Outside the Ropes: Special Fundraiser Show at DeMotte Boxing Club, Apr 28 2019.

On Sunday April 28, 2019 at 2pm, wrestling fans from the region packed the DeMotte Boxing Club to standing room only as a show of support for the fundraiser put on for the family of Austin Wright (Fury). This was a short five-match card put on in cooperation between ACW and Backbreaker Wrestling. This was not a normal show, wins and losses didn’t matter, and all I’m going to do here is list the matches with a few pics from each; if you were not able to make the show but are interested in the cause and lending some support, there’s a link at the bottom.

Match 1: Drex Odell vs. Young Money (of High Society)

Match 2: The Masters vs. Dick Davis and Jake Rhone. (Man, was Brentley Alexander Dawson pissed when Dick Davis stomped on his $200 sunglasses. Also, that third picture requires some explanation … you see, B.A.D. experienced a BAD wedgie during the match and needed help extracting it. Maybe you didn’t want to know that.)

Match 3: Jared Kripke vs X-Caliber.

Match 4: Billy the Kid vs Thomas Keith (of High Society).

Match 5: Rick Raid vs Austin Fury

The end – when all the workers came out to show support for Austin Fury.

Here’s a link if you want to provide support:


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