My Top 10 Favorite Songs by Signum Regis …

…as played on Mostly Metal, 103.1FM, Valparaiso, IN the week of Sun May 30, 2021.

(Sunday 8:00 – 10:00PM US Central, replay Wednesday at 10:00pm … stream on

10. The Ten Plagues, off Exodus (2013).

9. All Over the World, off Signum Regis (2008).

8. Given Up for Lost, off Flag of Hope (EP) (2020).

7. The Voice in the Wilderness, off Chapter IV: The Reckoning (2015).

6. Unfold the Mystery, off Decenniumn Primum (2017).

5. A Memory, off The Seal of a New World (2019).

4. The Secret of the Sea, off Chapter IV: The Reckoning (2015).

3. Come and Take It, off Through the Storm (EP) (2015).

2. The Future King, off Decenniumn Primum (2017).

1. Living Well, off Through the Storm (EP) (2015).

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