Results from ARW PRO A Cold Day In … Saturday, Jan 14, 2017

ARW PRO held A Cold Day in … at the American Legion in Lake Station, IN on Saturday January 14, 2017, at 7:30pm.

  • Before the first match, Joey Boom Boom (guest ring announcer in a spiffy suit!) says that due to some questionable financial management involving taxes and Mr. White, someone has snuck in and purchased ARW PRO.  It’s King Bishop!  KB says he’s trying a new attitude on things, and retains Joey Boom Boom as the ARW PRO commissioner.
  • Dashing Dick Davis defeats Johnny Swashbuckle in the opening bout.
  • King Bishop is out with Superbad Santana Starks, who was supposed to face Dante DVS, after their tag team Los Supervillianos had a falling out.  But King Bishop says Dante has been forced to cancel, with implications it has something to do with iron bars and 3 square meals a day. In his place, out comes Charlie Jr, who offers Rancid Joey Rak as a sacrifice, or rather, opponent for Santana Starks.  Starks handles Rak with some devastating moves.  Charlie Jr is not impressed with Rak’s contributions to The Family and berates him all the way back through the curtain.  Will Joey Rak stop putting up with Charlie’s abuse someday?  Who knows!
  • Kevin Graves gets Angel Armani to tap out to an ankle lock.  Kevin Graves is good at getting the crowd pumped up, and Angel Armani is good at getting the crowd riled up with his mouth – good stuff!
  • B.O.W. Brutus Owen Wesker and Punisher 747 get a win over The Family (Ivan Manson and Mike Anthony) after a match chock full of outside interference, ref distraction, and Family antics – ultimately ending with Anthony drawing the DQ for hitting the ref.  I really would have liked to get a total poundage count of all the people in and around the ring for this match!  Lots of large and intimidating people there.
  • Mad Max Holiday faces Colin Cambridge for the Indiana State Championship.  Holiday wins by DQ after a low blow from Cambridge, so he does not get the title … but new owner King Bishop comes out and awards the ARW Golden Ticket to Holiday for being the winner of the match; Holiday can now challenge for any title.
  • The Picture Show retains the ARW Tag Team Titles over the new team of The Storm Brothers, Kevin Storm and Theo Storm.  Theo displays a new attitude and does not wish to cater to the fans.
  • Mr. 3% Jon Hudson retains the ARW Championship over Marcello Spade after a superb match that saw action in and out of the ring, many high impact moves, and even a Styles Clash delivered by Hudson to Spade.  I imagine that in December, this could be on someone’s list of “Top ARW PRO matches of the year”.  After the match, Jon Hudson gives praise to Spade as being a future superstar, and he also gives a touching tribute to his friend Wesley Fultz who recently passed away from cancer.

Closing:  hey, check out the program “The Morning After” (Facebook Cast? Podcast?) done by Mad Max Holiday and Rion Skillz (any relation to Dru?),

The next ARW PRO show will be Saturday February 11, 2017 at Morton High School in Hammond, IN, and it’s a fundraiser for the high school band department.  Doors open at 6:30pm, be there!

If you’re so inclined, check out the Northwest Indiana Wrestling Action Program (NWIWrap) broadcast the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 9:30pm, as part of the program Mostly Metal, which runs Sundays from 8-10pm, on WVLP 103.1FM in Valparaiso, IN.  If you’re not in Valpo, catch it streaming on and the Tune In Radio app.  Rebroadcasts happen Wednesdays 10pm – midnight, and NWIWrap is archived on YouTube, just search for NWIWrap.  You can find @NWIWrap on Twitter.  And you can subscribe to the Google calendar, where I try to keep up to date calendar postings of shows in and around the NWI region.  Because WRESTLING! 



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