My Top 10 Favorite Songs by Bruce Dickinson (solo) …

…as played on Mostly Metal, 103.1FM, Valparaiso, IN the week of Sun May 09, 2021.

(Sunday 8:00 – 10:00PM US Central, replay Wednesday at 10:00pm … stream on

10. Shoot All the Clowns, off Balls to Picasso (1994).

9. Tattooed Millionaire, off Tattooed Millionaire (1990).

8. Kill Devil Hill, off Tyranny of Souls (2005).

7. Freak, off Accident of Birth (1997).

6. Book of Thel, off The Chemical Wedding (1998).

5. Jerusalem, off The Chemical Wedding (1998).

4. Innerspace, off Skunkworks (1996).

3. Navigate the Seas of the Sun, off Tyranny of Souls (2005).

2. Road to Hell, off Accident of Birth (1997).

1. Tears of the Dragon, off Balls to Picasso (1994).

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