My 10 Favorite CDs of 2019

… with links to sample songs.

10. The Seal of a New World, by Signum Regis.

Sample song: A Memory.

9. Dawn of the Dragonstar, by Twilight Force.

Sample song: Winds of Wisdom.

8. Signs of Wings, by Sascha Paeth’s Masters of Ceremony.

Sample song, which is not representative of the whole album – but damn, Adrienne Cowan can sing: The Path.

7. No Halos in Hell, by Cyhra.

Sample song: Out of My Life.

6. Wanderers, by Visions of Atlantis.

Sample song: Heroes of the Dawn.

5. Human, by Darkwater.

Sample song: Alive II.

4. Distance Over Time, by Dream Theater.

Sample song: Pale Blue Dot.

3. The Atlantic, by Evergrey.

Sample song: End of Silence.

2. Shehili, by Myrath.

Sample song: Born to Survive.

1. Moonglow, by Avantasia.

Sample songs: Lavender & Invincible.

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