My Top 11 Songs of 2019

Having already posted my Top 10 CDs of 2019, here are my Top 11 Songs of 2019. Why 11? Well, these songs made up the playlist of the final Mostly Metal broadcast of the year, and I had time for these 11 songs!

11. The Blade of Immortal Steel, by Twilight Force, off Dawn of the Dragonstar.

10. Journey to Remember, by Visions of Atlantis, off Wanderers.

9. DNA (Demons and Angels), by Rhapsody – Turilli / Lione, off Zero Gravity: Reborth and Evolution.

8. No More Hollywood Endings, by Battle Beast, off No More Hollywood Endings.

7. The Ruler of the World, by A.C.T., off Rebirth (EP).

6. A Ghost in the Trenches, by Sabaton, off The Great War.

5. Weightless, by Evergrey, off The Atlantic.

4. No Holding Back, by Myrath, off Shehili.

3. From Savior to Assassin, by Teramaze, off Are We Soldiers.

2. Barstool Warrior, by Dream Theater, off Distance Over Time.

1. Ghost in the Moon, by Avantasia, off Moonglow.

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