One Step Beyond Missing Episode Links

This page is mostly just for me, but I’m putting it here just in case Google starts tracking it and showing it to people who search on missing episodes of One Step Beyond.

One Step Beyond is a TV show made at the same time as The Twilight Zone, and is structured similarly. I think The Twilight Zone has better “best episodes”, but overall, One Step Beyond is more consistent because it doesn’t have the goofy episodes that The Twilight Zone did.

Anyway, I’ve been watching One Step Beyond on Amazon Prime, and the number of episodes available there is smaller than the number of episodes listed for the series overall on IMDB or Wikipedia. This probably has something to do with streaming rights (although apparently many episodes of OSB ended up in the public domain, so who knows). Anyway, some to all of the missing episodes can be found on YouTube, so with thanks to the people who posted these episodes on You Tube, I’m collecting the links here for easy reference. The completist part of my brain would get a rash if I claimed to have watched One Step Beyond completely if I just went by what’s available on Amazon Prime.

Season 2

Season 3: Amazon Prime only has 16 of 39 episodes.

The Death Waltz
The Return
If You See Sally
The Voice
The Promise
The Sacred Mushroom
The Stranger
The Face
The Room Upstairs
Signal Received
The Confession
The Avengers
The Prisoner
Blood Flower
The Sorcerer
The Villa
The Tiger
Eye Witness

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