Herald of Aegir//Voices in the Sky
Who on Earth//Black Swan//Blame
Xenomorph//Domiciliary & Despair//Rustwelt
Machine Head//Unhallowed//Of Kingdom and Crown
Carrion Vael//King of the Rhine//Abhorrent Obsessions
Candlemass//Scandanavian Gods//Sweet Evil Sun
Roots of the Old Oak//Monolith//Blot
Thy Listless Heart//Confessions//Pilgrims on the Path of No Return
Patriarchs in Black//Submission Bell//Reach for the Scars
Ceaseless Torment//Sons of Sodom//Victory or Death
Absolute Darkness//Mob Rule//Failure of State
Eternal Drak//Parasite//Drak Metal
Hexing//Welcome to Salem//Welcome to Salem
Wings of Destiny//Never Surrender//
Epoch of Chirality//Labyrinth//Nucleosynthesis
Stratovarius//World on Fire//Survive
Judas Priest//The Sentinel//Defenders of the Faith
Guild of Lore//Symphony of Civilization//The Spine of Night
Erang//Shipbuilding Memory//Imagination Never Fails
Sequestered Keep//When Ageless Dragons Blink Awake//The Vale of Ruined Towers

PLAYLIST, 20220817

Delain//The Quest and the Curse//
Next Door to Heaven//Disguise//(s)
Sumerlands//Edge of the Knife//Dreamkiller
Therion//The Khylisti Evangelist//Sirius B
Rotting Empire//Last Chapter//Buried in the Past
Hunting Giants//Ancient Text//Mythos
Conan//Ritual of Anonymity//Evidence of Immortality
Lacrimas Profundere//To Disappear in You//How To Shround Yourself in Night
Carr Jam 21//Snowblind//Carr Jam 21
Little Villains//Cryring Out for More//Battle of Britain
Reign of Glory//The Edge of Night//All Will Bow
Megadeth//Soldier On!//The Sick, the Dying, and the Dead!
Elliott’s Keep//Interview//
Elliott’s Keep//Tempest//Lacrimae Mundi
Elliott’s Keep//Aevum//Vulnerant Omnes
Sorceror//The Crowning of the Fire King//The Crowning of the Fire King
While Heaven Wept//Of Empires Forelorn//Of Empires Forelorn

PLAYLIST, 20220810

Oceans of Slumber//Just a Day//Starlight and Ash
Blind Guardian//Violent Shadows//The God Machine
Hammer King//Invisible King//Kingdemonium
Belle Morte//Krew//
Prey for Nothing//Angels of Atheism//
Aurora Borealis//Founding Fathers of Deceipt//Prophecy is the Mold in which History is Poured
Epoch of Chirality//Labyrinth//Nucleosynthesis
Syryn//Walk the Plank//Heads or Tails
Dio//Shame on the Night//Holy Diver RM
Epinikion//Sail Away//Inquisition
Consumption//The Last Supper//Necrotic Lust
Slaughter the Giant//Depravity//Depravity
The Band Repent//Blood Boils Red//(s)
Carrion Vael//The Devil in Me//Abhorrent Obseessions
Devin Townsend Project//True North//Epicloud
Seven Kingdoms//Love Dagger//Zenith
Kingcrow//The Moth//Eidos
Unleash the Archers//Faster than Light//Abyss
Spock’s Beard//Day for Night//Day for Night
Saga//It’s Your Life//Trust

PLAYLIST, 20220803

Crystal Gates//Alive for the Journey//Torment & Wonder: The Ways of the Lonely Ones
Splintered Throne//The Reaper is Calling//The Greater Good of Man
Oxidize//Stand Up for the Masses//Stand Up for the Masses
Arch Enemy//In the Eye of the Storm//Deceivers
Krisiun//Sword Into Flesh//Mortem Solis
Soulfly//Filth Upon Filth//Totem
Lamb of God//Omens//
Fuzzrd//Pins and Needles//Near Life Experience
Balls Gone Wild//Hangman//Stay Wild
Ozzy Osbourne//Degradation Rules (f Tony)//Patient Number 9
Tyrants of Chaos//Skull Crusher//Relentless Thirst for Power
Ancient Settlers//Die Around Me//Autumn Live Sessions
Oak, Ash, and Thorn//Ride//To Gaze on Stars of Frost
Absolute Darkness//Failure of State//Failure of State
Misericorde//Le Bisclavret//Le Loop de Ruine
Incantation//Past Savagery//Tricennial of Blasphemy
Grim Colossus//Welcome to Hell//Where Shadows Dwell
Crypt Sermon//The Ninth Templar (Black Candle Flame)//The Ruins of Fading Light
Omophagia//Redemption in Self Destruction//Rebirth in Black
Midnight Odyssey//Under the Alien Sea (partial)//Echoes of the Thallasic Deep
Empty Moods//Live to Suffer//Empty Moods

PLAYLIST, 20220727

Civil War//Soldiers and Kings//Invaders
Megadeth//Night Stalkers//The Sick, The Dying … And the Dead!
Black Altar//Nighthunter//Arcana of the Higher Principles
Traitor//Exiled to the Surface//Exiled to the Surface
Lamori//Valley of Great Dismay//
Amidst Dreams of Tomorrow//New Horizons//Memories of a Wandering Soul
Destrania//Abandoned//Divine Archaic Lore
Obscure Form//Enormity//Strife
My Sleeping Karma//Mukti//Atma
Crystal Gates//Torment and Wonder//Torment and Wonder: The Ways of the Lonely Ones
Helios//Touch the Sun//Touch the Sun
Hamara//Isolation//Ivory Tower
Hellfire 76//Iron Fist//Hellfire 76 RP
Tonic Breed//No Rocks on the Scotch//Fuel the Fire
The 40 Thieves//Stonedead//The White Album
Cirkus Prutz//Boogie Woogie Man//Blues Revolution
Shroud of Despondency//Water in the Cemetery//Air of Abrasion
Within Temptation//Don’t Pray for Me//(s)
Queensryche//Forest//Digital Noise Alliance

PLAYLIST, 20220720

Hammer King//Pariah Is My Name//Kingdemonium
Primal Fear//Promised Land//Primal Fear (Deluxe Ed)
Iron Maiden//Run to the Hills//Number of the Beast
Source of Rage//Purify Me//Witness the Mess
As I May//Traitor//(s)
Eciton//Incarceration of Madness//The Autocatalytic Process
Eldprov//Until Nightfall//Rift
Scars of Atrophy//Cross Contamination//Nations Divide
Lacrimas Profundere//A Cloak of Woven Stars//How To Shred Yourself With Night
King’s X//Let It Rain//
Alta Reign//Heavy Metal//(s)
96 Bitter Beings//Vaudeville’s Revenge//Synergy Restored
Artnat//The Mirror Effect//
Mindless Hope//Paradigm//Mental Truancy
Neroargento//The Way I Am//(s)
Sunrunner//Obstacle Illusion//Sacred Arts of Navigation
Tyrant//Poison the Well//(s)
Balls Gone Wild//Masked City//Stay Wild
Witchery//Witching Hour//Nightside
Brymir//Fly With Me//
Karl Sanders//The Evil Inherent in Us All//Saurian Apocalypse
Oceans of Slumber//The Lighthouse//Starlight and Ash
Genesis//The Fountain of Salmacis//Nursery Cryme

PLAYLIST, 20220713

Dream Theater//Metropolis Pt 1//Images & Words
Threshold//Mission Profile//Subsurface
Gangs of Old Ladies//Disease of the Undead//
Municipal Waste//High Speed Steel//Electrified Brain
Pit Lord//Conquering the Bone//Gallery of Skewered Swine
Sentient Horror//Obliteration of Souls//Rites of Gore
Deathbringer//Pitfall (When IT Begins)//IT
Magnatar//Dragged Across the Surface of the Sun//Crushed
Elliott’s Keep//Convergence//Nascentes Morimur
Samarithan//The Triumph of Death//Tales of Doom
Powerwolf//Glaubenskraft//The Monumental Mass: A Cinematic Metal Event
Seventh Storm//Haunted Sea//Maledictus
Stormborn//Fear of A Monster//(s)
Set the Sun//Invisible f. Ryan Clark//In Absentia Vol 1
Tyrant//Poison the Well//(s)
God is an Astronaut//Route 666//The Beginning of the End (Live)
Dio//Rainbow in the Dark//Holy Diver (2022 RM)
Iron Maiden//Infinite Dreams//Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Sonata Arctica//White Pearl, Black Oceans//Reckoning Night

PLAYLIST, 20220706

Stratovarius//World on Fire//Survival
Majesty of Revival//Mindcrime (f/ David Readman)//Pinnacle
Crystal Gates//My Glorious Fall//
The Unslain//Quintessence//Descending
Krvsade//Ode to Faust//Worship the Sun
Intoxicated//Majestic Ride//Watch You Burn
Vomit Forth//Carnivorous Incantation//Seething Malevolence
Organectomy//The Third Mutation//Nail Below Nail
Kvol//The Looming Black//In Similitude of a Dream
Black Nazareth//Cold As Stone//Rallying Cry
Sunrunner//Where Is My Home//Sacred Arts of Navigation
Generation Underground//Brandon Boulder//Kold Blooded Vol 2
Wasteland Viper//Too Blind to See//Dead Men Tell No Tales
Seven Kingdoms//(Interview)//
Seven Kingdoms//Wolf in Sheeps’ Clothes//Seven Kingdoms
Seven Kingdoms//Love Dagger//Zenith
Seven Kingdoms//Magic in the Mist//Zenith
Stratovarius//Lost Without A Trace//Eternal
Masque of Art//Heaven Can Wait//Masquerade
Shroud of Bereavment//Canticle//A Beautiful Winter
Blackfoot//Diary of a Working Man//Marauder

PLAYLIST, 20220629

Megadeth//We’ll Be Back//The Sick, The Dying, … And the Dead!
Civil War//Oblivion//Invaders
Destrania//Cataclysmic Hymn//Diving Archaic Lore
Deocculted//Spectrophobia//An Eye for the Occulted Sun
Sour Reborn//Our Era//Black Tear In a River of Blood
Eihort//Bloodcurdling Serenades//Consuming the Light
Dead By Wednesday//The Wake//Capital Conspiracy
Santa Cruz//Here Comes the Revolution//(s)
Black Hellebore//Release Me//Disorder
Jonnie Rockit//You, God, The Devil and the Dead//
The Clay People//Cult Hypnotic//The Clay People
Reign of Glory//Welcome to Reality//All Will Bow
Gojira//L’enfant Sauvage//L’enfant Sauvage
Vorgrum//Ancient Whisper//(s)
Astral Horror//Astral Horror//Changer of Destiny
Cthulu Dreamt//Dying Light//Liminality
Matianak//Black River Falls//Complacion De Insaniam
Queensryche//In Extremis//Digital Noise Alliance
Ozzy Osbourne//Patient No 9//Patient No 9
Monolith Zero//Onwards//Monolith Zero
Coheed and Cambia//Liar’s Club//Vaxis – Act II: A Window of the Waking Mind
Gerald Peter Project//Flow//Incremental Changes Pt 2
After Evolution//Once Upon A Time//War of the Worlds
Rain//Peace Sells//A New Tomorrow

PLAYLIST, 20220622

Anthea//Song for Winter//Tales Untold
After Evolution//War of the Worlds//War of the Worlds
Perseide//Forsaken Star//
Visions of Atlantis//Clocks//Pirates
Lamb of God//Nevermore//(s)
Nadae//The Fighter//(s)
Sithraniel//Descension//Various Sensations
Gabriel//Hounds From Heaven//Asmodeus
Rage Unfold//Chains//
Black Nazareth//Cold As Stone//Black Nazareth
Devil’s Train//The Devil & the Blues//Ashes & Bones
Seven Kingdoms//Magic in the Mist//Zenith
Stormbound//Flying High//December
Victorius//Night of the Nuclear Ninja//Dinosaur Warfare Pt 2 – The Great Ninja War
Seventh Wonder//The Light//The Testament
Vice//Vultures//For the Fallen
Grave Digger//Hell Is My Purgatory//Symbol of Eternity
Evergrey//Blindfolded//A Heartless Portrait
Hammer King//Pariah Is My Name//Kingdemonium
Pantheist//Wilderness//Closer to God
First Fragment//Solus//Gloire Eternelle

PLAYLIST, 20220615

Seventh Wonder//The Red River//The Testament
Seventh Storm//Suadade//Maledictus
Seven Kingdoms//Diamond Handed//Zenith
Daidalos//Married to the Sea//The Expedition
Vice//Vultures//For the Fallen
Bloodhunter//Never Let It Rest//Knowledge Was the Price
Celestial Wizard//Steel Crysalis//Winds of the Cosmos
Dali Van Gogh//Bury the Lead//New Blood, Old Wounds
Sygnal to Noise//Let Me In//Human Condition
Leviathan Project//Trapped//(s)
Deraps//Veins of My Heart//Deraps
Idol Throne//The Labyrinth//The Sibyline Age
Civil War//Invaders//(s)
Who On Earth//On the Brink//Blame
Motionless in White//Cyberhex//Scoring the End of the World
Moonshade//Blood of Titans//(s)
Exocrine//The Hybrid Suns//The Hybrid Suns
Set the Sun//Invisible//In Absentia
Kamelot//Vespertine (My Crimson Bride)//The Shadow Theory
Myrath//No Holding Back//Shehili
Serenity//To Stone She Turned//Fallen Sanctuary

PLAYLIST, 20220608

Graveshadow//Gywnnbleidd//The Uncertain Hour
Wind Rose//Gates of Eklund//Warfront
Immortal Pain//Unhealed//
Moonshade//Blood of Titans//
Sheltered Sun//A New Tale//
Soreption//The Artificial North//Dod Jord
Hounds of Thyra//Ghost Harbor//Legends of Kattegat
Apoorv Singh Kathait//Redemption//The Chronicles of Shredman Singh
True Strength//Chariot of God//
Mile//Into the Fire//Enhance?
Visions of Atlantis//Master the Hurricane//Pirates
Maniac Abductor//Human Greed//Damage is Done
Our Dying World//Veil of the Reaper//Hymns of Blinding Darkness
Alex Nunziati//The Flesh Doll//Il Mangiatore Di Peccati
Rezet//Alien Noises//New World Murder
Rising Force//Nobody Cares//
Michael Monroe//Can’t Stop Falling Apart//I Live Too Fast to Die Young
Crematory//Forsaken//Inglorious Darkness
Forever May Fall//You//
Fear Not//Join Together//Fields of Sorrow
James Labrie//Hit Me Like a Brick//Beautiful Shade of Grey
Schandmaul//Koningsgarde//Knuppel aus dem sack
After Evolution//Once Upon A Time//War of the Worlds

PLAYLIST, 20220601

Who On Earth//Monster in a Jar//Blame
Evergrey//Heartless//A Heartless Portrait
Bloodhunter//Knowledge Was the Price//Knowledge Was the Price
Columbarium//Rivers of Blood//Rivers of Blood
Ekoa//The Stoic//Chrysalis
Nazgul Rising//Vision of the Nightside//Cycles of Primal Chaos
Maniac Abductor//Odd Man Out//Damage Is Done
Temple of Void//Hex, Curse, and Conjuration//Summoning the Slayer
James Labrie//Ramble On//Beautiful Shade of Grey
Dead Register//Circle of Lies//Alive
True Strength//Chariot of God//(s)
Battlelore//Chambers of Fire//Return of the Shadow
Combichrist//Modern Demons//(s)
Kreator//Midnight Sun//Hate Uber Allies
Dream Theater//Lines in the Sand//Falling Into Infinity
Mindmaze//Fight the Future//Resolve
Pain of Salvation//Accelerator//Panther
Turilli / Leone Rhapsody//DNA – Demons and Angels//Zero Gravity
Stratovarius//Move the Mountain//Elysium

PLAYLIST, 20220522

Prehistoric Animals//We Harvest the Souls of the Brave//The Magical Mystery Machine
Trollfest//Flamingo Libre//Flamingo Overlord
Dark Princess//Falling to Fly//(s)
Temperance//Black is My Heart//Diamanti
Crematory//The Sound of My Life//Inglorious Darkness
Deos//Virgi Vestalis//Furor Belli
Our Dying World//Everything We Know is Gone//Hymns of Blinding Darkness
Moonshade//Blood of Titans//(s)
Citizen Anomaly//Machine City//The Paradoxic Project
MSG//Yesterday Is Dead//Universal
Alexisonfire//Sans Soleil//
The Beast of England//Spirit in the Stars//Darker Days (EP)
Ivent Horizon//War Machine//(s)
Dio//Holy Diver//Holy Diver (2022 RM)
Sorceror//The Gates of Hell//In the Shadow of the Inverted Cross
Erang//All the Beauty We’ve Lost//Kingdom of Erang
Delmak-O//The Departure//Cerulean Tomb
Guild of Lore//Covenant & Conquest//Leaving Winterstead
Hole Dweller//Wolves in the Hen House//Wolves in the Hen House
Dream Theater//Lie//Awake
Threshold//Light and Space//Hypothetical
Edguy//Falling Down//Theater of Salvation

PLAYLIST, 20220515

Evergrey//The Orphean Testament//A Heartless Portrait
Michael Romeo//Parasite//War of the Worlds Pt 2
Core Leoni//Wake Up Call//III
Vagus / Insision//Remote//Sulfurous
Dreams in Peril//Mad Mind//Ascending
Provectus//Bane of Existence//Postero Mundi
Likheim//Stormen//Alt Skal Svinne Hen
Masque of Art//Heaven Can Wait//
Lessmenn Voss//Smoke Without A Fire//Rock is Our Religion
Virgin Idol//Don’t Touch the Flame//Virgin Idol
Leather Duchess//White Leather//White Leather
Black Reuss//Hole//Journey
Heart Attack//The Messenger//
Elliott’s Keep//Laughter of the Gods//Vulnerant Omnes
The Dark Almorte//Tusk in the Abyss//Lunacrium Thespis
Soreption//Dod Jord//Dod Jord
Deathbringer//A Place to Exist//IT
Exocrine//The Hybrid Suns//
Nocturnal Rites//Wake Up Dead//Afterlife
Sonata Arctica//The Harvest//Unia
KansasAll Over the WorldMasque

PLAYLIST, 20220508

Galladorn//The Cauldron Born//(s)
Gloryhammer//Fly Away//
Seven Kingdoms//Diamond Handed//Zenith
Hamara//Holy War//Ivory Tower
Betraying the Martyrs//Swan Song//Silver Lining (EP)
Dream Demon//Caught in Suspension//
Jungle Rot//Total Extinction//A Call to Arms
Misery Index//Complete Control//Complete Control
Kreator//Midnight Sun//Hate Uber Allies
Gothic Prophet//Sovereign Suicide//
MSG//A King Has Gone//
Spirit Adrift//Sorceror’s Fate//
Sci Fi Scientists//It Began In A Lab//Sars Attacks
Visions of Atlantis//Master the Hurricane//Pirates
Wind Rose//Together We Rise//War Front
Extinguish the Sun//Ancient History//Transformations
Nattehimmel//Mountain of the Northern Kings//The Night Sky Beckons
Voldt//Monsters of the Sea//Vandalism
Wyvern//The Race//Radiations
Helloween//First Time//Chameleon
Dio//One More for the Road//Master of the Moon
Dynazty//Roar of the Underdog//Titanic Mass

PLAYLIST, 20220501

Evergrey//Blindfolded//A Heartless Portrait
Fortis Ventus//My Death is My Devotion//Vertalia
Trees of Daymare//Harbinger of hte Apocalypse//(s)
Mr Giant & the Broken Stone//Lost Island//Metamorphosis
Crematory//Inglorious Darkness//Inglorious Darkness
Sceptic Flesh//Neuromancer//Modern Primitive
Damn Your Eyes//Weaponized//(s)
Autopsy Club//The Oracle//(s)
Abstracted//Wither Into Dust//Atma Conflux
Holy Death Trio//Black Wave//Introducing
Devil’s Train//Word Up//Ashes and Bones
Michael Monroe//Can’t Stop Falling Apart//I Live Too Fast to Die
Udo Dirkschneider//Hell Raiser//My Way
Madman’s Lullaby//Falling//Nocturnal Overdrive
Geometry of Chaos//Joker’s Dance//Soldiers of the New World Order
Caravellus//Memento Mori//Inter Mundos
Audrey Horne//Toxic Twins//Devil’s Bell
Signal Collapse//Spirit Animal//Decoder
Sazaad Arefeen//Blood Born//Operation AngryMachine
Iron Maiden//Transylvania//Iron Maiden
Emerson Lake & Palmer//Hoedown//Trilogy

PLAYLIST, 20220424

Nomadic Narwhal//Monolith//Arrival
Visions of Atlantis//Melancholy Angel//Pirates
Victorious//Victorious Dinogods//Victorious
Helsott//Spit Bucket Brawl//Will and the Witch
MARA//Embers of Hades//
Anatomy of I//Malice and Deceit//Los(t) Angered Sessions
Spasmodia//Sacriligious Execration//Malicious Premonitions
Immortal Guardian//Ozona//(s)
Howland Hyatt//Get Ready//Howland Hyatt
Satan’s Host//This Legacy Will Never Die//This Legacy Will Never Die
The Sunrise//Take Time Waste Time//(s)
Abstracted//Whisper Into the Void//Atma Conflux
Geometry of Chaos//Spiral Staircase//Soldiers of the New World Order
JSP//You’re One in a Million//(s)
Nightwish//Shoemaker//Human || Nature
Beast in Black//Bella Donna//Dark Connection
Seven Spires//Ghost of Yesterday//Gods of Debauchery
Helion Prime//Forbidden Zone//Question Everything
Shape of Despair//Solitary Downfall//Return to the Void

PLAYLIST, 20220417

Steelbourne//Requiem for Those About to Die//A Tale As Old As Time
Martyr//Children of the Night//Planet Metalhead
Lost Legacy//In the Name of Freedom//Front Line
Children of the Void//We Light the Way//Garden of Bones
Meshuggah//Broken Cog//Immutable
D3vilMayCry//Trial By Fire//Hush
Edgar Allen Poets//Cryptic Code//555
Sandness//Bad Company//Play Your Part
Shallow Side//Sound the Alarm//Saints & Sinners
Theocracy//Nailed//As the World Burns
Interview: Michael Romeo////
Michael Romeo//Fear the Unknown//War of the Worlds Pt 1
Michael Romeo//Divide & Conquer//War of the Worlds Pt 2
Rush//Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres”//Hemispheres

PLAYLIST, 20220410

Seventh Wonder//Warriors//The Testament
Alestorm//Magellan’s Expedition//Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum
Loss//Life Shows//Storm
Dianthus//A Space in the Silence//Realms
Monuments//False Providence//In Stasis
Municipal Waste//Grave Dive//Electrified Brains
Atoll//Cirrhosis for Dinner//Prepuce (EP)
Manegarm//Ulvhjarat//Ynglingattens Ode
Battlelore//Firekeeper//The Return of the Shadow
Temple of Void//Deathtouch//Summoning the Slayer
Sheltered Sun//Moonlight Chaos//(s)
Oceans of Slumber//The Waters Rising//
Skull Fist//For the Last Time//Paid in Full
Santa Cruz//Under the Gun//(s)
Ellimist//The Blue Moon//Ellimist
Face the Legacy//I’ve Had Enough//Ashes on the Ground
Banned in GBG//See It, Say It, Sort It//What the Hell is Going On
Thunderor//Fire It Up//Fire It Up
Royal Hunt//I Used To Walk Alone//Dystopia
Michael Romeo//Maschinenmensch//War of the Worlds Pt 2
Serenity//In the Name of Scotland//

PLAYLIST, 20220403

Royal Hunt//Burn//Dystopia
Lamb of God//Wake Up Dead//(s)
Anniken//Just Walk//Climb Out of Hell
Paddy and the Rats//Everybody Get Up//From Wonderland to Wasteland
Pillaging Villagers//The Count//Pillaging Villagers
Stellagen//Lost in Hyperspace//From Dying Stars
Eyes of the Living//Fear Comes Knocking//No Name for Doom
Astrodeath//Ceremonial Blood//(s)
Eternal Champion//Stygian Passage//A Crack in the Skye – Tribute to William Tsamis
Nomadic Narwhal//Arrival//Arrival
Sazzad Arefeen//Blood Born//Operation AngryMachine
Hallas//Stygian Depths//Isle of Wisdom
Outshine//Our Misery//The Awakening
Destruction//Repent Your Sins//Diabolical
Heterochrome//Badbadak//From the Ashes
Striker//Play to Win//Play to Win
Wasted//Coffin Maker//The Haunted House
Riot After Midnight//Yours All Night//(s)
Luca Turilli//Kings of the Nordic Twilight//Kings of the Nordic Twilight
Saga//It’s Your Life//Trust

PLAYLIST, 20220327

Graveshadow//Soldier of 34//(s)
Breed of Agression//I Am the Enemy//(s)
Aquilla//Pathfinder//Mankind’s Odyssey
Mind Imperium//Nemesis//Nemesis
Phenomy//The Mute, The Deaf, The Blind//Syndicate of Pain
Jungle Rot//Total Extinction//
Meshuggah//Light the Shortening Fuse//Immutable
OHM//Exit Stage Left//(s)
Animals as Leaders//The Problem of Other Minds//Parrhesia
Sartori//Castle of Lost Souls//Dragon’s Fire
Bomber//Fever Eyes//Nocturnal Creatures
Flush//Entertainment//Conspiracies Threats and Chaos
The Age of Ore//The Call//Malevolent
Wasteland Viper//Black Snow//Dead Men Tell No Tales
Cobra Spell//Addicted to the Night//Anthems of the Night
Evergrey//Midwinter Calls//A Heartless Portrait
Victorious//Dinos and Dragons//Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War
Face the Legacy//Back to Those Times//Ashes on the Ground
Evil Invaders//Sledgehammer Justice//Shattering Reflection
Powerwolf//Sainted By the Storm//(s)
Opeth//Width of a Circle//In Caudia Venenum
Planeswalker//Tales of Magic//Tales of Magic

PLAYLIST, 20220320

Michael Romeo//Hybrids//War of the Worlds Pt 2
LionSoul//Wailing in Red//A Pledge to Darkness
Lost Legacy//Front Line//In the Name of Freedom
Power Paladin//Into the Forbidden Forest//The Magic of Windfyre Steel
Godless Throne//The Despairing Eve of Murder//Damnation Through Design
Red Handed Denial//Cloud 9//I’d Rather Be Asleep
Crown Magnetar//Realistic Flesh Mask//God is My Enemy
Decapitated//Cancer Culture//Cancer Culture
8 Kalacas//Mutante//Fronteras
Robert Rodrigo//Chimera//Brainstorming
Vanderlust//Orphan Planet//Vanderlust
Comet Rider//Soliloquy//A Crack in the Sky: Tribute to William J Tsamis
Wyvern//Black Medicine//Radiations
Ravenous//Carnage in Carthage//Hubris
Claim HG//Into the Emptiness//In Your Face
Man Machine Industry//Apophis//Eschaton 1: Reckoning Day
Out of This World//The Warrior//
Wind Rose//Gates of Eklund//
The Reconciled//The 11th Hour//Skin and Bones
Fates Warning//The Eleventh Hour//Parallels
The Age of Ore//The Call//Malevolent

PLAYLIST, 20220313

Dethonator//Beast Moon//Monuments to Dead Gods
Wyvern//The Race//Radiations
Brundarkh//The Dark Tree//
Mind Imperium//Burning Embers//Nemesis
Threnody//Maggot Feast//Rid of Flesh
Bring to Bear//Rising Tide//
Besmora//I Was Made For Loving You//
Motionless in White//Cyberhex//Scoring the End of the World
Siren//Hi Wire//Lawless Life
Theigns & Thralls//The Highwayman//Theigns & Thralls
Agathodaimon//Kyrie – Gloria//The Seven
Abbath//The Book of Breath//Dread Reaver
Dark Funeral//Leviathan//We Are the Apocalypse
Watain//The Howling//The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain
CoreLeoni//Purple Dynamite//III
Dark Princess//Falling to Fly//
Face the Legacy//Back to Those Times//Ashes on the Ground
Lionheart//Don’t Pay the Ferryman//Second Nature
Ghosts of Sunset//No Saints in the City//No Saints in the City
Noisecult//Seraphic Wizard//Seraphic Wizard
Oceans of Slumber//Waters Rising//

PLAYLIST, 20220306

Angeles//Creatures of the Night//Running Like an Outlaw
Devil’s Force//Watchers of the Holy Night//(s)
Gravelle Perinbam//Black Veil of Silence//(s)
The Jeff Carlson Band//Over My Shoulder//(s)
Dagoba//The Last Crossing//By Night
Falamh//Benighted Weald//Aeons Effigy
Hilltops Are For Dreamers//Tide//In Disbelief
Darkfall//Here Comes the Tank//Thrashing Death Squad
Dark Side of the Moon//Jenny of Oldstones//
Hallas//Elusion’s Gate//Isle of Wisdom
Steegmoord//Porchlight Reality//A Fine Day to Exit
Hellz Abyss//Exit//Blow
Chemicide//Strike As One//Common Sense
Pantera//Walk//Vulgar Display of Power (reissue)
Nekrogoblikon//This is It//The Fundamental …
DVL//Eternity//Hush 5/27
Bomber//A Walk of Titans (Hearts WIll Be…)//Nocturnal Creatures
Siamese//Enough Ain’t Enough//Home
Keith LuBrant//Fact or Fiction//Sometimes There are No Words
Septem//The Other Side//Pseudonica
Beyond the Layrinth//Louder Than Thunder//xxV
Bring to Bear//The Shadow Ruse//Light and Shadow
Ewiniar//Midnight Sun//Burning the Night

PLAYLIST, 20220227

Perfect NME//The Perfect Enemy//(single)
Wings of Destiny//Rise Above Them All//(single)
Wvvern//Black Medicine//(single)
Charcoalcity//Black Rain//Antibionics
Sister May//Dope//(single)
Guillotine AD//Hammer//(single)
Coheed and Cambria//The Liar’s Club//Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking Mind
Ronni le Tekro//Moving Like A Cat//Bigfoot TV
Cibola//Worldeater//Let Us Burn
Stellagen//Lost in Hyperspace//From Dying Stars
Signal Collapse//Phosphenes//Decoder
Oh Hiroshima//All Things Pass//Myriad
Crowbar//Chemical GODZ//Zero and Below
Voivod//Sleeves Off//Synchro Anarchy
There’s A Light//Be Brave Fragile Heart//For What May I Hope … ?
Evergrey//Save Us//A Heartless Portrait
Comeback Kid//Crossed//Heavy Steps
Arch Enemy//House of Mirrors//Deceivers
Athemon//Different From What Was Missing//Athemon
Rivethead//Mind Like A Prison//Isolation
Hammerfall//Venerate Me//Hammer of Dawn

PLAYLIST, 20220220

Even Flow//Aleichem Shalom//(single)
Audrey Horne//Devil’s Bell//Devil’s Bell
Sabaton//The Unkillable Soldier//The War to End All Wars
Incrypt//Thrashing Extinction//Thrashing Extinction
Hok-Key//The Quest for Fire//In Existence
Arsenic Addiction//Tomb of Sleep//XIX
Idol of Fear//In the Cold Light of Dawn//Trespasser
Budderside//Never Worth It//(single)
Asgaard//What If …//What If …
Blinded by Hope//Demon//We Are
Bomber//Zarathustra//Nocturnal Creatures
Lines in the Sky//Synchronicity I//(single)
Battle Beast//Wings of Light//Circus of Doom
Michael Romeo//Metamorphosis//War of the Worlds Pt 2
Amorphis//Seven Roads Come Together//Halo
Gothic Prophet//Sovereign Suicide//(single)
Thunderor//On the Run//Fire It Up
Crusade of Bards//Lies and Ashes//Tales of the Seven Seas
Elf Queen//Seven Tears in the Ocean//Breathe Out Fire
Krilloan//Fireborn//Stories of Time Forgotten
Martyr//Diary of a Sinner//Planet Metalhead

PLAYLIST 20220206

Tony Martin//Book of Shadows//Thorns
Planeswalker//Blackblade//Tales of Magic
Saxon//Supernova//Carpe Diem
Embryonic Autopsy//Cauterized Womb Impalement//Prophecies of the Conjoined Massacre
Enemy of the Enemy//Redemption//The Last Dance
Chugger//Five Feet Down//(single)
Napalm Death//Resentment Always Simmers//Resentment is Always Seismic
Stalker//Lost Not Found//Stalker
Triskelyon//Find A Way//Triskelyon
Thirty Fates//Depression//Circus Black
Abbath//Dream Cull//Dread Reaver
Voivod//Paranormalium//Synchro Anarchy
Amorphis//The Moon//Halo
Lalu//Reset to Preset//Paint the Sky
Helloween//The Departed//The Dark Ride
Royal Hunt//Faces of War//Fear
Kingcrow//This Ain’t Another Love Song//In Crescendo
Jethro Tull//The Zealot Gene//The Zealot Gene
Chris DeBurgh//Say Goodbye to It All//Into the Light

PLAYLIST 20220130

Featuring my Top 10 Favorite Songs by Rhapsody (of Fire)

Ashes of Ares//By My Blade//Emperors and Fools
October Thorns//Circle Game//Page One
Mass Worship//Empyrean Halls//Mortal Tombs
Meshuggah//The Abysmal Eye//Immutable – Apr 01
Imonolith//The Reign//(remix)
Arch Enemy//House of Mirrors
Steegmoord//Crucified Demons//Trepidation – Feb 25
Sartori//Castle of Lost Souls//Dragon’s Fire
Bomber//Zarathustra//Nocturnal Creatures
The Hellacopters//Eyes of Oblivion//Eyes of Oblivion
Mantic Ritual//Crusader//
Rhapsody of Fire//Never Forgotten Heroes//Symphony of Enchanted Lands Pt 2
Rhapsody//Dawn of Victory//Dawn of Victory
Rhapsody//Emerald Sword//Symphony of Enchanted Lands
Rhapsody of Fire//Winter’s Rain//Into the Legend
Rhapsody//Rage of the Winter//Legendary Tales
Rhapsody//The Pride of the Tyrant//Power of the Dragonflame
Rhapsody//The Dark Tower of Abyss//Symphony of Enchted Lands
Rhapsody of Fire//The Last Angels’s Call//Symphony of Enchanted Lands Pt 2
Rhapsody//Power of the Dragonflame//Power of the Dragonflame
Rhapsody of Fire//Infinitae Gloriae//Glory for Salvation

PLAYLIST 20220123

Emetropia//The Last Leaf Falls//Equinox – Feb 23
Shield of Wings//Wetland//(single)
Freaks and Clowns//We Set the World on Fire//We Set the World on Fire
Helsott//Will and the Witch//Will and the Witch
Death Shroud//Pervasive Emptiness//Death, Slavery, and the Pursuit ov Sadness
Fall of Stasis//Baal Arise//The Chronophagist
Heart Attack//Sceptic Melody//Negative Sun – June 20
800 Throats//Scrape//Day of the Woman
Stalker//Alone//Stalker – Feb 11
The Human Tornado//Dreamland//Love is Demode
Author & Punisher//Maiden Star//Krueller
Generation Kill//Into the Black//MKUltra
First Fragment//L’entite//Dasein
Caveat//Zero Hour//Alchemy – Feb 11
Swallow the Sun//The Void//Moonflowers
Magnum//Your Blood is Violence//The Monster Roars
Blue Oyster Cult//Veteran of the Psychic Wars//Fire of Unknown Origin
Ozzy Obsourne//Diary of a Madman//Diary of a Madman
Toxpack//Totgeglaubt, doch neugeboren//Zwansig
The Quill//Where Eagles Dare//Live New Borrowed Blue
Sonata Arctica//Don’t Say a Word//Acoustic Adventures Vol 1

PLAYLIST 20220116

October Thorns//Page One//Circle Game
Thunderor//Thunderor//Fire It Up
Crystal Throne//Steelbirds//Crystal Throne
Crusade of Bards//Dunkirk Privateers//Tales of the Seven Seas
Ecryptus//Compulsion to Disentegrate//Kyr’am Beskar
Atrox Trauma//I Don’t Understand//On the Line of Nothing and Something
Artamene//Fear of Darkness//Ziggurat
Burned in Effigy//Atlas//Rex Mortem
Midnite Hellion//Phantomland//Kingdom Immortal
Power Paladin//Ride the Distant Storm//With the Magic of Windfyre Steel
Antti Martikainen//Terra Sancta//Carmina Gloria
Out of This World//Lighting Up My Dark//Out of This World
Choreomanic//Time to Let It Out//Choreomanic
Road Trip//The Maze//Merry Go Round
CoreLeoni//Let Life Begin Tonight//III
Bring to Bear//From the Abyss//Light and Shadow
Saxon//Remember the Fallen//Carpe Diem
Beyond the Labyrinth//Improve, Enhance//xxV
Lionheart//Heartbeat Radio//Second Nature
Kissin Dynamite//Not the End of the Road//Not the End of the Road
Caveat//Zero Hour//Alchemy
Silent Skies//Leaving//Nectar

PLAYLIST 20220109

Battle BeastWings of LightCircus of Doom
Michael RomeoDivide and ConquerWar of the Worlds Pt 2
PrimalfrostStormbearerLost Elegies
NekrogoblikonThis Is ItThe Fundamental Slimes and Homours
TymoThe Art of a ManiacThe Art of a Maniac
Enterprise EarthThey Have No HonorThe Chosen
Napalm DeathNarcissusResentment is Always Seismic…
MagnumNo Steppin StonesThe Monster Roars
Tony MartinAs the World BurnsThorns
HammerfallHammer of DawnHammer of Dawn
Kissin DynamiteComing HomeNot the End of the Road
Power PaladinKraven the HunterWith the Magic of Windfyre Steel
SabatonSoldier of HeavenThe War to End All Wars
Lionheart30 YearsSecond Nature
VoivodPlanet EatersSynchro Anarchy
Fit for an AutopsyTwo TowersOh What the Future Holds
Worm ShepherdA Bird in the DuskRitual Hymns
Pain of SalvationThe Passing Light of DayThe Passing Light of Day

PLAYLIST 20220102

ThresholdSnowblindLegends of the Shires
Luca TurilliLord of the Winter SnowKing of the Nordic Twilight
SireniaDecember SnowRiddles Ruins and Revelations
Black SabbathSnowblindBlack Sabbath IV
Fates WarningWhen Snow FallsLong Day Good Night
Mindwarp ChamberSnowdevil SleepsDelusional Reality
ThergothonCrying Blood & Crimson SnowStream from the Heavens
Symphony XLady of the SnowTwilight in Olympus
StyxSnowblindParadise Theater
The Doobie BrothersClear as the Driven SnowThe Captain and Me
RushBy-Tor and the Snow DogFly by Night
Wuthering HeightsSnow – Apathy DivineThe Shadow Cabinet
AvantasiaBlizzard on a Broken MirrorThe Wicked Symphony
Rhapsody of FireWinter’s RainInto the Legend
Emerson Lake and PalmerFootprints in the SnowBlack Moon
NightwishQuiet as the SnowHuman II Nature
RippingtonsSnowboundCurves Ahead