Results from RCW A Cut Above the Rest, 2016-11-05

RCW (Revolution Championship Wrestling) held A Cut Above the Rest at the Roosevelt Center in Elkhart, IN, on Saturday November 5, 2016 at 7:00pm.  Here are the results.  (I am not totally familiar with everyone’s names, so apologies for misspellings or flat out getting any wrong.)

Malcolm Monroe III defeated Gavin Quinn.  This was a good opening bout.  Quinn did a good job getting the crowd riled up, and Monroe III played the smaller underdog well.  MM III had some nice acrobatic moves off the ropes, and Quinn displayed a wicked splash from the top rope.  MM III got him with a roll up after a distraction. (Edit: Thanks to Tiffany Tilli for correcting my error on GQ’s name!)

Anthony Toatele w/ Kenzi defeated Mance Warner, Jackie Chen, and Travis Titan some guy in purple tights in a fatal four way.   I was not able to hear / understand the introduction of purple pants dude when he came out, and as he went around the crowd giving high fives, he left me hangin’ as he missed me and my outstretched hand and went to the next section, so you know, forget that guy anyway 🙂  (Well, no, not really, Officer Rod Street took a moment from his serving and protecting to let me know the mystery man was Travis Titan!) Kenzi got to give Chen’s manager a good whack after the end of the match, I think she enjoyed it.

Nick Cutler comes to the ring to announce that Jack Thriller would not be defending the RCW Title tonight as planned, so he was left without an opponent, and wondered if there was anyone in the back at his level.  After that challenge, out comes … Greg Glover!  Even though they are friends and drove there together, Glover could not let Cutler’s words go unanswered, and he asked Cutler to put up his #1 Contendership (is that a word?) in a match.  Cutler agreed, and it’s on for later in the evening.

Team Legen-waitforit-dary (Alexander S Kirk and Matt O’Hare) defeated the Blue Inferno and the Maltese Tiger.    Kirk and O’Hare are always fun to watch.  I like the Batman and Superman bath robes they wear to the ring.

Kevin Storm defeated Theo Storm and Noah Walker in a three-way for the US Title.  Theo Storm and Noah Walker came out as the fan favorites, and Kevin Storm came out to disfavor.  I think his skull mask does not help in that regard.  After some brutal action, when all three men are dazed and confused, Noah Walker strikes Kevin Storm – who then falls onto the already-prone Theo Storm and gets the pinfall by accident.  After the match, Kevin Storm attempts to mend rifts and let bygones by bygones with the other two, but Theo Storm and Noah Walker are having none of it.  They pretended to, but then Theo clobbered Kevin from behind and the extra beatings were on.  Theo and Noah proceed to turn on the crowd, too, and after all of that, Theo and Noah leave as hated and Kevin promises to defend the title for the fans from now on.  At the very end, someone I did not recognize (my fault for not being to RCW shows before) ran out to drive off Theo and Noah, but he then ignored Kevin Storm’s overture of a handshake.  When he ran out, he was carrying a very large almost-foot-long nail / spike and made stabbing motions at Theo and Noah.  I wasn’t a fan of that part of it.

After an intermission, Brutus Dylan and the owner of RCW come out to name Super Diva as the first inductee into the RCW Hall of Fame.  Super Diva spent a lot of time with the crowd, dancing his sexy dance on laps of females and males alike.  He even kissed my hand, so I had to work hard not to swoon.  He gave a gracious acceptance speech, at the end of which Brutus Dylan asked him if he had one last match left in him … Super Diva grudgingly agreed that he did, and so it’s Super Diva vs. Goldberg!  wait, no vs. Brutus Dylan at the first RCW event of 2017.

Next up, JC Bunyan defeated Shady Chris Xion.  The lumberjack left victorious after defending the crowd’s honor, the crowd having been the focus of much of Xion’s crowing.

Nick Cutler defeated Greg Glover in a spirited match to retain his #1 Contender spot for the RCW Title.  The match started fairly evenly and sportsmanlike, but it did not take too long for Glover to start resorting to underhanded and unsportmanlike tactics.  But at the end of it all, he called Cutler back into the ring for a quick hug and head rub.  The cleanly shaven Cutler had his own cheering section holding up signs at the merch tables.

The Police Department (Officer Rod Street and Deputy Dave) defeated Tank and Brutus Dylan in a no-DQ match to retain the RCW tag team titles.  The match went all over the place at first and involved wood boards, a broomstick, a couple of chairs, and a trash can before settling around the ring.  Eventually, Tank ended up handcuffed from outside the ring to a lower corner of the ring ropes, and unable to come to the aid of Brutus Dylan who was sprayed in the face with a can of mace and pinned.  After the match, Dylan and Tank challenged The Police Department to another match at When Worlds Collide III on Feb 4th 2017 (Century Center, South Bend), which will be no-DQ, no rules, no everything, total carnage.

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