I am a retired math professor by day, fan off all sorts of strange things by night, and dad and husband throughout it all.  Apparently, I have ALL the conversation stoppers at parties or when being introduced to people:

“What do you teach?”… “Math” … “Oh.”  <Awkward silence.>

“What kind of music do you like?”… “Heavy metal.” … “Oh.”  <Awkward silence.>

“What kind of movies do you like?”… “Horror.” … “Oh.”  <Awkward silence.>

“What are you reading right now?”… “Comics.” … “Oh.”  <Awkward silence.>

“What’s your favorite kind of TV show?”… “Pro wrestling.” … “Oh.”  <Awkward silence.>

This web page contains a log of my hobbies.  Mostly, it’s about my radio show Mostly Metal, which airs on WVLP LPFM in Valparaso, IN on Wednesdays at 10pm with replay Sunday at 8pm (US Central).  You can find all my playlists under the Mostly Metal header.  Blog posts contain a lot of Top 10 lists I had been playing during shows, to keep myself entertained during the pandemic.  My co-show, the Northwest Indiana Wrestling Action Program (NWIWRAP) shows up only sporadically, as I’m able to get out to cover local wrestling shows.

Contact e-mail: metalprofessor@gmail.com

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