My Top 10 Favorite Triumph Songs

So earlier this week, I was browsing YouTube and came across a video channel for the web site Sea of Tranquility (a hub for fans of rock & metal), where the owner of SoT, Pete Pardo, gives a discussion of his favorite 10 tracks of this band, or ranking the albums of that band from worst to best. And it turns out that Mr. Pardo is is apparently my long lost musical twin brother – he’s one year older than me, owns way more CDs than me, and is apparently a compulsive list maker like me! And his tastes are extremely similar, he discusses lots of my favorite bands. Plus, he’s also a comic fan and horror movie fan … if I sent out Christmas cards anymore, this dude would be on the top of the list. So I decided to blatantly copy him and start doing my own rankings, both here on this site and also on my radio show Mostly Metal (link to left). As my first list, here are my Top 10 Favorite Songs by Triumph.

10. Say Goodbye, off Allied Forces (1981).

09. Fight the Good Fight, off Allied Forces (1981).

08. Blinding Light Show / Moonchild, off Triumph (1976).

07. Never Surrender, off Never Surrender (1982).

06. Lay It On the Line, off Just A Game (1979).

05. Headed for Nowhere, off Surveillance (1987).

04. All the Way, off Never Surrender (1982).

03. Magic Power, off Allied Forces (1981).

02. Somebody’s Out There, off The Sport of Kings (1986).

01. Hold On, off Just A Game (1979).

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