My Top 10 Favorite Songs by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

…as played on Mostly Metal, 103.1FM, Valparaiso, IN the week of Sun Sept 13.

10. I Believe in Father Christmas, off Works Vol II (1977).

9. Lucky Man, off Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (1970).

8. Gone Too Soon, off (In the Hot Seat 1994).

7. Tarkus, off Tarkus (1971).

6. Hoedown, off Trilogy (1972).

5. Take A Pebble, off Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (1970).

4. Still … You Turn Me On, off Brain Salad Surgery (1973).

3. From the Beginning, off Trilogy (1972).

2. Pirates Works, Vol I, off (1977).

1. Karn Evil 9 1st Impression Pts 1/2, off Brain Salad Surgery (1973).

Perhaps I cheat by combining these into one song, but hey, they’re Part 1 and Part 2!

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