Results from Fire Pro 132, Sat March 18, 2017

Fire Pro Wrestling held Fire Pro 132 at Impact Christian Church in Merrillville, IN at 6:30pm CDT on Saturday March 18, 2017.

The first match was for the #1 contender spot in the chase for Austin Fury’s Impact Championship.  The Violent Gentleman Adam Bueller faced Stone Hands Slater Wallace.  Adam Bueller did not wear his “God is a lie and mankind is a failure” shirt, which is probably good for an event taking place in a church!  I’m also sad to report that I was not on hand at whatever match in the recent past where his previous pair of tattered shorts must have finally given up.  After a lot of chops, slams, stomps, and all around pain, Adam Bueller came out the winner.  Look out Austin Fury! I’m happy for Adam, but because Slater Wallace comes out to Renegade Man by Styx, he automatically becomes my favorite in any match.

The second match had Dakota Prodigy and an unknown mystery partner (the ring announcer’s mic had never been turned on or up until after this match, so it was impossible to hear introductions) getting clobbered by the Tag Team Champs Team Blackout, Drex O’Dell and Mustafa.  The very large pair of O’Dell and Mustafa were kind enough to entertain the much slighter pair of Prodigy and his partner until they tired of the whole thing and squished poor Dakota.  It was good to see you for a few minutes! At one point in the match, a crew member approached Blackout’s manager and whispered something to him, the manager then whispered something to Mustafa, who whispered to O’Dell.  I’m guessing it was something like, “Don’t kill them too quickly, and don’t leave a big stain on the ring.”

A wrestler returning to FPW, The Jynx Davey Adict, took on Kyle Kaylor.  It’s good to see Kyle Kaylor getting around and getting experience, I’ve seen him at Smashmouth Pro Wrestling, ACME Championship Wrestling, and now FPW.  Unfortunately for poor Kyle, The Jynx must have had a lot of pent up anger at being gone from FPW for so long, because apart from a few offensive moves on Kaylor’s part, this match was basically an assault with several high impact moves from The Jynx.  I really want to see him again, he was impressively intense.  (I didn’t know that I had his name right, he was introduced as The Jynx Davey … something, and my new friend Facebook friend Kaylee sitting in front of me said his last name might be “Adict”.  Thanks Kaylee! But when I first tried to find a wrestler named Jynx on line, I came up with this – which definitely was not him, unless he has an alter ego – and when I searched for “Davey Adict Wrestler”, I came up with this.  But a refined search did lead me to The Jynx Davey Adict. Hooray!

The next match pitted The Product Christopher Kent against … Intermission?  Whoops, crossed signals between the ring announcer and the schedule.  I think next time, I want a no DQ match between Kent and Intermission.  I was surprised it was intermission already since the first 3 matches only took half an hour, but the nachos and cheese were tasty.  Also, Austin Fury, Kevin Graves, Jeremy Hadley, and Slater Wallace entertained the crowd with a display of flips and a mighty graceful cartwheel on the part of Wallace.  Well, OK, it wasn’t graceful at all, but it was still better than I could do.

After intermission, The Product Christopher Kent had his second match of the night, this time against Austin Fury for Fury’s Impact Championship.  They beat on each other for quite a while before Kent decided he had enough, and he just walked off to the back, drawing a countout.  I don’t know about this strategy, if you’re going to just walk out on a match, you should do it *before* you absorb a whole bunch of punishment, I’m just saying.

Next, Kevin Graves faced Roland Young and also a light pole.  Graves made both of them submit.  Young tapped out to a submission hold (it was rather abrupt, I hope he’s not really hurt), and the light pole submitted by going back to its proper place and refraining from trying to kill the ref or set the venue on fire again.  See, there is a long chain held up by stanchions around the ring, giving space between the ring and the crowd.  In two corners, tall light poles are standing, aimed at the ring.  In one corner, the base of the pole was outside the chain, but in one corner, it was just inside. At one point in the match, Young was out on the floor and Graves jumped off the apron onto him.   Their bodies hit the chain and made it pull a bit, so that the light pole on the inside of the chain got yanked and started to topple over.  Graves was alert enough to catch it on the way down, and if he hadn’t, the ref may have gotten bonked.  And / or, the hot light bulb could have hit the ring apron.  Good job saving us all, Kevin!  Superhero of the night!  After the match, Graves got on the mic and promised a push for title matches in the near future.

In the final match, Jeremy Hadley defended his FPW Heavyweight Title against Flawless Dave Allen (recent guest on NWIWRAP!).  And wow, these guys went to work.  Allen came to the ring hobbling so badly that Hadley felt bad for him and asked if he really wanted to go ahead with it.  While Hadley’s concern distracted him, Allen gave him a low blow and off we went!  Allen spent most of the match working on Hadley’s lower back, with suplexes, body slams, backdrops – including one on the hard floor, drops on the turnbuckle, etc. They traded many near falls, and a few attempted submissions.    Eventually Hadley got the win with a quick roll up.  This was a terrific match.   Overall, the event as a whole was a bit short (about 1 hr 40 minutes, including Kent vs. Intermission), but it was worth it if just for this last match alone.  After the match, Christopher Kent – having taken on Intermission and run away from Austin Fury – came out to join his pal Dave Allen in a beat down of champ Hadley.

The next Fire Pro Wrestling event is Fire Pro 132, on Saturday April 22.


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