Mostly Metal 2022

PLAYLIST, 20220508

Galladorn//The Cauldron Born//(s)
Gloryhammer//Fly Away//
Seven Kingdoms//Diamond Handed//Zenith
Hamara//Holy War//Ivory Tower
Betraying the Martyrs//Swan Song//Silver Lining (EP)
Dream Demon//Caught in Suspension//
Jungle Rot//Total Extinction//A Call to Arms
Misery Index//Complete Control//Complete Control
Kreator//Midnight Sun//Hate Uber Allies
Gothic Prophet//Sovereign Suicide//
MSG//A King Has Gone//
Spirit Adrift//Sorceror’s Fate//
Sci Fi Scientists//It Began In A Lab//Sars Attacks
Visions of Atlantis//Master the Hurricane//Pirates
Wind Rose//Together We Rise//War Front
Extinguish the Sun//Ancient History//Transformations
Nattehimmel//Mountain of the Northern Kings//The Night Sky Beckons
Voldt//Monsters of the Sea//Vandalism
Wyvern//The Race//Radiations
Helloween//First Time//Chameleon
Dio//One More for the Road//Master of the Moon
Dynazty//Roar of the Underdog//Titanic Mass

PLAYLIST, 20220501

Evergrey//Blindfolded//A Heartless Portrait
Fortis Ventus//My Death is My Devotion//Vertalia
Trees of Daymare//Harbinger of hte Apocalypse//(s)
Mr Giant & the Broken Stone//Lost Island//Metamorphosis
Crematory//Inglorious Darkness//Inglorious Darkness
Sceptic Flesh//Neuromancer//Modern Primitive
Damn Your Eyes//Weaponized//(s)
Autopsy Club//The Oracle//(s)
Abstracted//Wither Into Dust//Atma Conflux
Holy Death Trio//Black Wave//Introducing
Devil’s Train//Word Up//Ashes and Bones
Michael Monroe//Can’t Stop Falling Apart//I Live Too Fast to Die
Udo Dirkschneider//Hell Raiser//My Way
Madman’s Lullaby//Falling//Nocturnal Overdrive
Geometry of Chaos//Joker’s Dance//Soldiers of the New World Order
Caravellus//Memento Mori//Inter Mundos
Audrey Horne//Toxic Twins//Devil’s Bell
Signal Collapse//Spirit Animal//Decoder
Sazaad Arefeen//Blood Born//Operation AngryMachine
Iron Maiden//Transylvania//Iron Maiden
Emerson Lake & Palmer//Hoedown//Trilogy

PLAYLIST, 20220424

Nomadic Narwhal//Monolith//Arrival
Visions of Atlantis//Melancholy Angel//Pirates
Victorious//Victorious Dinogods//Victorious
Helsott//Spit Bucket Brawl//Will and the Witch
MARA//Embers of Hades//
Anatomy of I//Malice and Deceit//Los(t) Angered Sessions
Spasmodia//Sacriligious Execration//Malicious Premonitions
Immortal Guardian//Ozona//(s)
Howland Hyatt//Get Ready//Howland Hyatt
Satan’s Host//This Legacy Will Never Die//This Legacy Will Never Die
The Sunrise//Take Time Waste Time//(s)
Abstracted//Whisper Into the Void//Atma Conflux
Geometry of Chaos//Spiral Staircase//Soldiers of the New World Order
JSP//You’re One in a Million//(s)
Nightwish//Shoemaker//Human || Nature
Beast in Black//Bella Donna//Dark Connection
Seven Spires//Ghost of Yesterday//Gods of Debauchery
Helion Prime//Forbidden Zone//Question Everything
Shape of Despair//Solitary Downfall//Return to the Void

PLAYLIST, 20220417

Steelbourne//Requiem for Those About to Die//A Tale As Old As Time
Martyr//Children of the Night//Planet Metalhead
Lost Legacy//In the Name of Freedom//Front Line
Children of the Void//We Light the Way//Garden of Bones
Meshuggah//Broken Cog//Immutable
D3vilMayCry//Trial By Fire//Hush
Edgar Allen Poets//Cryptic Code//555
Sandness//Bad Company//Play Your Part
Shallow Side//Sound the Alarm//Saints & Sinners
Theocracy//Nailed//As the World Burns
Interview: Michael Romeo////
Michael Romeo//Fear the Unknown//War of the Worlds Pt 1
Michael Romeo//Divide & Conquer//War of the Worlds Pt 2
Rush//Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres”//Hemispheres

PLAYLIST, 20220410

Seventh Wonder//Warriors//The Testament
Alestorm//Magellan’s Expedition//Seventh Rum of a Seventh Rum
Loss//Life Shows//Storm
Dianthus//A Space in the Silence//Realms
Monuments//False Providence//In Stasis
Municipal Waste//Grave Dive//Electrified Brains
Atoll//Cirrhosis for Dinner//Prepuce (EP)
Manegarm//Ulvhjarat//Ynglingattens Ode
Battlelore//Firekeeper//The Return of the Shadow
Temple of Void//Deathtouch//Summoning the Slayer
Sheltered Sun//Moonlight Chaos//(s)
Oceans of Slumber//The Waters Rising//
Skull Fist//For the Last Time//Paid in Full
Santa Cruz//Under the Gun//(s)
Ellimist//The Blue Moon//Ellimist
Face the Legacy//I’ve Had Enough//Ashes on the Ground
Banned in GBG//See It, Say It, Sort It//What the Hell is Going On
Thunderor//Fire It Up//Fire It Up
Royal Hunt//I Used To Walk Alone//Dystopia
Michael Romeo//Maschinenmensch//War of the Worlds Pt 2
Serenity//In the Name of Scotland//

PLAYLIST, 20220403

Royal Hunt//Burn//Dystopia
Lamb of God//Wake Up Dead//(s)
Anniken//Just Walk//Climb Out of Hell
Paddy and the Rats//Everybody Get Up//From Wonderland to Wasteland
Pillaging Villagers//The Count//Pillaging Villagers
Stellagen//Lost in Hyperspace//From Dying Stars
Eyes of the Living//Fear Comes Knocking//No Name for Doom
Astrodeath//Ceremonial Blood//(s)
Eternal Champion//Stygian Passage//A Crack in the Skye – Tribute to William Tsamis
Nomadic Narwhal//Arrival//Arrival
Sazzad Arefeen//Blood Born//Operation AngryMachine
Hallas//Stygian Depths//Isle of Wisdom
Outshine//Our Misery//The Awakening
Destruction//Repent Your Sins//Diabolical
Heterochrome//Badbadak//From the Ashes
Striker//Play to Win//Play to Win
Wasted//Coffin Maker//The Haunted House
Riot After Midnight//Yours All Night//(s)
Luca Turilli//Kings of the Nordic Twilight//Kings of the Nordic Twilight
Saga//It’s Your Life//Trust

PLAYLIST, 20220327

Graveshadow//Soldier of 34//(s)
Breed of Agression//I Am the Enemy//(s)
Aquilla//Pathfinder//Mankind’s Odyssey
Mind Imperium//Nemesis//Nemesis
Phenomy//The Mute, The Deaf, The Blind//Syndicate of Pain
Jungle Rot//Total Extinction//
Meshuggah//Light the Shortening Fuse//Immutable
OHM//Exit Stage Left//(s)
Animals as Leaders//The Problem of Other Minds//Parrhesia
Sartori//Castle of Lost Souls//Dragon’s Fire
Bomber//Fever Eyes//Nocturnal Creatures
Flush//Entertainment//Conspiracies Threats and Chaos
The Age of Ore//The Call//Malevolent
Wasteland Viper//Black Snow//Dead Men Tell No Tales
Cobra Spell//Addicted to the Night//Anthems of the Night
Evergrey//Midwinter Calls//A Heartless Portrait
Victorious//Dinos and Dragons//Dinosaur Warfare Pt. 2 – The Great Ninja War
Face the Legacy//Back to Those Times//Ashes on the Ground
Evil Invaders//Sledgehammer Justice//Shattering Reflection
Powerwolf//Sainted By the Storm//(s)
Opeth//Width of a Circle//In Caudia Venenum
Planeswalker//Tales of Magic//Tales of Magic

PLAYLIST, 20220320

Michael Romeo//Hybrids//War of the Worlds Pt 2
LionSoul//Wailing in Red//A Pledge to Darkness
Lost Legacy//Front Line//In the Name of Freedom
Power Paladin//Into the Forbidden Forest//The Magic of Windfyre Steel
Godless Throne//The Despairing Eve of Murder//Damnation Through Design
Red Handed Denial//Cloud 9//I’d Rather Be Asleep
Crown Magnetar//Realistic Flesh Mask//God is My Enemy
Decapitated//Cancer Culture//Cancer Culture
8 Kalacas//Mutante//Fronteras
Robert Rodrigo//Chimera//Brainstorming
Vanderlust//Orphan Planet//Vanderlust
Comet Rider//Soliloquy//A Crack in the Sky: Tribute to William J Tsamis
Wyvern//Black Medicine//Radiations
Ravenous//Carnage in Carthage//Hubris
Claim HG//Into the Emptiness//In Your Face
Man Machine Industry//Apophis//Eschaton 1: Reckoning Day
Out of This World//The Warrior//
Wind Rose//Gates of Eklund//
The Reconciled//The 11th Hour//Skin and Bones
Fates Warning//The Eleventh Hour//Parallels
The Age of Ore//The Call//Malevolent

PLAYLIST, 20220313

Dethonator//Beast Moon//Monuments to Dead Gods
Wyvern//The Race//Radiations
Brundarkh//The Dark Tree//
Mind Imperium//Burning Embers//Nemesis
Threnody//Maggot Feast//Rid of Flesh
Bring to Bear//Rising Tide//
Besmora//I Was Made For Loving You//
Motionless in White//Cyberhex//Scoring the End of the World
Siren//Hi Wire//Lawless Life
Theigns & Thralls//The Highwayman//Theigns & Thralls
Agathodaimon//Kyrie – Gloria//The Seven
Abbath//The Book of Breath//Dread Reaver
Dark Funeral//Leviathan//We Are the Apocalypse
Watain//The Howling//The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain
CoreLeoni//Purple Dynamite//III
Dark Princess//Falling to Fly//
Face the Legacy//Back to Those Times//Ashes on the Ground
Lionheart//Don’t Pay the Ferryman//Second Nature
Ghosts of Sunset//No Saints in the City//No Saints in the City
Noisecult//Seraphic Wizard//Seraphic Wizard
Oceans of Slumber//Waters Rising//

PLAYLIST, 20220306

Angeles//Creatures of the Night//Running Like an Outlaw
Devil’s Force//Watchers of the Holy Night//(s)
Gravelle Perinbam//Black Veil of Silence//(s)
The Jeff Carlson Band//Over My Shoulder//(s)
Dagoba//The Last Crossing//By Night
Falamh//Benighted Weald//Aeons Effigy
Hilltops Are For Dreamers//Tide//In Disbelief
Darkfall//Here Comes the Tank//Thrashing Death Squad
Dark Side of the Moon//Jenny of Oldstones//
Hallas//Elusion’s Gate//Isle of Wisdom
Steegmoord//Porchlight Reality//A Fine Day to Exit
Hellz Abyss//Exit//Blow
Chemicide//Strike As One//Common Sense
Pantera//Walk//Vulgar Display of Power (reissue)
Nekrogoblikon//This is It//The Fundamental …
DVL//Eternity//Hush 5/27
Bomber//A Walk of Titans (Hearts WIll Be…)//Nocturnal Creatures
Siamese//Enough Ain’t Enough//Home
Keith LuBrant//Fact or Fiction//Sometimes There are No Words
Septem//The Other Side//Pseudonica
Beyond the Layrinth//Louder Than Thunder//xxV
Bring to Bear//The Shadow Ruse//Light and Shadow
Ewiniar//Midnight Sun//Burning the Night

PLAYLIST, 20220227

Perfect NME//The Perfect Enemy//(single)
Wings of Destiny//Rise Above Them All//(single)
Wvvern//Black Medicine//(single)
Charcoalcity//Black Rain//Antibionics
Sister May//Dope//(single)
Guillotine AD//Hammer//(single)
Coheed and Cambria//The Liar’s Club//Vaxis II: A Window of the Waking Mind
Ronni le Tekro//Moving Like A Cat//Bigfoot TV
Cibola//Worldeater//Let Us Burn
Stellagen//Lost in Hyperspace//From Dying Stars
Signal Collapse//Phosphenes//Decoder
Oh Hiroshima//All Things Pass//Myriad
Crowbar//Chemical GODZ//Zero and Below
Voivod//Sleeves Off//Synchro Anarchy
There’s A Light//Be Brave Fragile Heart//For What May I Hope … ?
Evergrey//Save Us//A Heartless Portrait
Comeback Kid//Crossed//Heavy Steps
Arch Enemy//House of Mirrors//Deceivers
Athemon//Different From What Was Missing//Athemon
Rivethead//Mind Like A Prison//Isolation
Hammerfall//Venerate Me//Hammer of Dawn

PLAYLIST, 20220220

Even Flow//Aleichem Shalom//(single)
Audrey Horne//Devil’s Bell//Devil’s Bell
Sabaton//The Unkillable Soldier//The War to End All Wars
Incrypt//Thrashing Extinction//Thrashing Extinction
Hok-Key//The Quest for Fire//In Existence
Arsenic Addiction//Tomb of Sleep//XIX
Idol of Fear//In the Cold Light of Dawn//Trespasser
Budderside//Never Worth It//(single)
Asgaard//What If …//What If …
Blinded by Hope//Demon//We Are
Bomber//Zarathustra//Nocturnal Creatures
Lines in the Sky//Synchronicity I//(single)
Battle Beast//Wings of Light//Circus of Doom
Michael Romeo//Metamorphosis//War of the Worlds Pt 2
Amorphis//Seven Roads Come Together//Halo
Gothic Prophet//Sovereign Suicide//(single)
Thunderor//On the Run//Fire It Up
Crusade of Bards//Lies and Ashes//Tales of the Seven Seas
Elf Queen//Seven Tears in the Ocean//Breathe Out Fire
Krilloan//Fireborn//Stories of Time Forgotten
Martyr//Diary of a Sinner//Planet Metalhead

PLAYLIST 20220206

Tony Martin//Book of Shadows//Thorns
Planeswalker//Blackblade//Tales of Magic
Saxon//Supernova//Carpe Diem
Embryonic Autopsy//Cauterized Womb Impalement//Prophecies of the Conjoined Massacre
Enemy of the Enemy//Redemption//The Last Dance
Chugger//Five Feet Down//(single)
Napalm Death//Resentment Always Simmers//Resentment is Always Seismic
Stalker//Lost Not Found//Stalker
Triskelyon//Find A Way//Triskelyon
Thirty Fates//Depression//Circus Black
Abbath//Dream Cull//Dread Reaver
Voivod//Paranormalium//Synchro Anarchy
Amorphis//The Moon//Halo
Lalu//Reset to Preset//Paint the Sky
Helloween//The Departed//The Dark Ride
Royal Hunt//Faces of War//Fear
Kingcrow//This Ain’t Another Love Song//In Crescendo
Jethro Tull//The Zealot Gene//The Zealot Gene
Chris DeBurgh//Say Goodbye to It All//Into the Light

PLAYLIST 20220130

Featuring my Top 10 Favorite Songs by Rhapsody (of Fire)

Ashes of Ares//By My Blade//Emperors and Fools
October Thorns//Circle Game//Page One
Mass Worship//Empyrean Halls//Mortal Tombs
Meshuggah//The Abysmal Eye//Immutable – Apr 01
Imonolith//The Reign//(remix)
Arch Enemy//House of Mirrors
Steegmoord//Crucified Demons//Trepidation – Feb 25
Sartori//Castle of Lost Souls//Dragon’s Fire
Bomber//Zarathustra//Nocturnal Creatures
The Hellacopters//Eyes of Oblivion//Eyes of Oblivion
Mantic Ritual//Crusader//
Rhapsody of Fire//Never Forgotten Heroes//Symphony of Enchanted Lands Pt 2
Rhapsody//Dawn of Victory//Dawn of Victory
Rhapsody//Emerald Sword//Symphony of Enchanted Lands
Rhapsody of Fire//Winter’s Rain//Into the Legend
Rhapsody//Rage of the Winter//Legendary Tales
Rhapsody//The Pride of the Tyrant//Power of the Dragonflame
Rhapsody//The Dark Tower of Abyss//Symphony of Enchted Lands
Rhapsody of Fire//The Last Angels’s Call//Symphony of Enchanted Lands Pt 2
Rhapsody//Power of the Dragonflame//Power of the Dragonflame
Rhapsody of Fire//Infinitae Gloriae//Glory for Salvation

PLAYLIST 20220123

Emetropia//The Last Leaf Falls//Equinox – Feb 23
Shield of Wings//Wetland//(single)
Freaks and Clowns//We Set the World on Fire//We Set the World on Fire
Helsott//Will and the Witch//Will and the Witch
Death Shroud//Pervasive Emptiness//Death, Slavery, and the Pursuit ov Sadness
Fall of Stasis//Baal Arise//The Chronophagist
Heart Attack//Sceptic Melody//Negative Sun – June 20
800 Throats//Scrape//Day of the Woman
Stalker//Alone//Stalker – Feb 11
The Human Tornado//Dreamland//Love is Demode
Author & Punisher//Maiden Star//Krueller
Generation Kill//Into the Black//MKUltra
First Fragment//L’entite//Dasein
Caveat//Zero Hour//Alchemy – Feb 11
Swallow the Sun//The Void//Moonflowers
Magnum//Your Blood is Violence//The Monster Roars
Blue Oyster Cult//Veteran of the Psychic Wars//Fire of Unknown Origin
Ozzy Obsourne//Diary of a Madman//Diary of a Madman
Toxpack//Totgeglaubt, doch neugeboren//Zwansig
The Quill//Where Eagles Dare//Live New Borrowed Blue
Sonata Arctica//Don’t Say a Word//Acoustic Adventures Vol 1

PLAYLIST 20220116

October Thorns//Page One//Circle Game
Thunderor//Thunderor//Fire It Up
Crystal Throne//Steelbirds//Crystal Throne
Crusade of Bards//Dunkirk Privateers//Tales of the Seven Seas
Ecryptus//Compulsion to Disentegrate//Kyr’am Beskar
Atrox Trauma//I Don’t Understand//On the Line of Nothing and Something
Artamene//Fear of Darkness//Ziggurat
Burned in Effigy//Atlas//Rex Mortem
Midnite Hellion//Phantomland//Kingdom Immortal
Power Paladin//Ride the Distant Storm//With the Magic of Windfyre Steel
Antti Martikainen//Terra Sancta//Carmina Gloria
Out of This World//Lighting Up My Dark//Out of This World
Choreomanic//Time to Let It Out//Choreomanic
Road Trip//The Maze//Merry Go Round
CoreLeoni//Let Life Begin Tonight//III
Bring to Bear//From the Abyss//Light and Shadow
Saxon//Remember the Fallen//Carpe Diem
Beyond the Labyrinth//Improve, Enhance//xxV
Lionheart//Heartbeat Radio//Second Nature
Kissin Dynamite//Not the End of the Road//Not the End of the Road
Caveat//Zero Hour//Alchemy
Silent Skies//Leaving//Nectar

PLAYLIST 20220109

Battle BeastWings of LightCircus of Doom
Michael RomeoDivide and ConquerWar of the Worlds Pt 2
PrimalfrostStormbearerLost Elegies
NekrogoblikonThis Is ItThe Fundamental Slimes and Homours
TymoThe Art of a ManiacThe Art of a Maniac
Enterprise EarthThey Have No HonorThe Chosen
Napalm DeathNarcissusResentment is Always Seismic…
MagnumNo Steppin StonesThe Monster Roars
Tony MartinAs the World BurnsThorns
HammerfallHammer of DawnHammer of Dawn
Kissin DynamiteComing HomeNot the End of the Road
Power PaladinKraven the HunterWith the Magic of Windfyre Steel
SabatonSoldier of HeavenThe War to End All Wars
Lionheart30 YearsSecond Nature
VoivodPlanet EatersSynchro Anarchy
Fit for an AutopsyTwo TowersOh What the Future Holds
Worm ShepherdA Bird in the DuskRitual Hymns
Pain of SalvationThe Passing Light of DayThe Passing Light of Day

PLAYLIST 20220102

ThresholdSnowblindLegends of the Shires
Luca TurilliLord of the Winter SnowKing of the Nordic Twilight
SireniaDecember SnowRiddles Ruins and Revelations
Black SabbathSnowblindBlack Sabbath IV
Fates WarningWhen Snow FallsLong Day Good Night
Mindwarp ChamberSnowdevil SleepsDelusional Reality
ThergothonCrying Blood & Crimson SnowStream from the Heavens
Symphony XLady of the SnowTwilight in Olympus
StyxSnowblindParadise Theater
The Doobie BrothersClear as the Driven SnowThe Captain and Me
RushBy-Tor and the Snow DogFly by Night
Wuthering HeightsSnow – Apathy DivineThe Shadow Cabinet
AvantasiaBlizzard on a Broken MirrorThe Wicked Symphony
Rhapsody of FireWinter’s RainInto the Legend
Emerson Lake and PalmerFootprints in the SnowBlack Moon
NightwishQuiet as the SnowHuman II Nature
RippingtonsSnowboundCurves Ahead