Results from Fire Pro 133, Saturday April 22, 2017

Fire Pro Wrestling held Fire Pro 133 at Impact Christian Church in Merrillville, IN on Saturday April 22, 2017 at 6:30pm.

We had a big match right off the bat as Flawless Dave Allen took on Scotty Young.   The newly christened CK1 accompanied Dave Allen to ringside.  Scotty gave it his best with IMG_20170422_184233-2lots of high powered offence, but could not overcome the numbers advantage and Dave Allen got him with a roll up after a bit of interference from CK1.  I mean, just look at that!

Nicco Antonelli (any help on correct spelling is appreciated!) got a surprise and pretty quick win over Stone Hands Slater Wallace with a roll up & perhaps a pull of the tights?  I guess poling all those gondolas down the canals of Venice has paid off for Mr. Antonelli!

Team Blackout (Mustafa and Drex O’Dell) came out; their manager said that after they ran through all the other FPW tag teams, he needed to go out and get more competition for Team Blackout – and he introduced Fighting Irish and someone whose name I did not catch, but will forever be known to me as Mushface. irishThat’s because after they were done toying with Fighting Irish (pictured, left) and this other gentleman, Team Blackout pulled out a finisher that involves Mustafa holding their opponent in a surfboard while Drex O’Dell stomps onto the opponent’s back with both feet, driving his head into the mat.  Now if you haven’t seen Drex before, he’s not a small individual.  And on this night, I think he was still angry about the night before at ACW, because that poor guys head and face got Mushed into the mat so hard,  I swear I saw a circle of cartoon stars swirling around his skull.  They are still pulling strands of his hair out of the fabric of the mat.  Poor guy, we hardly knew ye.

We had a very brief match of Adam Bueller vs. his entrance music.  His music started to play, and he came out.  But then his music turned heel and shut off, leaving him stranded, and then restarted again.  So Adam also restarted and came out again.

Adam Bueller and Austin Fury then carried on with a long match that was just spectacular. You IMG_20170422_192511know how when you watch a good TV show and everything around you just disappears as you get sucked into watching the screen?  That’s what this match was like for me.  It was a brutal match (in a good way!) with lots of intense and painful looking moves.  At one point, Bueller tossed Fury towards the corner as if for a “buckle bomb” but Fury came up just a bit short and to the side of the corner, landing into the ropes; I thought for sure he was knocked loopy, based on the glassy look in his eyes as he stared at the ceiling for a bit.  For a good portion of the match, it was kind of one sided as Austin Fury continued to show knee soreness from prior matches, and Bueller worked it over really good.  Eventually, Fury was knocked out of the ring to the floor, and Bueller came off a top turnbuckle to the outside to stomp on Fury.  Both men lay on the ground for the 10-count, and the match ended in a double count out.  Fury slowly recovered and went to the back, while Bueller had to call for assistance to get up and moving to the back due to a hurt knee.  When the match was done, I snapped a picture of Adam Bueller clutching his knee, and I started having visions of pasting it together with the famous Peter Griffin image.  But then when it began to look like a legit injury, I started to feel like a dick – here was Adam Bueller possibly seriously injuring himself for my entertainment, and I was taking pictures of it and starting to think of silly things to do with the picture.  But via the magic of Facebook, it seems like after it all, Bueller is dealing with soreness and maybe a bit of limited mobility, but hopefully nothing broken, shattered, or otherwise disassembled.  So even though I still feel a bit like a dick, I built the image anyway!  It’s at the end of this write up because I didn’t want to put it here and spoil the paragraph 🙂 But yeah, he and Austin Fury put on a great, great match.

“The Gypsy King” Richie Rothchild made surprisingly quick work of Kevin Graves.  I wonder if both Graves and Wallace need some retribution at the next FPW show for their unexpected losses tonight.

IMG_20170422_200533Johnny Motley beat Kenny Kage.  This was a fun match and both guys did a lot of good work with the crowd.

The final match was Jeremy Hadley defending his FPW Heavyweight Championship from CK1.  For symmetry with the opening match, Flawless Dave Allen accompanied CK1 to the ring.  Allen provided ample ref distraction and undetected interference to keep it interesting.  Eventually, though, he tried it one too many times, got caught red handed, and got CK1 disqualified.  So Jeremy Hadley remains FPW champ!

I would like to present a special but valueless Endurance Award to the FPW referee (Jeremy?) who worked every. single. match.  Your efforts did not go unnoticed, sir!  Even Dave Allen gave him a little indirect praise, telling him – after what Allen thought was too much time to get into position to start counting a pin for CK1 – “Look, I know you’ve been working all night and are tired, but come on!”

The next Fire Pro event will be on Saturday May 20.  I’m not sure if Adam Bueller will be on that card, but if you see him between now and then or follow him on social media (such as @adambueller on Twitter) send him good cheer and healing thoughts!



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