My Top 10 Favorite Songs by Devin Townsend …

(including solo Devin Townsend (DT), Devin Townsend Band (DTB), and Devin Townsend Project (DTP).)

…as played on Mostly Metal, 103.1FM, Valparaiso, IN the week of Sun Mar 28, 2021.

I usually prefer smooth, melodic Devin Townsend over screamy Devin Townsend, and that’s reflected in this list. But of course, having Anneke Van Giersbergen class up the joint with her vocals always adds extra points.

(10) Stormbending, off Transcendance (2016, DTP).

(9) Bad Devil, off Infinity (1998, DT).

(8) Triumph, off Synchestra (2006, DTB).

(7) Offer Your Light, off Transcendance (2016, DTP).

(6) Slow Me Down, off Accelerated Evolution (2003, DTB).

(5) Before We Die, off Z2: Sky Blue (2014, DTP).

(4) Kingdom, off Epitaph (2012, DTP).

(3) Fallout, off Z2: Sky Blue (2014, DTP).

(2) Life, off Ocean Machine (1997, DT).

(1) Hyperdrive!, off Addicted (2009, DTP).

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