Results from RCW / XSE St. Patty’s Day Brawl, Fri March 17, 2017

EDITL Revolution Championship Wresting (RCW) and Xtreme Sports Entertainment (XSE) teamed up for St. Patty’s Day Brawl at the Battell Center in Mishawaka, IN at 7:00pm EST on Friday March 17, 2017.

The Battell Center is a great place for a show; the crowd is up close and personal, there is airspace above the ring, and pretty good acoustics that help make the crowd sound loud.

A pre-show match featuring The Celtic Nightmare and (someone I had not seen before whose name starts with S – any help? EDIT: Ryan Anderson with the save:  it’s Sadon) opened the festivities at 6:45pm.   This was a good match and both guys were solid; I’d pay to see either one again!  Being St. Patty’s Day, it was appropriate that The Celtic Nightmare won.

In the first match on the main card, Ames defeated Myron Reed in a good opener that got the crowd into it.  Ames always entertains, and Myron Reed is smooooth when he comes off (or goes through) the ropes.

Next, Steven Drochner defeated The Maltese Tiger.  The Maltese Tiger is quite popular with the young kids especially, and I’m sure Steven Drochner enjoyed spoiling part of their night.  Side thought: should there be a match between Demon Spawn Steven Drochner and The Antichrist Adam Bueller to determine who is more evil?  Or maybe they they should team up as the MephistopheLeague or the Beelzebuddies?

At the previous RCW event, Kevin Storm took on both Theo Storm and Noah Walker in a handicap match for the RCW IC title, which Noah Walker ended up winning.  Kevin Storm is now out for retribution, and tonight took on Theo Storm.  This match spent some time outside of the ring, as each guy just wanted to pound on the other.  Eventually Kevin Storm took the victory.  After the match, he warned that Noah Walker was next.

Lightning Bolt Johnson and JC Bunyan do not like The Police Department, as this tag team match showed.  Bunyan and Officer Rod Street are particularly at odds.  After lots of brawling between the four, the Midwest Monsters made a quick appearance to distract Officer Rod Street and Deputy Dave long enough for “Lightning and Timber” to win. EDIT: Correction from Official Extraordinaire Ref Russ, the name of the team was “Lumber and Lightning”.  Either one would be good!  In fact, here are some other suggestions for collaboration between Bunyan and Johnson:  Trunks and Bolts: A Hardware Store; Boom and Bark:  A Pet Supply Store; LBJ and Chops: A Steakhouse.  My marketing skills are available for hire, gentlemen. 

After intermission, Amazing Maria and Samantha Heights had a fun match that involved lots of eye poking that would have made The Three Stooges proud.  Amazing Maria won with a roll up that included a pull of the tights.

In a 3-way tag team match, Team Legend-Dairy (Matt O’Hare and Alexander S Kirk) faced Guns and Aggression (Mance Warner and Luke Lawson) and the Midwest Monsters (Tank and Brutus Dylan).  Team Legend-Dairy wore their black “moustache mafia” trunks, which is sort of false advertising at this point.  There was a lot of brawling outside the ring for this one.  Mance Warner popped Tank with the Ric-Flair-Whoo chop of the night that sounded like a large firecracker.  The sound is probably still echoing off the walls of the Battell Center.  Are you OK now Tank? After the Midwest Monsters got the double pin on Guns & Aggression, The Police Deparment snuck out and whacked the Monsters with stop signs as a reminder they were still around.  Brutus Dylan warned them of bad things to come at their steel cage match for the Tag Team titles on April 7th at RCW Seven.

The seventh match was announced by Ring Announcer extraordinaire Ryan Anderson as the main event:  Adam Bueller vs. Anthony Toatele.  (I thought this was odd, since there are usually 8 matches.  But that was explained a bit later on.)  Notably absent from the fun were Jason Saint and Kenzi.  Bueller offered to put his Strong Style Wrestling #1 contender spot on the line if Toatele did the same with his RCW #1 contender spot.  After lots of action in and out of the ring, and lots of near falls, Bueller accidentally kicked the ref, who was behind Toatele in the corner when Toatele leapt out of the way of a kick.  While the ref was down, Bueller got out a steel chain, but Toatele blocked the attempted clobbering.  The chain fell, Toatele picked it up and used his own fist to introduce the chain to Bueller’s head, and the groggy ref started counting Toatele’s pinfall on Bueller only to see the chain and declare Bueller the winner by DQ.  Toatele’s pleas of “he did it first!” went unheeded.

After this conclusion, Ryan Anderson announced he had received a message from RCW owner JB Blackwell, stating that due to the results of the last match, the #1 contendership was now vacated – but, the new holder of that spot would be determined by an over-the-top battle royal!  All the RCW and XSE stars headed for the ring and the fun began.  The Storm brothers took each other out early and battled on the floor and to the back.  (I don’t know if Theo even got into the actual match at all.)   JC Bunyan was eliminated early, and hung around to pull down the ropes and help eliminate Rod Street later on.  Even Samantha Heights was an entrant, and she showed some clever elimination avoidance strategy before finally being sent to the floor by Adam Bueller, how rude.  Even though they had not had a match earlier, Fireball and Jorge Bravo made appearances.  After being eliminated, Bravo had to be helped to the back by two security guys due to a bad leg, hope he’s OK!  Eventually it came down to Anthony Toatele and Adam Bueller.  Bueller, thinking he had eliminated Toatele, started celebrating in a corner – but Toatele had not actually hit the floor, and he came back to toss out Bueller – securing his #1 contendership for the RCW title after all.

And that’s all!  The next RCW event is RCW: Seven, celebrating the 7th anniversary of RCW, on Saturday April 7 at 7:00pm EDT at the Roosevelt Center in Elkhart, IN.  You’d think tickets would be $7, but I don’t blame them for not wanting to deal with all those singles in change.  A nice round $10 for general admission is perfect as usual. Special guests Kelly Klein, Matt Striker, and Colt Cabana will be on hand.  And don’t forget the cage match for the Tag Team titles between the Midwest Monsters and The Police Department!


If you’re so inclined, check out the Northwest Indiana Wrestling Action Program (NWIWrap) broadcast Sundays at 9:30pm, right after Mostly Metal, which runs Sundays from 8-9:30pm, on WVLP 103.1FM in Valparaiso, IN.  If you’re not in Valpo, catch it streaming on and the Tune In Radio app.  Rebroadcasts happen Wednesdays 10pm – midnight, and NWIWrap is archived on YouTube, just search for NWIWrap.  You can find @NWIWrap on Twitter.  And you can subscribe to the Google calendar, where I try to keep up to date calendar postings of shows in and around the NWI region.  Because WRESTLING! 

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