Here is a year end wrap-up for our regional wrestling scene, courtesy of the Northwest Indiana Wrestling Action Program!  There are more than half a dozen promotions regularly and predictably running shows in and near the Northwest Indiana region (I’m considering the 4 most northwest counties as “in NW Indiana”, and anything to the east that’s near or above Rt 30 as “near NW Indiana”).  This is what I can remember or dig up (without too much effort!) about their current title holders and first shows coming up in 2018:

ACW: ACME Championship Wrestling

This promotion runs in conjunction with the DeMotte Boxing Club and often has fundraiser events at regional elementary and high schools.  Current champions are:

  • ACW Heavyweight Champion: Drex Odell
  • ACW Intercontinental Champion:  Xavier Black
  • ACW Tough Man Champion: Cliff Caviar

Their first event in 2018 will be on February 9th at the DeMotte Boxing Club.

ARWPRO: Adrenaline Ringside Wrestling

The “ARWPRO Arena” is the American Legion 100 in Lake Station, IN.  This promotion regularly runs shows there on the 2nd Saturday of each month, unless they are out doing a fundraiser or it is the holiday season.  Their current title holders are:

  • ARWPRO World Heavyweight Champion: Max Holiday
  • ARWPRO Women’s Champion: Moxie Mollie
  • ARWPRO Tag Team Champions: Aggravated Assault
  • ARWPRO Indiana State Champion: Xcaliber

Their first show of 2018 will be Saturday, January 13 at 7:00pm at the American Legion 100 in Lake Station, IN.

Backbreaker Wrestling

This is a new promotion running at the Saint Mary – Hildebrandt Hall in Griffith, IN.  Their first show was in October 2017, and the next one is Saturday February 3 at 6:00 pm CST: “Winner Take All”, featuring The Crimson Dragons (Crimson Dynamo and Jared Kripke), Trog the Caveman, The Bromantics (Xavier Black and Dave Allen), Scott Powers and The Universal Bomber, The Beast, TK Zero, Johnny Motley, and The Masters vs Top Gunns to become the first Backbreaker Tag Team Champions

BLP: Black Label Pro

This is a new promotion running at the On the Square Sports Academy in Crown Point, Indiana.  There have been 3 shows so far, containing a tournament to crown the first Black Label Pro Heavyweight Championship.  And so, at the end of 2017, we have:

  • BLP Heavyweight Champion:  Filthy Tom Lawler

The first show in 2018 will be Saturday January 13, at 7:00pm CST, at On the Square Sports Academy in Crown Point, IN:  “We’re Not The Mounties”, featuring Quebeccer Pierre vs All Ego Ethan Page, AJ Grey vs Sammy Guevara, and a Black Label Pro Rumble – the winner of which gets a title shot sometime in 2018.

EHF Wrestling

This relatively new promotion has been running strong in 2017 in southern Michigan and Northern Indiana, somtimes at the Century Center in South Bend, IN, and sometimes in Niles, MI.  Current champions are:

  • EHF Heavyweight Champion:  Sadon
  • EHF United States Champion: The Celtic Nightmare

Their first event in Indiana in 2018 is Saturday January 20 at 7:00pm EST at the Century Center: “New Year’s Revelations”.

FWF: Funkdafied Wrestling

This is starting to stretch the definition of “our area”, as this promotion frequently runs in Warsaw, IN.  However, many of the performers also perform for promotions in this area, and so are familiar to fans here.   Current champions are:

  • FWF Heavyweight Champion: Officer Rod Street
  • FWF Hardcore Champion:  Adam Bueller
  • FWF Cruiserweight Champion: Roger Lanier
  • FWF Tag Team Champions: Midwest Monsters

Their next show is Saturday June 20 at 7:00pm EST:  “New Year’s Funk 4”, at White Diamond Limousine Service, 2744 West Old Road 30, Warsaw, IN.  FWF Heavyweight Championship: Nick Cutler vs Rod Street (c), FWF Hardcore Championship Match: Fireball vs Adam Bueller (c), FWF Cruiserweight Title Match: Jacob Brawn vs Roger Lanier (c), FWF Tag Team Championship Match: The New School vs Midwest Monsters (c), Soul Shooters vs Anthony Toatele & Alexander S Kirk, Cletus Farmer vs Swat Member 145, Drax Obrien vs JC Bunyan, Maltese Tiger vs Steven Drochner.

PWK: Pro Wrestling King

This is probably the most active promotion in the area, running a lot of shows in the north and central Indiana region, such as in Bourbon, IN.  In the wrestling high season of summertime, these guys might be having shows every other week.  At the end of 2017, we have:

  • PWK Heavyweight Champion: Tank
  • PWK Tag Team Champions: Spirit of Detroit
  • PWK On-Line Champion: Adam Bueller

Their first show of 2018 will be Saturday, March 24 in South Bend, IN.

RCW: Revolution Championship Wrestling

Their home base is the South Bend / Mishawaka area, and most of their shows are at the Battell Center in Mishawaka, which is one of the best venues for smaller wrestling shows in this region (at least from the perspective of the audience, I have no idea what it’s like for the workers backstage!).  Current title holders are:

  • RCW Heavyweight Champion: Anthony Toatele
  • RCW Women’s Champion: Maria James
  • RCW United States Champion: Kevin Storm
  • RCW Tag Team Champions: Lumber and Lightning (JC Bunyan and Lightning Bolt Johnson)

Their first show is “Rise of the Revoluion” on Saturday March 10 at the Battell Center in Mishawaka, IN.  Announced matches so far: Nick Cutler vs. Sugar Dunkerton, Fatal Four Way w/ Justin Mane, Shane Mercer, Mojo McQueen, Owen Travers.

In MemoriamFire Pro Wrestling, which ran monthly at Impact Christian Church in Merrillville, IN, suspended operations towards the end of 2017.  Whether we’ll see it resurrected is uncertain, but you know, if any promotion has a chance of resurrection, you’d think it would be one that had its shows in a church!  Smashmouth Pro Wrestling, which ran shows at Inman’s Recreation Center in Valparaiso had an up and down 2017, with a couple of shows being cancelled.  A show in 2018 seems to be in the works, and NWIWRAP will bring you updates as they come around.

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