Outside the Ropes: Special Fundraiser Show at DeMotte Boxing Club, Apr 28 2019.

On Sunday April 28, 2019 at 2pm, wrestling fans from the region packed the DeMotte Boxing Club to standing room only as a show of support for the fundraiser put on for the family of Austin Wright (Fury). This was a short five-match card put on in cooperation between ACW and Backbreaker Wrestling. This was not a normal show, wins and losses didn’t matter, and all I’m going to do here is list the matches with a few pics from each; if you were not able to make the show but are interested in the cause and lending some support, there’s a link at the bottom.

Match 1: Drex Odell vs. Young Money (of High Society)

Match 2: The Masters vs. Dick Davis and Jake Rhone. (Man, was Brentley Alexander Dawson pissed when Dick Davis stomped on his $200 sunglasses. Also, that third picture requires some explanation … you see, B.A.D. experienced a BAD wedgie during the match and needed help extracting it. Maybe you didn’t want to know that.)

Match 3: Jared Kripke vs X-Caliber.

Match 4: Billy the Kid vs Thomas Keith (of High Society).

Match 5: Rick Raid vs Austin Fury

The end – when all the workers came out to show support for Austin Fury.

Here’s a link if you want to provide support:


Outside the Ropes: RCW 9th Anniversary Show; Apr 27, 2019

Revolution Championship Wrestling (RCW) held their 9th Anniversary Show at 7pm Saturday April 27, 2019 at the O’Brien Recreation Center in South Bend, IN.

I still remember going to the 7th Anniversary Show, it’s hard to believe it’s been 2 years since then. The weather today was perfect for a wrestling show – that is, the fact that we actually had %&@!ing snow on April 27 meant there was nothing better to do than stay indoors and watch wrestling!

To open the show, current RCW Tag Team Champions “Biggie Smalls” – Brutus Dylan and Kevin Storm – came out to say thank you to the audience for their continued support. This was interrupted by Jorge Bravo, who says that even though he’s put in time and effort, he’s not yet been offered a full time spot on the RCW roster. Brutus Dylan tells him that since J.C. Bunyan is not going to be there, Jorge can replace him as Shady Chris Xion’s partner later on in a tag team championship match.

The first match features Mitchell Taylor taking on Tank, who is returning to RCW after an extended absence. Tank makes really quick work of Taylor, and I didn’t even get my camera out for a picture until the match was already over.

Tank barely even broke a sweat.

The second match was a Fatal Four Way featuring Unchained Brandon Day, the Lost Cause Anthony Lee, the Self Made Man Douglas Stout, and the Polish Heartthrob Jared Skalka. Wow, that’s a lot of words for 4 people. I think before the match, the four of them got together and said “Kill each other? Yes!” – because this was quite a hard hitting match. The crowd favorite was the Polish Heartthrob, with his signature move the “Pole-Lock”. The match ended when Douglas Stout hit the Polish Heartthrob with a big move, but Brandon Day took advantage by tossing Stout aside and getting the pin himself on Skalka.

The women came out next, as Shawna Reed challenged Melanie Cruise for the RCW Women’s Championship. Reed started the match with some avoidance, and then later revealed some brass knuckles she had hidden in her knee pads. She was able to use them a few times, but regardless, Melanie Cruise eventually put her away with a big boot.

The ref says “Put her down” … and Melanie did.

Next up is the promised Tag Team Championship match between champs Biggie Smalls (Dylan and Storm) vs challengers Shady Chris Xion and Jorge Bravo. Xion and Bravo both played it selfishly for a while, tagging the other in when the going got tough. Eventually they got it together enough to keep Kevin Storm in peril for quite a while. Below you can see Brutus Dylan using his Sorcerer Supreme telekinetic powers to fling Storm out of the ring onto the other two. Storm came up from this with a bloody nose; note that white wrist tape has the advantage that it really shows off the color red quite well! The tag team champs retained.

The last match before intermission got underway when Mojo McQueen came out carrying his box o’ stinky blue doom. Good lord, I hope no one in the crowd had asthma. (Where’s Angel Armani when you need him, we could have used some of his perfume spray!) Anyway, McQueen’s opponent was Cody Hawk, who played a long game of keep-away at first, then got the upper hand a few times by working on one of McQueen’s legs pretty consistently. McQueen later got the pin by using the claw to render Hawk unconscious.

After intermission, Dylan and Storm came back out to induct a second person into the RCW Hall of Fame. A surprise appearance by the first inductee Super Diva helped add some spice to the moment. All three men had very nice things to say about inductee #2 – Ronald Shell, a.k.a. Dusty Bottoms and Ox Baker, Jr. Congratulations, Ronald!

Wrestling got underway again with Dru Skillz vs. The Right Hand of God Sam Knight. As he does, Dru terrorized kids during his entrance. He also may have been hungry, as he bit Knight a lot in the match. The match ended after a low blow from Skillz, in full view of the ref who put up his hands in the “What did I just see and what am I going to do about it? … Nothing!” pose.

“You better not have eaten ALL the Doritos!”

Next, Noah Walker defended his RCW Intercontinental Championship by defeating Stills with a discus punch. The match almost ended in a count out when the two were outside the ring for quite a while, but the ref saved the day by making sure they heard the count at 9 with a very clear tone of “guys I’m serious, I’m about to count 9, so you need to get back in here!” Also, they had matches back to back, and I think a tag team of “Stillz and Skillz” has a nice ring to it.

The main event was RCW Heavyweight Champion Russell Jones taking on visitor from Impact Wrestling, Moose! The two started off outside the ring, going almost all the way around the gym before finally getting into the ring – below you can see Moose about to dunk Jones’ head into a basket. I think Moose picked up some strategy tips from Dru Skillz before the match, because he was biting his opponent a lot, too. The end came when Moose dodged a kick by Jones, causing Jones to kick the ref instead; while the ref was down, Jones grabbed his title belt and whopped Moose in the head. Then Jones revived the ref enough for the three count.

The next RCW show will be Friday May 17 at the Battell Center in Mishawaka, IN, with special guest Madman Fulton.