My Top 10 Favorite Songs by Kamelot

… as aired on Mostly Metal Wed July 15 2020 (WVLP 103.1 FM Valparaiso, IN)

10. Moonlight, off The Black Halo (2005).

9. My Confession, off Silverthorn (2012).

8. Under Grey Skies, off Haven (2014).

7. A Sailorman’s Hymn, off The Fourth Legacy (1999).

6. Soul Society, off The Black Halo (2005).

5. Lost & Damned, off Epica (2003).

4. Vespertine (My Crimson Bride), off The Shadow Theory (2018).

3. Love You To Death, off Ghost Opera (2007).

2. Forever, off Karma (2001).

1. Center of the Universe, off Epica (2003).

Discussion Video:

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