My Top 10 Favorite Songs by Styx

… as played on Mostly Metal the week of Wed July 08, 2020 on WVLP 103.1FM Valparaiso, IN.

10. You Need Love, off Styx II (1973).

9. AD 1928 / Rockin the Paradise, off Paradise Theater (1981).

8. Mother Dear, off Equinox (1975).

7. The Grove of Eglantine, off The Serpent is Rising (1973).

6. Boat on the River, off Cornerstone (1979).

5. Blue Collar Man, off Pieces of Eight (1978).

4. Come Sail Away, off The Grand Illusion (1977).

3. Renegade, off Pieces of Eight (1978).

2. Crystal Ball, off Crystal Ball (1976).

1. Fooling Yourself, off The Grand Illusion (1977).

Discussion Video:

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