Outside the Ropes: Black Label Pro November 03 2018 #BLP10

Black Label Pro held Big Trouble in Little Crown Point on Saturday, November 03 2018 at the On the Square Sports Academy in Crown Point, IN.  This was the last BLP show of the year, before they start gearing up for a couple of early 2019 shows and then their big show on Wrestlemania weekend in New Jersey.

(Stealth edit: You can watch the show on Powerbomb TV: https://powerbomb.tv/promotion/Black-Label-Pro)

  1. The Warhorse Jake Parnell defeated Darby Allin.  Both of these guys are nuts. Darby Allin is soooo smooth with his moves.  (a) Darby Allin leaping over the top onto Parnell; (b) Parnell throwing Allin (he’s the blur) into chairs at ringside.


2. Allie Kat defeated Kylie Ray with a piledriver.  This started as a fun romp with both ladies being happy and sportsmanlike (sportswomanlike?), but you know how that goes after a while.  Kylie Ray is the happiest person I’ve ever seen wrestle. (a) Kat about to elbow Ray; (b) Ray getting out of a twisting armbar.


3. PCO defeated Dasher Hatfield.  PCO is amazingly acrobatic for a big stocky dude like him; he’s a brick house.  (a) Wrestling! ; (b) PCO is upside down.


4. Kevin Ku defeated Gary Jay by using Ring Announcer Sara’s stepladder which he hates so much.  I think he used the stepladder before locking in a submission, but this was over 12 hours ago and I’m old, so I might be misremembering.  I’ve never seen someone with such hatred for an inanimate object.  Kevin, how did those steps hurt you?  Sorry for the crappy out of focus shot.


5. #NoNewFriends defeated Space Pirates, the Riegel Twins, and Five Foot Pack Hunters in an 8-man / 4 tag-team battle that had a lot of non-stop action, much of it going from in to out of the ring, as seen below.


6. Bryan Alvarez defeated Marko Stunt.  Alvarez plays a great arrogant SOB (is it playing?), and Marko Stunt has been one of my favorites on the card both times I’ve seen him now.   (a) Alvarez gives Stunt a chance at an uncontested armbar; (b) Stunt slaps the hell out of Alvarez.  These guys both chopped the hell out of each other.  Actually, lots of people chopped the hell out of each other.  If I used a stopwatch to time the percentage of the ring time dedicated to chopping and slapping in all the matches so far, it would probably be about 10-15% or more.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  I’ll include a bonus picture at the end of Alvarez’s red and bleeding chest.


7. Puma King defeated Gringo Loco.  You know, “You Give Love A Bad Name” is a strange entrance song for a cat from Mexico City. This was a fun, high flying match. Gringo Loco doesn’t look like he should be able to pull off the moves he does, but he is amazingly agile. (a) Puma King about to deliver a flying hurricanrana; (b) the yellow blur is Puma King coming off the top ropes onto Gringo Loco.


8. Jeremy Wyatt defeated Marcus Crane.  Jeremy, as long as you use Rainbow in the Dark as your entrance music, you will be my favorite in any match no matter what I’m supposed to think about your dastardly shenanigans.  Both of the blurs below are Marcus Crane – this tells you either how fast he is, or how bad at photography I am with my cellphone.


9.  Kobe Durst retained his BLP Indiana State Championship against Rory Gulak.  This match was “AMAZING!”  (a) Durst about to clobber Gulak.  (b) Durst suplexing Gulak over the top rope and onto the outside; this move ended with Gulak going over but also then carrying Durst over the top rope with him.  Props to these guys for not only doing a move usually just teased at, but building it into a double whammy.   Random fact: Kobe Durst has his own personalized entrance music.


10. Ethan Page defeated Jordynne Grace in a falls-count-anywhere match to become the BLP World Champion.  This match involved chairs, bleachers, tables, cement walls, and several splintered wooden planks that were not tables, but looked like really big dining room table extenders.  (a) Jordynne suggesting a test of strength; (b) Jordynne putting Page through one of the mystery planks.


After going around the perimeter of the venue at least one and a half times, the match finally ended on the entrance stage when Page put Grace through another mystery plank.  Then Page was joined by his car crew Kobe Durst and the Space Pirates to suggest that (i) Page and Durst enter the upcoming (early 2019) BLP tag team tournament together, and since that will also involve the Space Pirates, there’s a good chance the 4 of them will hold every BLP title going in to Wrestlemania weekend, and (ii) at the Wrestlemania weekend show, Page wants Durst to get a shot at the BLP World Title.  Page also put over Grace big time, and made it a point to shame (with the crowd’s agreement) whatever dope yelled “Wrestling is for men!” during the falls count anywhere match.

Misc Ramblings:

Overall, every single match was good and had something memorable in it.  The workers definitely put it all on the line in each match.

The show ran almost 3.5 hours long, which at my age is starting to get a bit lengthy; I’ve noticed that no matter where I am or what fed I’m watching, the 2h45min hour mark is about where I start to switch from thinking about what matches are still coming up to counting down how many matches must be left before I can get out of those uncomfortable seats.

For all the emphasis on family friendliness and asking patrons to be careful with language, boy are some of the entrance themes seriously uncensored!  I mean, I don’t really care about that, but the crowd almost turned it into a game, by saying “Oooooh” every time a very clear “fucking” or “mother fucker” got heard during an entrance song.  That was funny.

Not directly related to this show, but I was listening to Jeff Hawkins on the Shake Them Ropes podcast (part of the Voices of Wrestling network) when he was discussing how Evolve was not as unique an entity as it used to be, with the rise of “super indies” … and he specifically mentioned Black Label Pro as one of the “super indies”, which was cool.

Here are a couple of extra pictures.  (a) shows the chest of Bryan Alvarez after his match with Marko Stunt.  (b) Shows that there’s good news and bad news about falls count anywhere matches:  the good news is that the action can go anywhere, such as close to you; the bad news is that the action can go anywhere, such as where you can’t see it!


Edit: Whoops, I totally forgot the pre-show match in which Steve Manders defeated Graham (someone help with the last name? Evers?) who comes to the ring with his trusty flamethrower.  Since I feel bad about not knowing his last name, I’ll make sure his picture is BIG!!



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